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Chapter 7 - Child of Heaven

"It's genuine! And if it goes into the hands of the wrong people, the whole world could be in danger!" Lani said frantically. She quickly got up, but soon fell back down. "Owwww..."

"Are you okay?" Aurora asked. The timid girl looked at Lani's ankle. "Looks like you sprained it...I could heal it..."

"Don't, I'll be fine." Lani said. "Besides, you should save your energy." Aurora nodded. Lani muttered something under her breathe, and her ankle healed.

"We should go after them." Zeo said.

Yuki was flying, Nile was floating, and Toby was running. All of them didn't lose sight of the five robbers that were running away. Sky was right behind them, making sure that they didn't get lost.

"Crap!" Yuki said. "They're splitting up!"

"There's only four of us..." Toby frowned. "And five of them..."

"We'll just have to take a wild guess!" Nile said.

"I have an idea!" Toby said. He muttered something, and a flying camera appeared. "So it tracks the one we don't pick."

"Let's go, then." Yuki said.

"Whoever gets theirs and the other one first gets a piece of candy from the losers." Nile said, grinning.

"SEEYA!" Yuki shouted, as she flew off at supersonic speed. A fake dust cloud appeared.

"What the-?" Toby, Nile and Sky stared at the place Yuki used to be.

Aurora walked next to Lani and Zeo. They were heading to Central Plaza, to see if they could find the robbers or any of the others. However, Aurora was in a daze. She was remembering a dream she had.

"Open the gate from Earth to the Celestial World..." She muttered, inaudibly. "Midnight-Luna, I call you forth..." A light tan, tinted yellow, colored circle appeared. Inside it, there was a flaming feather, which was tinted orange. A Phoenix appeared. It had beautiful red and orange feathers.

"Hello Mistress. I am Midnight-Luna, but please call me Luna." The Phoenix said. Aurora nodded, shaking a bit.

"L-luna, could you help us find the robber who has Lani's bag?" Aurora asked.

"Of course!" Luna said, as she flew off.

Yuki stretched as she finished beating up the five robbers. SINGLE. HANDEDLY.

"What the fuck is this madness?" One of them asked.

"This. Is. SPARTA!" A phoenix, who came out of nowhere, yelled. "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"It's fine. But anyways, who are you?" Yuki asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm Luna, Mistress Aurora's partner!" The Phoenix said.

"Yuki, nice to meetcha." Yuki said.

"Yuki, where the heck did you go?!" The frantic voice of Sky was heard in Yuki head.

"Telepathy..?" Yuki muttered.

"FOUND YOU!" Sky shouted, out of breath. "Would you stop running off? Geez!"

"That...huff...took...huff...forever!" Zeo panted. He, Lani and Aurora had found Nile and Toby along the way.

"Here." Yuki said, tossing a bag to Lani. Lani smiled brightly.

"Thanks!" She said.

"Whose partner is that?" Toby asked, not knowing.

"M-mine." Aurora said.

"Congrats!" Toby smiled. Aurora blushed, and suddenly found the ground very interesting.

"Hey Lani, how'd you know it was genuine if it said 'replica'?" Yuki suddenly asked, out of the blue when they were walking around town. Lani froze.

"Lani? Lani!" Zeo said, snapping his fingers in front of the blonde haired girl's face.

"Huh? Oh, sorry." Lani said, " do I put you know the legend of Kimiko Kiyomizu?"

"That girl who was the Star Angel? And married the Air Devil? Yeah." Nile said.

"Erm...she' great-great-great-grandma." Lani said, mentally finishing the sentence in her head.

" you have powers, too?" Aurora asked.

"Uh...I'm sort of...the Princess of Heaven?" She said sheepishly. Everyone stared at her with wide eyes. "I'm also the new Air Angel..."

"No wonder you were named 'Royal child of Heaven'." Zeo said, laughing at the irony.

"I also know for a fact that Angel, Yuki, Aurora, Dragel, and a few others have some of the qualifications to become a Heavenly Angel." Lani said. "And several of the boys have a few qualifications to become Hellish Devils."


"What are the qualifications?" Toby asked.

"You have to have gone to Lucky Academy, you must have good control over your magic," Lani started, "you need to be at least twelve, you need to be able to summon your partner, and then there are special qualifications for specific Heavenly Angels or Hellish Devils. There are also some more for anyone trying to become one."

"Hm...Yuki has most of them." Toby said, "And so does Aurora, as well as Gingka."

"The qualifications for the Water Angel is that you need to be able to control water to some extension, Fire Angel, Ice Angel, and Earth Angel have that qualification, but for their own element. The Life Angel has to be able to heal, with any type of magic, though Celestial Healing is prefered," Lani said, "the Electric Angel must be able to fix anything, there are many more though there is one that has a really strict qualification. The Celestial Angel, also known as the Star Angel, must be the partner to an Alicorn. At the same time, the Star Devil must be the partner to a Pegasus."

"...My life is fucked up." Yuki groaned.

"Uh...could you explain Heavenly Angels and Hellish Devils a bit to me?" Aurora asked.

"Ah! Sure! You see, each of them are sort of like bodyguards to the royal family, but usually they're actually part of the royal family. There is only one of each at a time. My mom and dad are the Earth Angel and the Electric Devil." Lani explained, "Heavenly Angels can only be females, and Hellish Devils can only be males. My younger brother, who is eight, is an exception to the 'Must be twelve or older' rule, because he's part of the royal family, and he's the Psychic Devil."

"...That was a lot to take in." Zeo said.

"I know." Lani replied. "It's supposed to be."

"Why?" Zeo was officially confused. Toby laughed at his friend's confusion.

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