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Slivers of sun slipped though the wooden blinds to land on the exposed pale skin of the slim back, the white strands that fell in front of silver eyes illuminated in the morning light, his parted lips releasing a groan as the warmth began to awaken him, his mercury irises stirring as the eyelids fluttered open, his mouth closing as his nose inhaled deeply, his body squirming as he brought blood to his extremities. His body brushed up against the warm body of his late night partner, the head turning to look at the mass of red hair and closed green eyes as the arm was slung over the lithe waist, his own mouth open as he snored softly.

Allen was quiet as he wiggled his way out of the limp limb, his eyes finding the pair of grey jogging pants he wore before they had slithered off his body, the material settling on his hips before he tiptoed out of the room, the door closing softly behind him, the lips escaping a sigh before he turned around and nearly walking into the only other person who was awake at this godforsaken hour.

Cobalt eyes narrowed at the sight of the boy, his sculpted jaw tightening as he stared the younger down, the silver eyes giving no ground on their silent argument, the low ponytail swishing against his back as the elder moved towards the shower, his eyes looking over his shoulder before the contact broke, Allen feeling like he could breathe once again, his own feet carrying him to the kitchens, his stomach calling for something for breakfast.

The kettle glowed as Allen flicked it on, the water beginning to boil while the boy hung his head in his hands, his lips sighing once more in the five minutes he had awakened, the sound of the shower running echoing throughout the kitchen. The secret relationship between him and Lavi had been going on for a little over three months, only one month ago they had started sleeping with each other, only two weeks ago when their friends found out, Lenalee by telling her, Kanda by walking past Allen as the younger slipped out of his room, the younger's heart breaking as the Japanese just stared at him, the situation made worse when Lavi decided to sneak up behind him and hug him, his green eyes only just noticing Kanda watching the whole scenario and promptly started to explain to the other their situation.

Since day one in the Lee foster home, the grumpy Japanese snapped and bitched at every little move Allen made and the latter responded with equal vigour and attitude, the two of them often resulting in a fist fight. Over the three years, Kanda and Allen, along with Lavi technically too old for a foster home though chose to stay for university, continually fought and argued with each other, the younger unnoticing the growing feelings that were developing until they had festered and grown, matured to a strength that nothing could cut.

When the spiked mass of red hair had asked him out, Allen said yes without hesitation, hoping that if Lavi treated him, he might be able to erase the delusions of him and Kanda playing in his mind; the sex was the same story, his delusions had increased to an almost full-blown unhealthy obsession, dreams of the sweating muscled man towering above him was enough to leave the boy panting and sweating when he woke, his cheeks flushed heavily in both humiliation and exhilaration. Thoughts that he could perhaps have the redhead in his mind relaxed him slightly during the whole event, his victory short-lived when his mind replayed the night, but Lavi was given long, sleek black hair with a strong jaw, piercing dark cobalt eyes and a much deeper voice whispering the most sensual words into Allen's ear.

"Good morning."

A strong arm snaked around his waist as a head rested on his shoulder, the mass of red catching Allen's peripheral vision, his lips almost forcing a smile as his hand touched Lavi's arm.

"Morning Lavi," Allen murmured kindly, his thumb rubbing against the smooth flesh, his nose in the mass of hair.

"Where were you?" the elder of the two whined, "I woke up and you weren't there~"

"Sorry," the slender boy muttered bashfully, "I got hungry and didn't wanna wake you."

"Well wake me up," the redhead pouted, "I don't like waking up without you."

"But… you do when Komui is home."

"Shh!" Lavi teased, "those times don't count."

"And when you go out with your grandfather for research and when you're at parties at university and-"

"Dude, you're killing the mood," the redhead grumbled, his eyes looking from the shoulder to the silver eyes, a smile curling up in the corner of his lips as they gently pressed to Allen's cheek.

"I'm coming down the stairs!" a voice announced, "remove your tongues from whichever orifice you've shoved them in!"

Allen slid from his lithe lover as the sound of the descending steps of Kanda reach the ground floor, Lavi leaning on the countertop as he watched Kanda with calm eyes, a teasing smirk on his lips.

"You know Yuu," Lavi grinned, "it's perfectly natural for two people who love each other to show affection, it's perfectly natural response-"

"-so is nausea and vomiting," Kanda snapped grabbing the fully boiled kettle and filling a cup with it, the remainder shoved back on the stand.

"But Yuu~," Lavi started, knowing full well what sort of fire he was playing with, "if you're uncomfortable because you're jealous-"

"I am NOT jealous!" the Japanese snapped, "AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!"

"Shh Yuu," the redhead teased, "you'll wake Lenalee."

Kanda grumbled as he shoved the tea leaved in the water, his eyes glowering as he practically stomped back up the stairs to his room, most likely to meditate, Allen watching his leave for as long as he dared, trying his hardest not to sigh as he thought once more about what he could have had, guilt racking through him as he thought of how unfair he was being with Lavi after all the redhead had done was care for him.


Silver eyes turned to look at Lavi for a moment before he smiled.

"Yes? What is it?"

"You okay?"

"Yeah of course," Allen told him, "Kanda's just being an ass, no big deal."

Lavi nodded and reciprocated the smile, his hand rubbing Allen's head fondly before he put his focus into his own breakfast, the two cooking while the redhead decided to chat endlessly about every little thing that Allen had already heard ten times over.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in much the same fashion, Lavi rambling on and on about some unknown trivia while Allen listened with feigned interest, his smile forced but never looking it, Lenalee joined them after she had miraculously slept through Kanda's ranting, the Japanese retreating to his room and would have remained confined there had the young Chinese not banged heavily on the door, threatening him to tear it down if her didn't come out and join them, the glowering Japanese practically snarling at them, Allen biting back just as vehemently.

"Stupid Moyashi! Can't you even understand that!"

"Of course I can BaKanda! I'm not mentally retarded, I'm not Yuu!"

"First the cheeky rabbit and now you!? You both must wish to die together!"

"Oh you royal pain in my -"

"Alright!" a cheery voice cut in, "next person who bitches whines or complains is doing the grocery shopping today and you get to drive the lemon."

Both young men promptly closed their mouths at her threat, neither one of them wanting to drive the rusted yellow beater that Cross Marian had left them as a gift, something that none of the students thought was generous.

"But, he's the one that started-"

"Whining," the young woman informed him, the keys tossed to Allen's mismatched hands, Kanda smirking while the younger groaned, "off you go."


"Off you go, little moyashi," Kanda teased, "don't forget my tea!"

"Oi! I am not your errand boy!"

"Beg to differ."

"Oh you son of a-"

"Hey hey," Lavi interjected, his hands held up, "let's all just take a break, alright?"

The fighting pair only looked at each other once more before the two of them huffed and turned away from the other, Allen stomping towards the front hall with Lavi on his heels while Kanda took up residence on the couch, a book in his hands as he buried his nose in it.

"You know," Lenalee sighed, "you could ease up on him, just for a minute."

"He doesn't care," Kanda dead-panned while the girl bristled, her purple eyes narrowing as she ground her teeth against the callous remark; Allen was a liar if he ever claimed that.

"Yes it does," she corrected him, her arms over her chest while the Japanese restrained himself from scoffing in her face.

"Then he can go cry on Lavi's shoulders," he informed her, "I'm sure that dumbass rabbit absolutely loves that."

"It's a good thing too because you've gotten ten times worse since you found out about the two of them," she snapped harshly before she turned on her heel and left Kanda to himself, the Japanese taking a keen interest on the words printed on the page while the chattering voices of the three other occupants flowed from the front hall, Lenalee handing the moyashi the money before she bade him a farewell, the cobalt eyes betraying him as Kanda watched while Allen and Lavi made their way down the stone path to the beater.

"You know," Lavi started once the two of them were out in the open air and the door was shut behind him, "I can always come with you."

"You know the trunk doesn't open and the passenger seatbelt is broken," Allen sighed as he walked down the bricked pathway, "I'll be fine on my own."


"It's okay Lavi," the boy assured him as the key was fitted in the car door and was turned with extreme difficulty Allen thought he might break the key before the door opened, the rusted hinges creaking as it opened for him, "I'll be okay."

"I just don't like to leave you alone," the redhead pouted as he leaned on the hood of the car, "I worry that someone will take just one look at that ass and take it."

"Like you did?" Allen teased as he sat down in the horrid chewed up driver's seat, his feet on the pavement as he looked up at his boyfriend.

"Yeah, but I'm allowed too," Lavi grinned as he leaned down to touch his lips to Allen's, the younger smiling before his silver eyes caught the Japanese looking at the two of them from the living room, his chin in his palm and a book on his lap, the cobalt eyes turning back to his novel once theirs met.

"Um, I'll uh-I'll see you later then," Allen mumbled as his hands pressed against the chest, Lavi's green eyes filled with confusion, "I need to get going if I wanna miss traffic."

"Yeah, sure thing," the red head smiled broadly, his hand ruffling his white locks, "stay safe and come home to my arms."

The boy laughed at his boyfriend's dramatics, the door slammed shut before the car started up and was led slowly and carefully down the driveway, the boy guiding the vehicle onto the main roads before long, Lavi standing in the drive for as long as he dared before the cold nipped at him as forced him inside, his smile unmoveable as he hummed a cherry tune.

It was his boyfriend in the car that was not so jovial, his lips sighing for the millionth time in the day as he continually wondered how long he'd pine over Kanda and how guilty he felt about seeming to string Lavi along with all of this, the redhead doing nothing to deserve being used as Allen felt himself doing. He never used Lavi to get the Japanese jealous, while it was only half of Kanda's nature, he'd never react to it the way one would want, he'd merely brood and get harsher and crueler.

A honking behind Allen startled him out of his thoughts, his eyes looking towards the changed green light before he slowly made his way to the intersection, his silver eyes not catching the speeding black truck until it hit him.

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