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Destroy The Obvious.

Chapter 1: This Wasn't In The Brochure.

Poseidon didn't have daughters.

It wasn't exactly that he didn't have any, immortal ones at least. He'd had at least one that was human looking in the past, but Rhode had faded with her husband, Helios, before the Romans had even risen to power.

Euphemia was his first daughter since Rhode and the very first demigod daughter he'd ever had.

Euphemia Diana Jackson, or Effie as she preferred, was an oddity among demigods, and powerful. Being the first daughter of Poseidon they didn't know what to expect from her, but it was through her mothers family her most powerful and fearsome power came from.

Luckily, it did not work so well on Immortals. To them, when she used her abilities inherited through her Siren ancestors, it was simply a very beautiful voice singing or whistling or however she chose to utilize this ability.

Effie was no doubt one of the most powerful demigods born into the current generation of demigods. And as it turned out, the child of The Great Prophecy.

This leads to the current situation, where said daughter of Poseidon was using her small frame and ballerina build – though she'd never danced a step of ballet in her life – to her advantage as she nearly spun away from Kronos' scythe.

In her right hand was a celestial bronze sword, on the blade itself was the letters, Anaklusmso – Riptide. In her left hand was a sickle, nearly curled like a crescent moon and made of the same material as her sword.

She used it like a mix between a dagger and what one would expect from a scythe or sickle wielder.

"You are beginning to work my last nerve, sea wench," Kronos spat, a sneer coming over his face – or more like Luke's face.

Effie's crystal clear sea green eyes narrowed, and her nearly pin straight black hair was held back in a braid, her bangs framing her face neatly.

"You need to work on your insults, gramps," she snapped and darted forward with her sickle – the words gleamed off the curved blade of it and read, Reaver.

Kronos grunted in frustration when her sickle grated against the iron skin of his arm, and she brought her sword around, only for it to be caught and twisted out of her grip by his scythe which was suddenly under her chin.

Forcing her face to look directly at his, her green eyes widened with some fear.

"Sickles and scythes are very much alike, let me show you," he said, smirking sinisterly and she gasped her his scythe flashed and cut across her stomach.

She felt the pain of it, but it didn't cut into her iron skin. But it still hurt like hell, it didn't help that moments later he flicked his wrist and she was sent flying into Poseidon's throne.

Now both Riptide and Reaver were out of her reach, and her vision was a little blurred from her impact with her father's throne. Looking over at the approaching Titan of Time she knew she needed a plan, now.

"Luke!" Annabeth cried, looking as if she was close to tears as she ran closer, dagger in hand.

It was then she knew it would be Annabeth that changed the tides of this war, her choice. Luke's choice...she began to raise to her feet.

Siren songs didn't work on immortals like it did on others, but sometimes the song could distract them. The problems were Annabeth and Grover – she wasn't powerful enough nor good enough to single out one person for the siren song.

They'd get the full was too dangerous, and not worth the risk.

Effie wasn't exactly sure how they won, the battle after she'd retrieved her own weapons – though Riptide returned to her on its own – was a bit blurred into one.

In the end she'd had to at least try and use the lowest form of the siren song by whistling a tune which would only distract.

Unfortunately, it caused the most distraction for Annabeth and Grover, but at least it had caused Kronos (or maybe it was truly Luke it was working on) to stop from slicing Annabeth to bits with his scythe.

It gave her enough time to get Annabeth out of the way and grab her blonde friends dagger.

She knew Luke had made the ultimate sacrifice, unwilling to allow Kronos free reign in a new body in the end.

It was all she could think about as she sat in the aftermath of the golden dust and light that had come from Luke's body once he'd stabbed himself with Annabeth's dagger.

Effie coughed after the light had faded completely and she grimaced at the burns on her bare arms from being so close to the blast and Luke when he'd stabbed himself. Golden sand like particles floated around some seemed to migrate towards her.

Landing on her skin and though she didn't notice floating into her mouth almost like a wisp of breath. It had caused her coughing, but fading pain and spotted vision was the hardest thing to shake.

She knew if she hadn't closed her eyes when she had she'd probably have went completely blind, permanently.

Effie crawled on her hands and knees to Luke's body, which was only a few inches in front of her and pulled his head into her lap. Annabeth and Grover rushed over quickly, Annabeth sinking down beside Effie with tears falling from her startling gray eyes.

"Did you ever love me, Effie?" Luke asked, "As more then a friend?"

Effie noticed how crushed Annabeth looked at Luke's question and she felt terrible for her best friend besides Grover, and Thalia. She knew Annabeth harbored feelings of more then friendship or even platonic for Luke. He'd been the love lost to worse than death in Annabeth's prophecy last year at the Labyrinth.

Looking down at the bleeding broken form of her once friend and crush, her clear sea green eyes wide and sad. She sighed.

"I think I could have, if things had been different. Once I thought I did, but I realize now it was just that of a great friend and brother," she replied.

He chuckled shortly, coughing up blood which trickled down the side of his mouth.

"Just my luck," he muttered and then looked over at Annabeth who was trying to blink back her tears.

"Good blade," he said, holding the dagger out for her.

Annabeth hesitantly took it back.

"I'm sorry Annabeth," he said, grabbing her hand and pulling it into his. "For breaking my promise. Tell Thalia I'm sorry as well. I guess I couldn't stop Hal from being right after all."

Annabeth didn't know what he meant but nodded, squeezing his hand in hers. Taking initiative she leaned down and placed her lips on his, just a peck, chaste and short.

"I'm sorry, I had to be sure," she said, and Luke's widened eyes softened.

"Take care of yourself Annie, find someone who can truly love you," he said, grunting as the pain worsened.

Blood was pooled around him now, despite the wound being minor. His mortal spot had been hit, there was no saving him, not without the gods.

"We can help you, just hold on. Nectar and Ambrosia," Grover said, gulping and blinking back tears from his misted eyes.

Effie looked at Grover hopefully. She had none of that on hand, and as far as she knew neither did they. She didn't know where Olympus kept it either.

Luke laughed bitterly and weakly.

"We both know that wont help," he said. "You're a great Satyr old friend, believe that."

"You'll get Elysium," Effie said, her throat tight.

Luke smiled slightly, his eyes dulling by the seconds that ticked by.

"Try Isles of Bless, rebirth three times," he said.

Effie chuckled.

"You always did work yourself too hard," Annabeth muttered.

"Don't let it happen again, Mia," he began, using a nickname he'd given her when they'd first met. She twitched slightly at it. "Me, Ethan and the other unclaimed."

"I swear," she told him.

He smiled slightly grimacing.

"Effie...can you sing..." Luke trailed off as more blood began leaking from his mouth.

But she knew what he meant.

Effie looked at Annabeth and Grover who nodded, both consenting knowing it would most likely effect them too. There was a way to control who was effected, but it depended on the power of the siren or ability.

She wasn't a true siren, she was a daughter of Poseidon and her mother's family had a long line of Sirens in it. It was unlikely she could learn that sort of control while still mortal.

Effie smiled though, nodding.

"Alright," she said, took a deep breath and began to sing the first thing that came to mind.

While she sang she concentrated on soothing his pain, and it came out in such a way it nearly seemed to put Annabeth and Grover to sleep. Luke's eyes closed as he breathed his last, a small content smile on his face.

"Euphemia, what is this?"

Effie stopped singing at once, and looked up to see the gods, some with looks of awe from flashing in while she was singing, some with annoyance.

Hermes looked devastated upon seeing who was propped up slightly in her lap, where Luke's head rested peacefully. If it weren't for the blood and battered appearance of his body they'd think he was simply sleeping.

"I'm sorry Hermes," she muttered and then took a deep breath to continue. "We need a shroud, for the Hero of Olympus, and son of Hermes – Luke."


Her birthday was the day the battle was won, and once they returned to camp Annabeth, Grover and Thalia were happy to remind her of this fact. In the midst of the war she'd forgotten she would be sixteen soon.

She'd made it to sixteen...just like the prophecy said she would, but it still seemed bittersweet with all the demigods they'd lost.

The rewards granted though, she'd promised Luke she wouldn't let it happened again. She'd been surprised when they offered her to become a goddess, and her father's lieutenant. It sounded great, and she nearly said yes.

Not because of selfish reasons but because who wouldn't want the chance to become a goddess?

But then she thought about it. She'd never age again naturally, she'd be immortal for eternity until she faded – if she faded.

She would get to keep her Olympian family and maybe have demigods of her own, maybe even find love (there were lost of unmarried gods after all) but her friends.

She didn't want to leave them. And her mom, she couldn't agree to something like that without her mom knowing, so she'd declined. She knew it was the right choice, there was something else she wanted.

So she'd made them swear to treat the minor gods with respect they deserved, building cabins for them at camp and to always claim their kids by their thirteenth birthday.

Nothing like this could happen again if only they treated their children better.

Rachel had become the new Oracle. She hadn't seen that coming, but her only mortal friend wasn't so mortal anymore. Well, she was still mortal just hosting the Spirit of Delphi.

The same day that she became the Oracle she said her first prophecy, something which had startled her greatly.

Now all she could think about between the chronic headaches she'd been having since the final battle, was about the new prophecy. Apollo was sure if probably wouldn't occur until they were old and gray but Effie wasn't so sure.

'You'd be right to be weary, Jackson.'

Effie's eyes widened and she jumped up from where she sat on Fireworks beach.

She knew that voice, and spun around as if trying to find the source but her head only hurt worse. Like someone was inside her head knocking on her brain and skull. Then her eyes widened, no, it couldn't be – she thought this with horror.

There was a almost amused dark laugh.

'Catching on I see. Maybe your not so stupid after all girl,' Kronos' voice said from inside her mind.

The sound hurt her head but slowly she was becoming accustomed to it. She didn't think that was a good thing, personally.

"'re dead!" she gasped to herself.

Kronos sneered – or at least it sounded like he would be sneering if he had a corporal or even incorporeal body.

'Fool, I am a Titan. I can no more die than the Olympians can. I could fade, but the chances of that are one in a million. Most Titans are too powerful to fade, the original twelve that is. I was simply scattered.'

Effie plopped back down on the beach, her eyes still wide.

"But how? Get out of my head, this wasn't in the brochure!" she snapped.

'You think I want to be in here either? No, I've been trying to leave since I woke up here. I can't. My complete essence is not here, otherwise I would have crushed your soul by now and used your body to my desire.'

Effie's face scrunched up in disgust.

"Pervert!" she snapped.

Kronos grunted.

'Not like that Jackson, though I will admit you have an attractive body...'

"I think I'm going to blow chunks," she muttered.

'The point is, we're stuck with each other until I can locate my complete essence and make myself a new body. I'll need your help though.' he said.

She shook her head.

"Oh no, this is just too weird. I need help, mental help. This can't be happening to me..."

'Snap out of it Jackson, this is real. Unfortunately. Now, don't do anything foolish like tell anyone or they'll turn against you.'

"What?" she asked, shocked. "They're my friend and family, they would help me. They wouldn't..."

'Think girl, you have myself stuck inside your subconscious and mind! Athena would be the first to point out that it would be far to dangerous to let you live if there is no way to get me out. And I can tell you now...there is only a few ways and they would be willing to do none. I know my children and grandchildren well, Euphemia, they'll betray you. You can't trust family, especially not the Olympians.'

Effie couldn't help but feel he was being truthful, especially since she knew at least part of the council wanted to vaporize her. Having the Titan King, or at least part of him inside her mind wouldn't look very good.

Look what happened with Luke, they'd jump to conclusions...they'd probably vaporize her at the first sign of there being no cure.

Sighing she pulled her knees up and placed her chin on them, her arms wrapped around her legs.

"Fine. I'll do anything if gets you out of my head," she grumbled. "And don't call me Euphemia!"

Effie hoped she wasn't making the wrong choice, but right now she felt she didn't have much of one to begin with.