Kuryakin was laying on a cot, with a bright overhead spotlight glaring at him from above.

Everything was spinning, though he wasn't sure if it was in his head or if the bed was actually moving.

His eyes rolled back and he turned over to his side as he knew he was going to be sick. He lost it, vomiting into the bucket that was nearby on the floor.

When the retching was done, he flopped onto his back again; getting sick didn't help how he felt.

The vertigo was bad, possibly the worst he'd ever felt and it seemed as though someone was in his head throwing his brain back and forth.

Illya called out for Napoleon, moaning as he grabbed head.

The door opened and in Solo walked, accompanied by Nurse Walsh.

"Illya it's all right. It'll be over soon," Napoleon sat on the side of the bed."

"Am I dying? It feels like I am." The Russian was as pale as a ghost and perspiring heavily.

"No, Illya,"Nurse Walsh chimed in."It's the chemicals in your system. They're dissipating slowly, sorry honey."

She reached out, holding his hand in hers while she took his pulse, then she wrapped a blood pressure cuff around his arm. When finished, she removed the cuff, placed his hand under the sheet and wrote down her findings.

"His blood pressure is slightly elevated, but nothing worrisome. Doctor Greene has ordered an IV drip as he's a little dehydrated. Other than that, we can't do much more for him."

"I'll stay here with him and keep him company, maybe read to him." He spotted a comic book laying on the bed table.

"Nurse, who brought this in?"

"Oh one of the intelligence people, said Illya loaned it to him but hadn't read it yet."

"Really? Illya I didn't know you liked comics?"

"You never asked," Kuryakin mumbled. "Yes, would you please read it to me, it might help get my mind off my discomfort... and do it with some panache."

Napoleon chuckled. "Okay here goes tovarisch." He looked at the cover page.

"Rod Hathaway: SPACE DETECTIVE," Napoleon nodded his interest. "Okay, Opium smugglers of Venus, Bandits of the Starways, or Trail of the Asteroid Hideout? Which one?"

"Opium smugglers of Venus,"Illya tried not to gag, "but first stop moving the bed around."

"I'll try tovarisch, I'll try." Napoleon thumbed through the comic, noting the rather voluptuous illustrations of women. "Maybe Illya was onto something here…" he thought to himself.

"Now before I start tovarisch, let's set some ground rules...no projectile vomiting during the performance please?"

"I shall endeavor to do so; if you entertain me well enough to distract me that is, then it should work."

Napoleon scrunched up his face as only he could. "Okay, let's see," Napoleon said." We find our hero Rod Hathaway being taken by the inspector to see their prisoner, Zoro...the evil Maag's lieutenant."