Chapter Two: Sasuke and Izami

"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend."- William Blake

Izami sighed as her and Sasuke finally reached the Sand village, where Sasuke was set to deliver the message. It had been a few days since the night of the conversation between the two, and they had hardly said a word to each other. Izami's nightmares still plagued her at night, sometimes they seeped into her wake, making her breaks from the memories very short, and far between. It was only worse by the fact that they seemed to have gotten worse with Sasuke around. She couldn't relax. There was no time for her mind to be at ease, and no time for her body to relax. It made for very short nights that were filled with the ghosts of the past, fitful sleeps, and a very irritated Izami Sato.

"Finally.."She muttered under her breath once the gates came into view.. Sasuke glanced at her, and then looked at Suna's gate.

"So, we're supposed to wait here until the Kazekage shows up." Sasuke glanced at the brown-haired girl beside him. She nodded, but didn't say anything as she rested against the Sand Village's walls. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her, and then sat beside her. "Too damn hot to sit here." Sasuke looked over at Izami, who was reading something.

"It's our mission. Quit complaining, and be grateful they actually let you do anything at all." Izami didn't snap at him, but her monotone voice somehow annoyed the Uchiha more than if she had snapped at him. At least he was used to her snapping.

"Hn, whatever." The two fell into silence once again. He didn't really want to push her buttons, sensing the trouble building up. He knew well from experience how that could boil over with the wrong buttons pushed. He sure as hell didn't want to be on the receiving end of her fire if it came down to it. Silence was his ally at this point.

It wasn't ten minutes later that the current Kazekage, Gaara, showed up. Izami couldn't have been more relieved. Izami stood, putting on her professional face, and glanced over at Sasuke as he stood to his feet. Sasuke handed the Kazekage the message with seemingly indifference. The former Jinchuriki looked at the scroll, and then at the two shinobi before him. He could sense the tiredness, and perhaps something more, that seemed to radiate off the two shinobi before him.

"You two must be tired. Why don't you two rest in the village for awhile before returning to the Leaf with my response." Really it was out of kindness, and a bit of worry for the two, that Gaara even offered. Even if Izami or Sasuke knew that much, they couldn't bring themselves to question him. Izami was actually rather happy about the offer. No way in hell was she going to turn this down. Izami smiled at Gaara, and bowed slightly.

"Thank you, Lord Gaara- san. It's most generous of you." Sasuke glanced at the woman beside him as she straightened out, surprised to hear the kindness in her voice. Izami glanced at him, shrugging slightly as if Sasuke didn't even register in her list of important matters, and followed Garra into his village. The Uchiha scowled, and followed her.


Sometime later in the evening, both Izami and Sasuke sat in the main hallway of a upper priced hotel that Gaara had generously paid for. Izami hadn't been there not ten minutes, and she was already drinking, a habit she formed that helped her deal with the memories. Sasuke scowled, not knowing about the habit.

"Aren't you a bit young to be drinking? Besides, do you know how bad of a habit drinking is?" Maybe it was out of worry, or something else that he couldn't name, or didn't want to acknowledge, that he even spoke up after he noticed Izami was getting progressively drunker by the moment, and the bartender didn't seem to want to stop her. Sasuke had to say something. Izami glared at Sasuke as she took another drink out of the jug that held her saki. She did not appreciate him telling her what to do like she was some child. Who was he to judge what was good behavior anyways?

"Shut...Shut the h-hell up, Uchiha." Izami slurred, attempting to sound angry, and failed. Izami hiccuped, and then laughed slightly as she rolled on her butt a little. Sasuke sighed, and shook his head as he looked away. He really did hate drunks, and he hated seeing Izami in this state. Izami hiccuped, and wiped her mouth of some drool as she looked at Sasuke with her head tilted slightly. Sasuke glanced back at her with a curious expression as she took another drink of her saki, still giving him that curious look.

"What?" He questioned a bit irritably when the staring had gone beyond his comfort time. Izami glared, and took another drink as she pouted and looked away

"Nothing." She snapped, and hiccuped gave a slightly disgusted sigh, and looked away again. He was just thankful that nobody was around to see her in this state." I just...I kinda forgot...I... I...Mean it's just been awhile since we've been alone like this..." There was a thoughtful pause as the Sato child took another drink, wiping her mouth from the excess fluid that leaked out. She sighed in content, and shrugged." I dunno...I guess...I'm just saying...I just forgot how...Handsome you really looked..." Sasuke looked back at Izami in surprise. He honestly hadn't expected to hear that come out of her mouth. It was at that moment he noticed the blush forming on her cheeks. There was a pause, and then she glared at him."But it doesn't mean that I like you or anything. It doesn't mean that I forgive you for everything that happened! Maybe the others in the village have forgiven you, but I haven't, and I never will, and as long as I have those memories, I'll never forgive you!" Sasuke sighed, and frowned slightly, looking away at her words. He had heard the words too many times. He really didn't feel like hearing them again. "Yeah...You do that...You look away from the truth like you always have..." Sasuke looked back at her as she stood up shakily. He immediately worried, and stood up. He walked to her, and attempted to help her, but she smacked his hand away."DON'T TOUCH ME!" She yelled, glaring at him. Sasuke glared at her.

"I just don't want you to hurt yourself." His tone, though angered, was also mixed with worry. He really didn't want her to hurt herself. That was the very last thing he wanted.

"I never asked you to worry about me! I can do anything I want! Now leave me alone!" Izami was turning progressively more angry by the minute. He knew better than to mess with her in these moods. So he could nothing but watch her from his seat as she shakily walked out of the room. Sasuke sighed, and watched her walk down the hall to her own room, ready to catch her, and help her if she showed any signs of falling on her ass.


Once he knew she was ok, he walked to his own room, where he stripped down to his pajamas, which were normally nothing on but his underwear. Once he was comfortably settled in, he laid down on the bed, not bother to cover himself with the covers, stared at the ceiling. His mind raced with the usual thoughts of worry, and old memories. Only this time, instead of the usual memories of his clan, of his older brother, they centered around a certain girl that he was once close with, even if he didn't always act like that was the case.

Where the hell did it go wrong? I tried so many times to apologize, and she still hates me. Sasuke sighed, and closed his eyes, memories of their former friendship had suddenly taken him over, setting a huge boulder in his stomach at the memories. His mind wondered back to their first meeting. A meeting he never would have guessed would change his life the way it had.

The first time I had ever seen her, Izami Sato, I was training with my brother, Itachi. She was just standing by a tree, counting.

"One, two, three, he better not pull any tricks like the last time, ten, eleven."She sounded annoyed, like someone who was tired of being pranked.

"Hmm, whose that Big Brother? She's on Uchiha property." I had looked at my brother in confusion. I really had no idea what the hell she was doing, or who the hell she even was.

"She must be new here otherwise she wouldn't be here." Itachi had smiled at me. There was something in his expression I couldn't read at the time." Let's go see who she is, and what she wants." I raised an eyebrow at my brother, but otherwise nodded as we walked towards her.

"What are you doing? Don't you know where you are, you idiot?" I questioned, making her jump.

"Sasuke-kun be nice." Izami's green, green eyes had been what I first noticed about her as she looked around in a panic before her eyes settled on us. She looked at us confused for a moment, and then glared.

"Great now Kakashi-sama won!"She glared at us, her hands on her hips like she always does when she's pissed or annoyed at someone.

"You know Kakashi-san?" My brother fained surprise. Izami just looked at him like he was dumb.

"Yeah, so what if I do? Who are you?"

"We should be asking you that! You're on our property!" I yelled at her. I was annoyed with her attidude, but maybe that was because it reminded me of my own attitude. Or maybe I just didn't like the way she spoke to my beloved older brother. My older brother looked at me, and then smiled softly at Izami, which had irritated me at the time. I just glared harder at her, which she returned.

"I gotta go!" She yelled, and ran towards the village. I raised an eyebrow at her, and then looked at my brother.

"She's so weird Big Brother." Itachi looked at me, and chuckled slightly.

"I'd be careful of what you say about her Sasuke-kun. You may see more of her. Who knows maybe you guys will be friends." I huffed, not believing my brother. I had no idea just how right he was at the time. I never would have guessed the affect she would have on me. Even now, all these years later, it's still hard to believe...

Sasuke sighed heavily, turning over on his stomach as he squeezed his eyes shut as if to block out all the memories he no longer wanted to have. He tried to sleep, but it didn't work. Sleep only came hours later, and even then, he was just haunted by memories of the past. Familiar faces. Familiar events. Familiar regrets. Just like many other nights...