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2. The way this format will work is: Each chapter will begin with a letter to Rose (ha! Geddit? Because of the title? …nevermind, I'm being a nerd), and the basic context of the chapter will be in some sort of correlation with that letter. I have no idea how many chapters this will be – however many it takes for the story to be done. Vague? ABSOLUTELY, MOVING ON…

3. The Next Generation characters I have decided to use are: Rose Weasley (duh; Ravenclaw, 6th year) and Scorpius Malfoy (obviously; Slytherin, 6th year). Hugo Weasley (Gryffindor, 4th) – Ron and Hermione's son, Rose's brother. Lucy Weasley (Ravenclaw, 6th) – Percy's daughter. James (Gryffindor, 7th), Albus (Slytherin, 6th), and Lily Potter (Gryffindor, 3rd) – Harry and Ginny's kids. Fred and Roxanne Weasley (Gryffindor, 7th) – George and Angelina's children, who I have decided are twins. I will also be throwing in some semi-OCs for good measure ("semi-OCs," meaning that I'm making them up but they'll have canon-based surnames). I have absolutely no information on the NG's ages/Houses and I DON'T CARE I DON'T WANT TO FIGURE IT OUT BECAUSE THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM AND I DON'T LIKE TO MATH SO PLEASE DON'T HARRASS ME ABOUT IT.

Whew. Now, all that being said, let us begin!

September 16th

Dear Rose –

It's barely the third week of term and you've already gotten four detentions? I'll have to double-check to be sure, but I rather think you're giving your Uncle Harry's fifth-year detention streak a run for its money. He'll be so proud. Incidentally, your father and Uncle George are thrilled, you'll be pleased to know, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you and Scorpius are getting caught on purpose so that your father gives him the Overprotective Father's seal of approval.

I'm sure you're rolling your eyes by now, and I know, I know, you and Scorpius are "just friends." I won't tell you again about how your father and I were "just friends," too, I'm sure you're tired of hearing it.

Anyway, I've gotten away from myself. Really what I wanted to ask you is to please, please stay out of any more trouble. You're setting a terrible example for the younger ones, which of course we can blame on your uncles for raising James, Fred, and Roxanne first, and I know that's where you're getting these ideas from. I'm surprised Lucy's managed to escape their influence, but then she is Uncle Percy's daughter, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

Please, Rosie, keep your toes in line. Four detentions in three weeks is just too much, and you're going to give poor Professor McGonagall a heart attack. Between Uncle Harry's parents and their friends, Fred and George, and everything that your father, Harry, and I got up to when we were at school, Minerva has been through quite enough. I'm glad she's retiring after this year; she deserves a break.

Be a sweetheart and cut her some slack, please.

All my love – Mum

Rose Weasley rolled her eyes as they scanned over her mother's letter for the dozenth time that day. If her father and Uncle George were so proud of her, she wished one of them had written instead; she loved her mum, of course, but she could be such a square sometimes. She'd been right about one thing, though – Rose was tired of hearing the "just friends" schpiel, but she was too busy being insulted to care much about that.

Because it certainly hadn't been under any of her cousins' instructions that she and Scorpius had turned the third-floor corridor into a hallway of gelatin. That had been of her and Scor's own combined genius. Sure, they'd bickered about it first – she'd wanted the gelatin to be blue for Ravenclaw and he'd wanted green for Slytherin – but in the end they'd done both and stood aside to admire their handiwork.

The problem with Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, though, had always been their tendency to take a little too much credit for whatever handiwork they crafted. While this worked out favorably when it came to exemplary schoolwork, trouble-making tended to have just slightly more negative consequences. But they took the blows because, after all, their pranks were finely crafted and they thought they earned the recognition, no matter how many detentions came with it.

Rose didn't mind. It was better for her to be stuck in detention than it would be if some berk like Erik McLaggen took credit for the gelatinous corridor. Stupid tosser that he was, of course he'd take the fall and the consequent glory, but Rose Weasley wasn't having that, and that's why she was currently sitting in detention, re-reading her mother's letter when she was supposed to be organizing Filch's files.

Figuring she should get back to work before Filch decided to uselessly threaten her with the ankle shackles again, Rose folded the letter and dropped it onto the desk. She blew some of her unruly, more-red-than-brown auburn curls out of her face and muttered under her breath about ridiculous genes, and then she was back to stacking folders.

She was about halfway through the third stack when she heard the door creak open. Great, she thought, trying and failing to blow more hair out of her face, here come those tedious shackles threats…

"Weasley, are you seriously still working?"

Rose's head snapped up to see her partner-in-crime striding through the door. Scorpius Malfoy, all six-foot-something, white-blonde hair that desperately needed a cut, and laughing silver eyes; he had his hands thrust in his pockets and a positively gleeful smile plastered across his mouth. Rose was actually a little annoyed with how attractive her best mate was, but that was information that she kept between herself and her cousin Lucy; otherwise she crossed her heart that she'd take that straight to the grave.

"What are you so pleased about?" Rose wanted to know.

"Well, I'm done with my detention," Scorpius said as he hopped up onto the desk she was working at. "So yeah, I'm just pretty pleased in general."

Rose snorted. "Bugger off."

Scorpius ignored her, instead choosing to pick up the letter she'd discarded and asking, "What is this? Can I read it?"

"Sure." Rose waved an inviting hand. "Just a letter from Mum about what a troublemaker I am, you know, the usual."

"Too right," Scorpius said with a grin that widened with every line of Hermione Weasley's letter to her authority-defiant daughter. "Really, though, what can she expect? She's said so herself a number of times right here, you were raised by miscreants. It's in your blood."

"I know," Rose agreed emphatically. "All that coming from the woman who snuck around with an illegal dragon and broke into Gringotts and a load of other things that I've lost count of. D'you think she'd lay off if I said I just wanted to live up to the expectations she's set through example?"

Scorpius laughed. "Nice try, but no way," he said. "Although she does seem to want you to follow in her 'just friends' footsteps…"

"Ugh, don't remind me."

"Ugh?" Scorpius pouted in her direction. "That hurts, Weasley. Because, you know what, we really should go out. It'd annoy the pants off my dad."

Rose whacked him with one of the folders she was supposed to be organizing. "Why the hell would I go out with you?"

Scorpius pretended to think about it. He was always teasing Rose about going out with him, but truth be told he was actually rather partial to the idea. Rose was fun and smart and she could keep up with him witticism for witticism – hell, oftentimes she surpassed him in that respect. And as much as Scorpius almost hated to admit it about one of his best mates, Rose Weasley was unfairly attractive, too, with her absolute mess of curls, those very big and very blue eyes, the freckles that skipped across the bridge of her nose and the plane of her cheekbones, those ridiculous hipbones and those very very pink lips – Scorpius had to mentally shake himself to get his thoughts back on track, but still… God, it was so unfair.

But of course Scorpius couldn't tell her any of that, because they were best mates and she wouldn't hesitate to push him out of the nearest window. So he decided to rope in his hormones, and settled for teasing her some more instead.

"Because, Weasley," he said with a wicked smirk, "I'm a phenomenal snogger."

Rose rolled her eyes more dramatically than she had while reading her mother's letter. "Yeah, is that what Emme McLaggen tells you?" she asked with another snort. "God, I still can't believe you're screwing around with her; her brother's such a prick."

"He's only a prick because he fancies you," Scorpius pointed out, a little put-off because Erik really was a prick and Rose could do much better.

"Oh, how charming." She wrinkled her nose. "Excuse me while I gag."

"Whatever," Scorpius said with an uncontainable smile. "Anyway, you know, if I don't screw around with Emme, what else am I gonna do?"

Rose smacked him again. "You're such a slag."

"I'm not a slag," Scorpius said, almost really offended that time. "I'm lonely!"

"Please," Rose scoffed, unsure of why she was so annoyed with him all of a sudden. Scorpius wasn't really a slag and she couldn't care less who he was kinda-sorta dating. They were just friends, despite her mother's insistence to the contrary, no matter how good-looking the stupid blighter was or how often he teased her about going out on date.

Friends. That was it. Just friends.

"Don't be cross, Weasley," Scorpius said, tweaking her nose playfully, "you know you're the only girl for me."

Rose slapped his hand away. "Shut up, I hate you."

That only made Scorpius laugh. "Come on," he pressed, wondering if he could get her to say yes this time, "you can spare a Hogsmeade date for me, can't you?"

"No, Scor, I can't."

"Why not?" he asked. If she was going to keep turning down his joke-proposals, well, she'd better have a damn good excuse for it. "Give me one good reason why you can't go out with me."

"Oh, all right, I wasn't aware that I don't want to wasn't a valid reason," Rose said, her voice positively doused in sarcasm. "That's fine, though, I've got another: I can't go out with you because I hate you and I would kill you and I'm rather sure that would spoil the mood."

"Plus I'm screwing around with Emme," Scorpius added, knowing she was full of it.

"That, too," Rose agreed with a slight incline of her head. "You slut."

He smiled. "See, this is why I like you best."

"Whatever." Rose shuffled the files around, straightening them up a bit before she moved on to the next batch. "Speaking of Hogsmeade, though, are you skipping out on us? Me, Al, and Lucy are going to drag Lily around; it'll be her first."

"What about Hugo?"

"You didn't hear?" Rose's eyes lit up and Scorpius couldn't help but privately note how good she looked when her eyes did that; it was like sunbeams were bursting out of her cell structure. "Hugo's got a date."

"What?" Scorpius blinked past the sunbeams to concentrate on this newly divulged information. "With who?"

"Cori Finnegan," Rose told him with an approving nod. She'd always liked Cori and she was sure their mother would most definitely approve, too; Cori Finnegan was the type of girl who'd keep Hugo out of trouble, no matter what his fun-loving – albeit slightly criminal – relatives got up to.

"Really?" Scorpius whistled, impressed. "Good for Hugo."

"Hear, hear," Rose agreed with another nod before she switched gears back to her original question. "So are you ditching us or what?"

Scorpius shrugged. "I dunno. Emme's sort of boring, really," he confided, even though Rose was already well aware, "so I'm sure I'll catch up to you guys at some point."

Rose shot him a half-amused, half-exasperated look. "Now what kind of thing is that to say about your sort-of-girlfriend?"

"Well, she is!" Scorpius insisted. "Boring, I mean. You'd never see her filing Filch's paperwork because she turned a corridor into Jell-O."

"I'm not going out with you," Rose reiterated, shaking her head and attempting to hide her grin.

"Why's that again?"

"Because I hate you."

Scorpius nodded as if he'd just made some grand discovery. "Right, that. Go out with McLaggen, then," he said, not really knowing why he was making the suggestion. Even if Rose wanted to, he certainly wouldn't support it, so what the hell was he on about?

"I thought you were going out with McLaggen."

"The other McLaggen, you git."

"No, I don't think I will," Rose said lightly, "because I'd actually kill him and Mum wants me to keep my toes in line. I reckon homicide is about as far from the line as you can get."

"Go out with someone else, then." Scorpius had no idea what he was doing, pushing her like this, but for some reason he felt like he had to. He was almost certain that it had something to do with the sunbeams.

Rose didn't seem to know what he was trying to get at, either, because she just hit him again and said, "Oh, get out of my face. I don't want to go out with anyone!"

"You're weird," he accused.

"You're just a close-minded tramp," she countered.

Scorpius shoved her a little, totally unaware of how much he was trying her precarious irritability. "Stop calling me names."

"Stop telling me to go out with people I hate," Rose said, really losing the hold on her temper now. Why on earth should she go out with anyone, and what the hell was Scorpius playing at, pushing her like this? This wasn't the first time he'd done it, but the first time had been quite enough for her. "Or anyone, for that matter. Seriously, you're going to irreparably piss me off one of these days."

"I just thought you could use a break from the ol' homework-prank-eat-eat-prank-homework-eat routine that you've fallen into over the past five years," Scorpius said. He held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. "But, hey, if that's what you want, I don't care. Be miserable."

"I'm not miserable," Rose snapped. "Not all of us have to quench our relentless libidos to be happy."

Scorpius frowned at her. "Look, Weasley, I just thought –"

"No, you didn't," she cut across him. "The very last thing you did was think, Scorpius Malfoy, so you can just go away. I'm not in the mood to be told that I need to do something stupid like date just for the sake of it."

Rose turned away from him in a huff, determinedly keeping her very angry blue eyes on her detention task. The day had started off so well, so gelatinous and comically genius, and now she was in a right bad temper because her fellow degenerate insisted that she had to do something she didn't feel like doing. She hated being told what to do; she made good decisions for the most part, always knowing when to stop before she went too far, always owning up to her mistakes and finishing her homework well before it was due. She put her family first and she was a good friend, and she didn't see why she needed to muck any of that up by latching onto the arm of some insignificant bloke who wasn't worth her time.

So now she sat and she fumed and she tried to concentrate on her task, and she ignored the way Scorpius's eyes were boring into her as he tried to assess how best to get out of the hole he'd dug himself into.

Oh, Merlin… She'd played the full-name card and she was refusing to look at him; Scorpius knew Rose, and he knew he was really going to have to beg now. He sighed at the thought, but nevertheless spun around on the table and slid off until he was kneeling on the floor, right next to Rose's chair.

"Weasley," he said, reaching for her hand but she tugged it away. So he simply settled his head on her thigh and tried to avoid thoughts about how very nice her legs were and how he'd very much like to run his hands up and down the length of them, repeatedly, for hours on end…

Fuck, get it together, Malfoy.

"Rosie," he tried next, only succeeding in making her scowl. She hated being called Rosie; only her parents were allowed to call her that. "Apple of my very undeserving eye…"

"Piss off."

Scorpius grinned. He'd gotten a rise out of her, and that meant she was talking to him again, no matter how hostile she acted. "Are you still cross with me, then?"

"Yes," Rose muttered quite truthfully. "I'm just not going to cause a big row about it. I've known you too long to expect you to be anything less than the idiot you are, and you know what a big advocate I am for self-expression and all that bollocks."

"You're my best mate, Weasley," Scorpius told her very seriously. He pushed back thoughts about how much he'd like to ditch Emme McLaggen for good, all so he could spend uninhibited time with his best mate's freckles and hipbones.

Rose pushed his head out of her lap. "Yeah, same here," she said, thinking of all that "just friends" business again because she could never really get her mother's voice out of her head. "Whatever, Malfoy."

A/N: Those of you who know me are well-aware of my very adamant anti-love triangle mentality, so as far as the whole Scorpius/Emme thing goes, don't worry about it. I just wanted to work with a different dynamic than I usually do, but that "relationship" isn't going to be the driving force behind any conflict. I'm not into that drama. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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