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Summary - Bella's little sister, Kimberly Swan. Has just moved to Forks, Washington. Kim Swan is unknowingly Jasper's true mate.

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Chapter 1 - Telling mum

Kimberly Swan's POV

It was 5:30am and I was lying down in my comfortable, soft creamy white king sized bed, having a dream about lollipops and rainbows. Correction. I was having a dream about lollipops and rainbows, but now I've woken up. Damn you stupid hot Phoenix, you see I can't sleep in the warmth, so I have to have the cool air conditioning constantly when I sleep. I know what you're thinking then why are you living in Phoenix then one of the hottest places ever.

Well I'm living here with my mum. Renee Dwyer and her new husband Phil Dwyer, he's a strictly minor league baseball player. I mean he's really good for mum. Since she's a total hyper, active person and can never keep to one thing like a diet or when me, mum and my older sister Bella decided to try out ballet, partly because I always wanted to but also because my sister Bella is REALLY clumsy I mean she can't walk across a flat surface without tripping. Mum decided to go too, she only lasted 3 lessons before she got bored and asked us if we wanted to go ice-skating.

Anyway last night I decided that I wanted to go back to Forks, which is a town in Washington not the food utensil. To go and live with my dad and sister Bella. She's 2 years older than me at 18, while I'm only 16. Bella did live with me and mum in Phoenix but she decided to go and live with our dad, Charlie Swan.

This really surprised me because;

1. Forks is very cold and is raining and snowing nearly ALL the time, your lucky if you see a sunny day. Bella is one of those people who HATE the cold and only like the warmth, hence why she loved Phoenix so much.

2. Bella didn't really know dad very well because they only ever talked once or twice a year, if that. So I was shocked that Bella wanted to go and live with him just like that.

3. I was shocked and hurt of how Bella could just leave me. Her little annoying sister, to go and live with dad. I mean I would have gone too but I needed to stay in Phoenix because of school, plus I couldn't leave mum. Because she's just basically lost Bella, her first child. I know that it would kill her if I left too.

Anyway that was about a year, nearly two years ago. So I've decided I would go and stay with dad too, since mum's had some time with me. I mean I also want to leave because when Bella left mum and Phil were still newlyweds. So I walked a time or two. Yuck. But I'll assure you that it wasn't in their bedroom, I could expect that. But nooooo, so imagine my surprise when I walk downstairs to get and a drink and there are Phil and mum are naked. NAKED. On the sofa, the very one the I sit on. I shivered violently in disgust at the memory.

Oh well all this thinking is making me tried, it's far too early for me to be thinking so hard anyway. I yarned and when back to sleep. Only this time dreaming of a World made of chocolate and cute little puppies.

"Kim sweetheart, time to wake up." Mum cooed at me gently while shaking my shoulder lightly to wake me up.

I ignored her, because in my opinion it was far to early to wake up on a Saturday. I quickly glanced at my alarm clock, but carefully enough that mum wouldn't notice. It read 8:20am, yep way too early.


"Kim, it's time to wake up." Mum told my, again. This time she said it slightly more forcefully, then before.


"Time to get up Kim, don't make me tell you again!" Mum nearly shouted, right next to my ear. It took everything in me to remain still and not wince painfully at her loud voice.


"Get up NOW! I know your awake Kimberly Swan!" Mum, this time screamed at me. Now can I say Oww. I mean it's still morning and I haven't woken up yet and mum's shouted down my ear, just kill me now God no need to drag it out.

I know what your thinking, 'drama queen such?'. But it's in my nature, I mean I did grow up in a house with my mum. I mean if you want to see a drama queen then just look at her, I mean she started screaming bloody murder when one of her false nails snapped off, even the neighbours ran round to see what was wrong. We're lucky that no one called the police.


Silence. I sighed in content when I realized this, maybe mum's given up on trying to wake me and decided that she was going to let me have another hour or two in bed, since it is a Saturday. Have I stressed that point enough?

When suddenly mum made her presence known by ripping my soft comfy duvet off of me. I shivered violently as the cold freezing air assaulted my now cold body. I could feel the goose-bumps start to fill up my arms and legs as I lay in my bed while wishing my mum would go away and give me back my warm duvet.

"Now that I've got your attention, I think that you should get up now." My mum told me in a smug singsong voice, to be honest I would give anything to make her leave me alone and give me some privacy.

I suppose that I should get up since I do need to tell mum about my plan to live with dad, then tell dad about it, and I know that she wasn't going to be too happy about that. Plus if I get up now and make mum breakfast that would sugar her up so hopefully she'll take the news better that way.

So I yarned loudly, stretched my arm above my head as I looked up, while shielding my eyes from the bright light of the Phoenix morning sun, as soon as I felt more awake I slowly got up out of my bed. Missing the comfort from it almost immediately.

"See you in a bit honey." My mum told me before swiftly leaving my room, her loud angry attitude replaced with her sweet caring one. Believe me when I say that even when you live with her 24/7 for your whole life you still don't get used to her mood swings.

I walked to my closet and picked out my clothes that I would wear for the day, a white top with the words "If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhoea... does that mean that one enjoys it?" in big black lettering. I know I don't have what many girls would say a very good fashion sense but I do prefer to be comfy not all dolled up in some tight uncomfortable dress. Plus I LOVE my sarcastic and funny shirts, and seeing peoples reactions to them its hilarious.

I waked to the bathroom, grabbed my bag of toiletries and get in the shower. I sighed in pure content when I felt the hot warm run down my now warm body, I knew that if I stayed in the shower it was be cold, and soon knowing my mum and her usual hour long showers. So I quickly washed myself, shampooed and conditioned my hair and hopped out just as the water started to turn cold.

I wrapped my fluffy white towel around my body and looked in the mirror. I was slightly shocked at the state of my hair. My normal chocolate with streaks of caramel, red and blonde that was normally curled slightly at the end, was now frizzy and looked like I had, had an electric shock.

I laughed lightly knowing that if my mother could see be she would have a heart attack and scream something like, "OMG, what has happened to you have you gotten electrocuted or something. You need to take you to the hospital!"

So I decided for her sake to blow dry it instead of letting it dry naturally like I normally do. I mean I do want to butter her up for the big news, so after I'd just blown dried it I decided to cook my mum breakfast. Since she couldn't cook to save her life, plus she got crabby if she didn't get her morning coffee.

So as soon as I'd gotten dressed and made sure that me hair looked presentable, I walked down the stairs. I spotted mum sitting on the sofa watching Friends, one of her favourite shows. I was just about to ask where Phil was then I realized that he had baseball practice till 3:45.

"What would you like for breakfast mum?" I asked her as I walked into the kitchen.

"Anything, as long as there's coffee involved!" My mum answered me, slightly louder than necessary I thought with a wince. Ok a LOT louder than necessary. Oh well that's my mum for you energetic and loud.

I thought about just making mum some toast but then realized that I was trying to get into her good books, so I made her some chocolate pancakes. Her and my favourite. With some black coffee to go with it, the way we both like it.

"So, what do you want?" My mum asked suspiciously as she saw the huge stack of pancakes drizzled with choclate sauce and the already made coffee sitting on the table.

"What do you mean, why would I want anything?" I asked innocently as I batted my eyelashes and pouted out my bottom lip.

"Innoctent, yeah whatever." Mum muttered under her breath but I could still hear her, hehe I just love annoying her sometimes.

We both sat down and started eating the beautifully cooked pancakes, if I do say so myself. Oh and basically guzzling down the coffee like a man in a desert who had just found some water.

Mum asked a few times if I was planning something, or if I wanted something. But I quickly changed the subject to shopping plans that we had, or pranks that I had pulled on Bella when I was little or even when I was running out of ideas the wheater, I know right how pathetic it was but I was desperate.

So after about the fifth time of mum asking and me changing the subject, I guess she finally had had enough of my excuses and straight out asked me.

"What do you want Kimberly, I know that you want something now just tell me!"

I tried to think of an excuse or something that would get me out of the question. Then I decided to put on my big girl pants and just tell her.

Then I realized that I needed to sugar coat the news so that mum wouldn't completely freak out on me, maybe I could say something like.

"Mum, you know that I love you and so I've decided to give you Phil some space, so I want to go and move in with dad."

Or maybe I should just come out and say it, even though I know she'll freakout, majorly.

Ok I've decided that's what I'm going to be, just come out and say it, so here goes nothing.

"Mum, I want to go and live with dad and Bella."





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