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Chapter 1 - Arrival

"Whoa..." Hanako Carpenter said in awe. Her mid back length brown hair was flowing in the wind as her pink eyes shimmered with excitement. She was half American and half Japanese.

"I know it's cool, but you don't have to drool." Yuki Hagane said, punching her twin brother, Gingka, in the shoulder. Her real name was Galaxy, but she went by her middle name. She had waist length messy dark blue hair, most of it being in a low ponytail. She might be full Japanese, but she knew Korean as well.

"Ow! Don't hit me so hard!" Gingka whined.

"This is so awesome!" Winter "Angel" Angelique Lune squealed in her quiet voice. She had dirty blonde hair that reached her her shoulders. Her eyes were silver, and her skin was slightly tanned.

"Except for the fact that we have uniforms." Blaze Diable Lune, Angel's older brother, frowned. He had brown hair that was about an inch above his shoulders. His eyes were golden and his skin was peach. He and his sister were from France.

"The uniform is definitely going to be the worst part." Kyoya Tategami said, agreeing with Blaze.

"At least we got in." Nile said.

The teens in were on a boat, going to an island which held an academy called Lucky Academy, due to how hard it was to get into the academy. Each year, only twelve students from each country were picked to go to the academy. It didn't matter if they were born there or not, or if they were visiting or not. Whichever country they were at the time they were applying for the academy was the one they were representing.

This year the twelve from Japan were Galaxy "Yuki" Hagane and her older twin brother, Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, his younger sister Kiyoko Tategami, Winter "Angel" Lune, Blaze Lune, Nile, Tsubasa Otori, Madoka Amano, Hikaru Hasama, Hanako Carpenter and Miu Hassan.

"I-I hope the others g-got in." Kiyoko Tategami said. She was a year younger than her older brother, Kyoya, and the same age as Yuki. She had light teal hair that reached her mid back, and had sharp blue eyes. Her skin color was close to pale.

"Of course they did, Kiyoko!" Miu Hassan said. She was Nile's cousin, and she was also Egyptian. Only, she was also half Japanese. She had long black hair that was usually in a ponytail, brown eyes that catch almost everything, and and close to pale skin. She wore contacts, because she needed glasses.

"Have more faith in them." Madoka Amano laughed, teasing the teal haired girl. Kiyoko laughed as well, but stuck her tongue out as well.

"Well, we're here." Tsubasa Otori said.

"We'd better check in before we do anything else." Hikaru Hasama said. The twelve teens walked off the boat, and into their new school.

"These are your uniforms." The principal, Mr. Hayashi, said. He looked as if he was in his late 20s or early 30s.

Laid out in front of the twelve teens were twelve uniforms. For the girls', except Yuki, it was a black blazer, a white shirt, a red skirt and a red tie. Yuki had a pair of red shorts instead of a skirt, due to her hatred of skirts and dresses. The boys' uniform was almost the same as the girls', except that it was blue shorts and a blue tie. Everyone also had an armband, all different colors.

"What are the armbands for?" Yuki asked.

"If you put them on, they will have your symbol, and what you specialize in." The principal replied. Madoka put hers on, which was pink. On her armband, a cancer sign appeared on one side, while the other side had phone parts. "I're in the Mechanic class."

"What's the cancer sign for?" Madoka asked.

"It's the sign of what your partner is going to be." Mr. Hayashi answered.

"Partner?" Hanako and Miu asked in unison.

"Everyone has a partner, and that partner is going to be your helper, sort of your bodyguard, and you're friend." Mr. Hayashi replied.

"What the heck?" Yuki's voice rang through the room. "What's with the splotch of rainbow paint and the feather?"

"A dual class? There hasn't been one for ten years!" Mr. Hayashi said, smiling. "Is your symbol an Alicorn?"

"Yeah." Yuki replied, nodding.

"As I thought." Mr. Hayashi grinned. "This is going to be one interesting year."

"Say what." Blaze said in a flat tone.

"The Alicorn mark only appears once every 30 years. The one with the Alicorn mark is also a dual class, Aura reading and Flying." Mr. Hayashi explained. "And it is always to the younger twin of a pair that reach Lucky Academy. The one who has the Alicorn mark is also a descendant of royalty. Their older twin is the Pegasus, who is also a dual class. The Pegasus mark specializes in Flying and Battling."

"So basically..." Yuki started.

"...We both..." Gingka continued.

"ARE DUAL CLASSES?" The Hagane twins shouted at the same time. Mr. Hayashi nodded.

"Anyways, I suggest you all put your stuff away and get to your homeroom." The principal said.

"Let's see...Kyoya and Kiyoko both have Lions, and Kyoya specializes in Battling while Kiyoko specializes in archery, apparently." Hanako started. "I have a Fairy, and I specialize in gardening..."

"M-Miu has a B-blue Jay, a-and she s-specializes in A-air magic. G-Gingka obviously h-has Flying and B-battling..." Kiyoko continued.

"I have an Angel and specialize the same thing as Madoka, Blaze has a Devil and specializes in Fire magic," Angel said. "We already know what Yuki has..."

"Tsubasa has an Eagle and specializes in flying, Nile has an Owl, and he specializes in Air magic." Yuki said.

"We also already know what Madoka has, and Hikaru has a mermaid and specializes in Water magic." Miu finished. "That is so cool!"

"I'M NUMBER ONE!" A voice shouted.

"NO, I AM!" Another voice shouted.

"Oh great." Yuki deadpanned. "It's King and Masamune."

"I just realized." Gingka said. Everyone looked at him. "They shouted 'I'm number one' for no reason."


"...You're right!" Madoka exclaimed.

"Oh hey!" A third voice said. "It's the Japan representatives!" The twelve looked at where the voice came from. It was Chao Xin.

"So...there's Chao Xin, Dashan, Mei-Mei, Chi-yun, Jack, Damian, Masamune, Toby, Zeo, Dynamis, Ryuga, King, Chris, Aguma, Julian, Sophie, Wales, Klaus, Benkei, Demure, Kenta and Yu." Madoka listed. "Anyone I'm missing?"

"You forgot me!" A girl pouted. She had long lavender hair that reached a few inches above her knees. She also had icy blue eyes. Her skin was peach colored. She also had messy bangs. The girl was Crystal Rivers.

"Ah, sorry Crystal!" Madoka said.

"It's okay." Crystal laughed.

"Well..this is going to be one heck of a year." Hanako said.

"I'm screwed." Yuki said. Everyone looked at her. She showed her mark.

"That is going to cause you so much trouble." Dashan said.

"I think she knows." Gingka said. "And I'm also screwed." He showed them his mark.

"Yup. You two are so screwed."

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