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"Minister the aurors just received a ransom note on Potter." A head in the fire announced as Harry was standing to leave.

"I've got him here so trace it." Kingsley ordered.

"Alive I hope." The man questioned.

"Yes he's fine." Kingsley waved him off, "Get that trace going and bring them in if anyone is left. I've got three attackers here."

"Yes Sir." The man was gone after another second.

"So who do we have here?" Kingsley pulled the hood down and three women gasped.

"Did you know it was going to be her?" Minerva asked since Kingsley hadn't seemed shocked.

"She was one of our top ten choices." Kingsley sighed, "I had really hoped we were wrong. One of my aurors reported in a few days ago, they saw her go into a less than desirable bar so we were adding a detail to watch her twenty four/seven."

"Who were your top ten?" Harry asked as he sat back down.

"First was Pansy Parkinson. She tried to give you over to Voldemort right before the battle. She just seemed like the most likely candidate." Kingsley explained.

"She was my number one suspect too." Harry shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck, "Of course this one wasn't even on my list of suspects. I thought we were good acquaintances if not friends."

"As you remember we told you we knew it was a female." Kingsley explained, "Since they seemed to know when you were away from the school we decided it had to be a student, someone who was around you and knew you fairly well. Miss Granger and Miss Weasley rounded out our top three suspects but as with Parkinson we couldn't find any time they were slipping away from our tails."

"They had to contact their helpers so they needed to be lost part of the time and that didn't happen." Daphne nodded along in understanding.

"Exactly our problem I'm glad you understand. Romilda Vane, Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil were the next three. You had avoided love potion from Vane, were happy to see Brown and Weasley break up and Patil is rumored to have hated your date to the Yule Ball." Kingsley added.

"All true." Harry agreed, "I've always felt bad about that date but I don't dance."

"We had Miss Greengrass on the list because she works so closely with you." Kingsley nodded at the girl, "The last three were Hannah Abbot, Susan Bones and Luna Lovegood, Abbot and Bones because they were Hufflepuffs who didn't like you at all during your fourth year and Lovegood again because she was close to you."

"At least she was in your top ten." Harry yawned again, "I didn't think there was any animosity left between us, although several times last year she acted oddly towards me. I would kind of like an explanation of why she thought I needed to die."

"You'll get that at her hearing." Kingsley went on to uncover the other two, "Both of these guys are petty criminals who are a lot like Dung only more violent. They'll be seeing the inside of Azkaban."

"Who was your top ten Harry?" Daphne asked curiously.

"Pansy, Hermione and Romilda Vane were my top three. I added Ginny after our talk." He admitted, "However I didn't limit it to females at school. Skeeter, Umbridge and Mrs. Fudge were my next thoughts. I never could think of three more so I thought it might be a male using polyjuice or imperious to get a female to do his dirty work."

"Not a bad bit of guessing." Kingsley grinned, "All those possibilities were on the table before we were sure it was a student. We never discounted them completely. However with Umbridge in prison for her part in the previous administration we had limited her to the idea person or possibly imperusing someone to pay for it. Her vault is locked up tight. "

Harry was taken home by the three witches and promptly thrown onto his bed and given dreamless sleep potion. When he woke later it was to Kingsley sitting by his bedside reading a book. He sat up slowly and the man jumped up to help.

"Did she put me on bed rest or anything?" he asked.

"No just rest." Kingsley grinned, "I'm very curious how exactly you got out of that situation."

"I was already untied before the three of them entered the room." Harry grinned, "Ropes don't hold a Night Stalker for very long. I just cut them off and then conjured a set to look like I was still tied up."

"It looked like a fit of wandless magic broke the ropes as you stood." Kingsley grinned, "The aurors were most impressed by this."

"No offense, but it's not really hard to impress your aurors." Harry smirked, "It seems like I could sneeze and every one would proclaim how wonderful or powerful it was."

Kinglsey broke out in a very loud laugh that brought Poppy back into the room, "I see you're awake. How are you feeling?"

"Fine." He was still smiling at making Kingsley bust up, "How long did I sleep?"

"Fourteen hours." She bustled around waving her wand at him, "I gave you a double dose."

"What time is it?" he asked as Kreacher popped in with food.

"Nine in the morning." The elf answered as he set up Harry's meal.

"What's next on the agenda for the latest attackers?" Harry began to eat as Kingsley filled him in.

It only took a week to set up the trial and Harry was sitting in the front row when the first one was brought in. The two men were tried first and both were quickly sentenced to time in Azkaban. Harry was pleased with the outcome but the next trial would be harder. She wasn't exactly a friend but he had never considered her an enemy. What was disturbing him more was that her friends were all there and several of them worked for him. He really wasn't sure how he would handle this or the consequences of her actions.

"Susan Bones you are being charged with conspiracy to commit murder how do you plead?"

"Not guilty." She stated firmly.

"Under section eighty six of sub section b of wizard law thirteen, for attempted murder we will be giving you three drops of veritaserum before questioning." The man on the bench waved at an auror to step forward and administer the potion.

The auror that Harry had seen a few times stepped up and put three drops in her mouth. He had to hold her still as she kept trying to get away. But eventually they got it in and then the questions began.


"Susan Amelia Bones." She replied dully.

"Did you pay persons and/or creatures to attempt to kill Harry James Potter." The man asked.

"I did." She replied.


"Because I can't cast the killing curse myself." She replied.

"Why did you want him dead?" the man clarified his question.

"He was supposed to kill Voldemort and make us all safe." She replied, "But it took him too long and everyone important to me died because of him. The first time he stopped Voldemort it was just after my parents were murdered and the second time was after my Aunt was murdered. He's the reason I have no family left."

"Why actively pursue him, why not just tell them where he would be and let them do it themselves?"

"I tried to let that happen but people kept failing." She replied, "For a while I thought Granger and Weasley would get him but they gave up."

"How do you know they gave up?" he asked.

"They were in their little corner of the common room and Ron was trying to talk Hermione into stopping her accusations and badgering." She started.

*** Flashback ***

"Ron how can you just forget how dark he was fifth year. I was scared of him all the time. Sixth year was even worse." She stated.

"How much did we see and how much was pushed down our throats." Ron argued quietly, "Dumbledore told us what to see and that is what we saw. How do we know he wasn't making it up? It's been proven now several times that he lied to us."

"He's up to something with Neville." She sighed, "He may have convinced Neville it isn't dark or bad but that doesn't convince me. I hate having to be the one to watch over him, I don't even want to be around him anymore."

"I don't want to be around him either." Ron said, "I don't want to be his friend but I certainly don't want to be his enemy either. That could be much worse than just letting it all go and letting someone else worry about him."

"Why did you make friends with him in the first place?" Hermione asked.

"Dumbledore told me to. Malfoy was the only other one to try for friendship could you imagine how things would have gone had that happened?" He replied, "At first it wasn't bad even though I didn't really like him that much. But once the tests started and Dumbledore said we could stand back and watch for most things, I was relieved. After the troll I didn't really want anything to do with him any longer. Now all I want to do is be invisible when he's around. If he ignores me for the rest of my life I'll be happy."

"So what we just leave it to someone else to watch out for him?" Hermione asked, "No one else sees anything but hero Harry, Dumbledore told us this would be a lifelong assignment."

"Dumbledore has had as much of my life as I'm going to give over." Ron shook his head, "I'm rather hoping Harry never looks my way again, after quidditch is over at any rate."

"Quitting would be nice." She sighed, "I'll try to stop but I've been doing this for eight years now it's going to be hard to quit. I hope we aren't making the wrong decision here."

*** End flashback ***

"That's when I knew I was on my own to stop him and make him pay for all his mistakes." She finished.

"Don't you think he has already paid for his mistakes?" Kingsley was the one to ask this question, "He has no family left either."

"That's not enough." She argued, "He never had any family to miss, I morn every day for my Aunt and my parents."

"What are your plans to make him pay for his mistakes?" someone new asked.

"I will make sure everyone knows he isn't perfect. He'll be dead so no one will believe he is so special any longer." She grumbled, "Maybe I should give him a love potion and take all his money first. He's got that business going now it would be nice to have an income and not have to work. That Slytherin bimbo can work for me and she'll pay for snubbing me. And after that I'll start taking out anyone who was ever his friend starting with the Weasleys and Granger." She continued to grumble and everyone heard all her plans, "Maybe I can bring Cedric back when Harry dies that would be good. Then everyone will love me and not that stupid…"

"Guilty." Came the ringing reply after the vote, "Does the prosecution have any closing comments?"

"I do." Harry stood and was acknowledged, "I believe Miss Bones is as much a victim of the war as anyone else. I would like for her to visit with a mind healer and base her sentence on the results. I think it's very evident she is already… suffering."

"Thank you Harry." Hannah approached him with the rest of Susan's friends after his suggestion was considered and approved, "I didn't realize how unstable she had gotten. Maybe they can actually help her in the hospital."

Harry nodded but couldn't find his voice to actually say anything. Daphne and Neville were by his side during the trial and they were still there as people came up to talk.

"I'm sorry Hannah but he's just really choked up about this." Daphne put a hand on his shoulder, "He is also glad she is in a place that might help her." Harry nodded along as she spoke.

"You know I think I might have to quit working for you." She frowned, "I just don't feel right working at your company when my best friend tried to kill you."

"No, don't feel bad." Harry's voice came out a bit strained, "Susan is your best friend but she's just having some trouble right now. I don't hold anything against you and I hope you still continue to work at the lab with Neville. You know you won't see me much anyway because you haven't so far."

She smiled and nodded, "Thank you Harry."

"Sorry Hannah but the press is bearing down on us and we want to get Harry away before they attack… again." Neville smiled shyly, "I'll see you on Monday ok?"

"Ok." She nodded as he pulled out a portkey and the three disappeared.

"Miss did he say anything about the trial or verdict?" a reporter asked.

"Not to me." She turned and walked away without a backward glance.

Daphne and Neville collapsed on the couch of Harry's living room and watched him pace. It was several hours before he joined them in the sitting area for tea. The two of them had been chatting about the company and stopped when he sat down.

"New objective." Harry stated.

"Yes?" Neville asked.

"I want to find out if there are any plants or potions that can help people get over their problems stemming from the war." He said, "Whether it be mental or physical."

"I'll contact St. Mungo's about what problems there are." Neville agreed.

"From both wars Neville, put your parents at the top of that list." He stated firmly.

Neville could only nod in agreement. They all hoped they'd seen the last of the betrayals and the attempts on Harry's life.

As the years passed many new advancements in magical medicine were achieved at the Herbology and Potion labs at Potter Enterprises. One such achievement brought Neville's parents up to a stage where they could converse with him but they still didn't know him or themselves very well. Another was a drastically improved wolfsbane potion that helped older wolves with the transformations and if taken quick enough could cure newly bitten. On another front once rare plants and animals had recovered their numbers through diligent work at their facilities. He helped more businesses start and was the highest ranked supply company worldwide, providing most of the rarest ingredients from every corner of the globe.

He added several new sections to his company. One was labeled The Quibbler and was responsible for the research to locate new or forgotten magical and muggle animals. He had tried to make Luna the head of the department but she insisted on being a researcher instead. Going out into the field was her favorite pastime. Another was called Muggle Inc., it was responsible for helping muggleborns integrate into society and keep in contact with their families. They also furthered advancements between muggle technology and magical people. They were responsible for the creation of the Magical Web, he wanted to call it Wizard's World Wide Web but that was too close to George's shop. That group also manufactured the computers that wizards could use without blowing them up even when they became agitated at the slow response of sites. His most recent addition to the company was called Spell Craft and they created new spells and researched old books and things to find forgotten ones.

Harry also created and funded seven charities. Magical Children World Wide located magical children and made sure they were treated well regardless if their parents were magical or muggle. Free Dobby was a place where abused house elves could get treatment and in some cases they were purchased from the family. Lifted Burdens helped people who were struggling financially. Darkness Defeated aided those suffering from exposure to dark magic. Waging War Against Hate combated persecution and hate in any form. New Beginnings aided people as they left prisons, they provided new clothes, temporary homes and education which were all parts to help them keep from repeating their mistakes. Last but not least was Evergreen which helped to protect the disappearing wilderness and living areas for many magical and muggle creatures and races.

Britain wasn't the only country to reap the benefits of Potter Enterprises. Every country across the globe was touched in some way by the company. Finally Harry Potter was a house hold name for something other than death and destruction. Few outside of Britain remembered Voldemort, death eaters or a boy who lived. Even fewer remembered that once upon a time Hogwarts housed a Night Stalker. Eventually Harry married and had a family… but that's another story.