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Jerome turned around and saw Rufus, he thought of one thing- Run. He quickly turned back around and started to run, but Rufus knew he would do this. Rufus took a step forward, but that was all he needed, and grabbed Jerome. Jerome was slightly stunned after being jerked so harshly, it took him a second to realise that Rufus had started to drag him towards the car. His legs kicked in, and he started struggling. It didn't matter though, Rufus was pretty strong. He dragged Jerome back to the car, he quickly opened the door and pushed Jerome in. Jerome fell down inside the car but by the time he sat up, Rufus had locked the car door.

"Let me out you coward!" He yelled through the window, while banging his fists against the door as well.

"I don't think so" Rufus smirked. He still didn't know how Jerome escaped in the first place, but he could deal with that later.

Where is Jerome? I didn't think he'd get that far, was he really going that fast? Angela was thinking to herself, while looking through the woods. Suddenly, she heard a noise, coming from not to far away. She quietly hurried over to where she heard it come from. It was Jerome! But, something was wrong. When she got their, she saw Rufus dragging Jerome towards a car, she quickly ducked out of sight in case he saw her. Oh God, what do I do now? I gotta get away from here, I won't be able to help him if Rufus catches me too. She ran off, hoping to think of a plan to help save Jerome.

Jerome stopped pounding on the car door, it was useless, no one was coming. He sat back against the chair and sighed, Rufus has kidnapped me…again, "Great" he muttered under his breath. Wait a second, what happened to Angela? One minute she was right behind me, the next she was gone, and then… Rufus happened. I really hope that this isn't thanks to her, that Rufus has me again. Some kind of sick joke. Yes very funny, joke the jokester. But who's supposed to help me now?

Angela hadn't been running for long, she wasn't necessarily the fastest person, but even if she was, it couldn't be fast enough. Getting away from that madman and not to mention excuse of a father was her top priority. She felt bad for leaving Jerome behind, but she needed help, she couldn't do this by herself. Her mind was so full of thoughts that she didn't even notice the danger right in front of her. She kept running, then suddenly bumped into something. She bounced back and landed on the ground. She looked up, and saw a confused teenager. She put a hand to her now slightly throbbing head.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" She explained, while getting up.

"Oh, uh it's cool." He told her. That's when she noticed there was more than one person there. There was a group of five slightly confused teenagers.

"You all right?" the same boy spoke again.

"Come' on Alfie, we have to go." One of the teenagers told him. (She had medium length brown hair.) She seemed to be in a bad mood. Angela suddenly knew who the guy she bumped into was.

"Alfie? Your Jerome's friend!" she exclaimed.

"Uh yeah, do I know you?" he asked, slightly confused again.

"Me? No, but I know Jerome. We were talking earlier and he was telling me all about you. He thinks the world about you, you know that right?" she told him. Alfie smiled, and almost blushed. Jerome hadn't really been talking to him recently, he thought their friendship was coming to an end.

Another one of the teenagers (this one had long brown hair) stepped towards her, "Wait a minute, did you say you were talking to him earlier? How's that possible, he's been kidna…" she stopped before she said the word. "Did you have something to do with this?" She asked Angela harshly while stepping towards her again.

"What? No no no. You got it all wrong, I'm the one who helped him escape from Rufus." She replied while taking a step back. She felt partly offended at the accusation, but also partly scared at her reaction.

"Then where is he now?" the boy standing beside the girl asked (he had brown hair). Angela looked down, feeling disappointed, by having to tell Jerome's friends that she had let him be kidnapped again.

"Well, we were heading back to the house and he started walking faster and the next thing I know Rufus grabs him and I have to run to get out of there and find some help."

"So that's why you were running? But how do we know we can trust you?"

"Well, does anyone else know about his kidnapping?"
"No one that we know of, apart from the teachers." He replied. Alfie turned towards the rest of gang,

"Look guys, she knows about Jerome, and maybe she can help us save him." He told them.

"But how do we know we can trust her?" one of the girls asked him.

"I don't think we have a choice." The brown haired boy told them all. They all agreed to find Jerome together. As they walked towards where Jerome and Rufus were, Angela was telling them about what had happened that day, and other relevant details, apart from one or two facts that she wanted to keep a secret for now.

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