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Summary - Bella's little sister, Kimberly Swan. Has just moved to Forks, Washington. Kim Swan is unknowingly Jasper's true mate.

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Fact file on Kim

First name: Kimberley.

Middle name: Rose.

Last name: Swan.

Nicknames: Kim, Kimmy (maybe more as the story goes on).

Hair colour/length: Chocolate brown, with streaks of caramel, red and blonde. It's just below her waist.

Eye colour: Forest green.

Father: Charlie Swan.

Mother: Renee Dwyer.

Step-father: Phil Dwyer.

Siblings: Isabella Swan (Bella).

Mate: Major Jasper Lee Whitlock-Hale.

Likes: Reading, having fun, playing video games, chocolate and coffee.

Dislikes: Sprouts, Justin Bieber, vain people, spiders and clowns.

Hobbies: Hockey, horse riding, street dancing, netball.


Hi my names Kimberly Swan, I'm 16 years old. I have long chocolate brown hair with natural steaks of caremel, light blonde, dirty blonde and crimson red my hair ends just above my waist. My mum won't let me cut it, she says that I should appreciate having to be able to have long, thick hair. It's only because mum's jealous because she's only got chin length hair. I inherited my chocolate brown coloured hair from my dad, Charlie Swan. I have big doe like forest green eyes which have my natural black, thick eye lashes fanning them. Mum says that when you look into my eyes you can almost see all of my emotions flash through them, just like my older sister (only by 2 years) Bella. I personally think that my eyes are my best feature.

Anyway when I first decided to go to Fork's Washington to go and live with my older sister Isabella Swan, or Bella as she likes to be called, and my dad for the for the first time in about 7 years. I mean I've gone to visit dad in Forks with Bella every summer since him and mum got a divorce. But since Bella doesn't like Forks because of the constantly cold weather. So for about 3 or 4 years dad's had to get a flight down to Phoenix for about two weeks a year, but me and dad say in contact by phone calls and letters.

I first thought that I'd have a normal few years till I finished school. I mean I thought that about 3 things would happen here in Forks.

1. I would register and go to the local school at Forks, call Forks High School. Original name right? Cue the sarcasm. I would hopefully get some good grades so I would have a good chance at getting a job later in life. Also try not to ditch so mainy classes, mainly maths. Grrr I HATE maths.

2. I would hopefully make a few friends. But when I say friends I don't mean though stuck bitches that only pretend to be your friend when your new to get in the spotlight. 'Oh she's friends with the new girl, only she won't go out with me. I'll ask that girl out instead.' I think that's really pathetic. I mean REAL friends the kind that stick up for you in a fight and not leave or block you out when they've got a boyfriend.

3. Maybe get a boyfriend. I mean it's not really a priority or anything it's just that it would be nice to just get to know someone, maybe even love them. Only if they don't interfere with my schoolwork, dad would kill me. Literally. I mean he does have a gun. Speaking of dad, I knew dad would have to approve of him because I could never go against my daddy.

But what I didn't expect was to find out that my older sister was dating a vegetarian vampire, I know what your thinking my first thought was 'Are you being serious' but it's true. Oh and that her best friend is a shape shifter, in other words a werewolf. But not the knid that only come out in full moons. No these werewolfs can phase, which means turn. Into a werewold at will, or if they're extremely angry. There's a whole pack of them that live in La Push.

But there's something even crazier, I know what your thinking 'What could possibly be crazier,' well I then find out that I'm mates, which means soul mates. With a vegetarian vampire, but not just any vampire.

I was mated to the God of War.

How will I cope?

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