Title: The Immortal Collision

Warnings: OOCness, violence, gore, angst, language, boyxboy/malexmale, drama, darkness etc.

Pairings: LegolasxHarry, AragornxArwen

Disclaimer: I neither own Harry Potter nor LOTR. All claims go to their prospective owners.

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Speaking through minds


Chapter 5

When Laegolas awoke from his slumber, he was in the same position he'd fallen asleep in. He was curled up around Mîrchalen's unconscious form as he sat, the green eyed being's head cradled in his lap and arms. He couldn't remember what he dreamed of but he remembered being brought out of his unconscious state by the whisper of his name. However, as he looked around now he noticed everyone was asleep and no one was particularly close to him in which he would awake if they'd whispered his name. He stayed very still to see if he heard any noise or to hear if anyone said his name once more but there was nothing but silence. Brushing it off as his conscious playing tricks on him he closed his eyes to return to sleep. In the brief moments in which he was between consciousness and sleep he heard it again. Dearest Greenleaf, hear me.

When Laegolas opened his eyes he was no longer in the encampment but in a glade brightly lit. He looked around and he felt at peace here, like this is where he belonged. His heart seemed to hum in contentment and his soul seemed to be drawn to here and he vaguely wondered if this was Middle-Earth when she was first born. Yes and no, Laegolas.

He started at the voice in his mind before he realized how familiar it was and why. He turned and looked at the being standing infront of him, something familiar yet foreign about him. The being had long raven colored locks that fell in soft wavy curls down his back, his skin was an ethereal pale but there was nothing sickly about it, he was just an inch shorter than Laegolas and his body was lithe but under the long tunic and loose pants there was lean muscle. There was something very elegant about the being as he had his face lifted to the sun letting it bathe him. It was then Laegolas noticed his long pointed ears, slightly clawed fingers and the slight peek of something over his shoulders. The being slowly lowered his head and opened his eyes, revealing why he looked do familiar. Emerald eyes that seemed so much more vibrant now than they ever did on the earthly plane watched him closely. However, they were different, animalistic. His irises were vertical cat-like slits as they watched him curiously yet intently. Laegolas swallowed nervously and unconsciously took a step back but he noticed a look cross his face before it became neutral. Laegolas stepped forward and reached out to Mîrchalen, "I didn't-"

Mîrchalen's slightly cold looked made him stop talking before the being looked around the glade thoughtfully. "This is both Middle-earth when she was first born and the place we reside, the celestial plane. You were brought here by me through your half-conscious mind."

Laegolas hurriedly processed what Mîrchalen said, noticing the slight pointed incisors in his mouth before he asked, "The way you look now…is it your true form?"

Suddenly out from behind Mîrchalen, where he'd noticed something peeking from around his back, were wings large enough to furl around his body. Mîrchalen studied his wings and the rest of his body before answering Laegolas' hesitant question. "My human body had long died away after my world died and another was born. This form was the form I was granted to continue living on as the master of death. It is the form of death and those you will meet upon your travel to wherever."

The elf prince felt a trace of fear in his heart but there was also awe as he watched Mîrchalen's wings spread and shudder as though they had a mind of their own. He hesitated before taking another step and then another till he was in reach of his wings. He looked into animalistic green eyes and Mîrchalen watched him with guarded curiosity but didn't pull away or refuse him so he reached out his hand tentatively. He gasped when his hand touched silky soft feathers and the emerald eyed young man hummed appreciatively at the feel of Laegolas' hands running through his feathers, his eyes closing. Laegolas stepped closer, trailing his hand across feathers and causing a shudder to go through his wings as well as body. He stopped just a few inches away from Mîrchalen, their faces only close together as the elf prince studied every inch of his regal but angular face. Mîrchalen opened his eyes and watched him carefully, his irises dilating with clear desire before Laegolas spoke. "So you are death itself."

Mîrchalen let a clawed finger run down the side of Laegolas' face and the elf prince shivered but it wasn't from cold or fear. "I am life and death. I am the creator after all."

Laegolas laughed lightly at that, the master of death's tone at the end somewhat playful. Laegolas could see the walls coming down slowly as Mîrchalen saw the elf prince was no longer visibly afraid of how he looked. His wings furled around the both of them, causing Laegolas to move closer to the green eyed man till their bodies nearly touched. "Why did you call to me?"

Hunger flashed through the great being's eyes before he rested his forehead against Laegolas' and said softly, "I want to apologize for worrying you. I also wanted you to see me, who I am when I am not in the mortal plane. You asked for this so fervently after all."

He chuckled at the soft shade of red that dusted across the elf's cheeks for a second, their eyes meeting and causing a spark to light between them before Mîrchalen stepped back. He looked around him and slowly his form shifted until he was in his human form. Laegolas took a step forward, his fingers brushing against Mîrchalen's cheek gently. Again the feverish desire to be near Mîrchalen took over and he desperately wanted this all powerful being to open up to him completely. The Master of Death must have seen it on the elf prince's face because his eyes dilated once more and a longing seemed to fill his gaze. "Laegolas-"

The elf put a finger to his lips to stop him from continuing, hearing the wary warning tone of his voice as he said his name. They were so close, leaning in tentatively and just before their lips met Laegolas felt a jolt.

His eyes opened to see it was morning and Aragorn was looking at him with a grim expression. Laegolas felt his chest tighten and looked down to the pale male in his arms, his wounds somewhat healed but still needing time. He looked at Aragorn dazed, feeling a loss at the fact he'd been awoken before he'd gotten a chance to do what he'd been driven crazy with want to do. He let out a soft sigh of loss before straightening up at Aragorn's words. "I must go into the mountains."

The elf prince watched his hand go to the blade at his side and felt his eyes widen slightly, the broken blade of Isildur lay there innocently at his side. Laegolas looked up once more into Aragorn's face and shuddered at the thought of what they would find in that mountain but nodded his head in understanding. He hesitated when he looked back down at Mîrchalen's prone form and Aragorn answered his unasked question. "The King has promised to leave only his best with the great creator. You needn't worry, we will be reunited with him soon. At the moment they will continue on to Minas Tirith and we will catch up with them."

Laegolas nodded and kissed Mîrchalen's brown before slipping out from beneath him, balling up a cloak for his head. He didn't notice Aragorn's curious gaze before he turned around and said, "Let us get Gimli and ride."

The soon to be King grinned warmly before turning to get the dwarf.


Mîrchalen watched as they entered the fallen king's land from the celestial plane, looking back at Mother Nature and how much paler she seemed. Father Time and Sister Magic watched her with worry as she curled her arms around her. Her usually vivid green dress that looked similar to leaves was withering and brown, her usually tan skin was pale. Her muddy brown eyes with specks of green were dull and feverish. The antlers that sat atop her usually wavy brown hair were broken and shedding while her hair was lackluster and hanging limply off her shoulders. She was sick, far sicker than she'd ever been in a very long time. Sister Magic was no better but not as heavily affected. Her iridescent skin seemed to take on a sickly blue hue, her white-blonde hair was dull and almost wheat colored, usually cornflower blue eyes were an almost pale unseeing silver and her grand robes of royal purple and blue were in rags. However, she neither shivered as violently nor breathed as raspy as Mother Nature was in this moment. Mîrchalen frowned, worry tightened his chest and he met Father Time's eyes. Father Time's hair was greying faster than usual and his face was already settling into their wrinkles while his eyes were their usual sharp hazel that calculated everything. The hour glass that hung from around his neck showed the sands falling faster than the eye could see.

She will not last long. Mîrchalen flinched at Father Time's words and looked at Mother Nature once more and knew he was right. They were losing time and here he was with the elf… Mîrchalen shook his head riding himself of the memories from when he'd drawn Laegolas' spirit into the celestial realm. Leave him Father. We both know Brother Life is trying as best he can. Anymore and it will bring down the wrath of Almighty Fate. Already he has pushed so much that his human body now lays injured.

Mîrchalen threw Sister Magic a grateful look before he looked at Mother Nature once more. She looked up at him through her pain and smiled lightly at him. Pain lanced through his chest at the sight of her in pain yet she smiled to try and reassure him. Maybe I should test him, Almighty Faith that is. If things continue as is I fear for Mother. I will go to the Hobbit whose name is Frodo and help. He is our best chance.

They all grew silent as they thought about what he said with fear and excitement for none of them have ever dared gone against the great Fate. However, here was one of their own near her end yet the great Fate did nothing. Father Time tensed for a second before nodding his head slowly, Go but be careful. The Almighty might not appreciate your meddling there but we must do something for your Uncle Chaos has his fingers dug too deeply in Middle-Earth.

Mîrchalen nodded before closing his eyes and letting the blinding light engulf him and his human body.


Mîrchalen opened his eyes to see himself inside Mordor, he shivered as he felt the traces of Uncle Chaos in the air. His power and aura of menace caressed his mind, pushing against his barriers as he tried to gain entrance. He brushed off his uncles insistent probes in favor of looking around him before he spotted who he was looking for. Frodo looked around himself in fear and confusion. Frodo…

The Hobbit jumped and spun around till his eyes landed on Mîrchalen's shifting form. He watched him in fear before Mîrchalen spoke again. Frodo, I am the one known in this world as the Emerald Creator. I am Brother Life and Master of Death. Frodo, Samwise is not far from here but you must hurry. Time is no longer on our side. Even now Aragorn, Laegolas, Gimli and your Hobbit cousin's fight for the sake of all Middle-Earth.

Frodo seemed to watch him with wary acceptance before he spoke, his voice raspy and tired. "What would you have me do?"

He gave the hobbit a fatherly look before turning and stepping down the spiral stairs. He watched as the orcs and Uruk-hai talked, tension thick between both species. He needed only push and that fragile thread would break. He went back up and saw an orc and Uruk-hai near Frodo arguing, with a wicked smirk he planted a suggestion and that was all it took. Pushing the orc downstairs and shouting that he'd "tried to stick him" a fight broke out. Mîrchalen went back to Frodo and said lightly, Be quick and light little hobbit. You must hurry and follow me. Now!

With that they both ran stealthily past the fighting crowd, past winding stairs and straight into Samwise Gamgee. Hurry Hobbits! Leave the celebration of reunion for later when we are all safe. The eye of Sauron is not blind and there is one that even now fights to know your whereabouts. Come Hobbits we must hurry.

At his words they both sobered and found Orc disguises, after a few minutes of traveling Frodo looked up at him and asked tentatively, "Why is it we see you yet no other we have passed have been able to?"

Mîrchalen smiled lightly at the Hobbit's intellect before he answered thoughtfully. I am in the in-between, between the mortal and celestial plane. You can see me because I wish you to see me. Any other would merely see a slight disturbance but would be coerced into forgetting about it.

Sam nodded his head in understanding while Frodo looked at him thoughtfully and said, "Your voice…You were with me one night. I remember hearing it in my head."

Mîrchalen smiled warmly at the hobbit and laid a gentle hand on his head before he nodded his head in confirmation. A genuine smile lit up the tired Hobbit's face and it was reward enough for the master of death. When they finally got to the mountain/volcano Frodo and Sam shed their disguises and began to climb. Frodo continued to stumble, fatigue and the ring slowly yet finally beginning to get to him. The Master of Death watched with an ache in his heart, feeling his Uncle probe more violently yet continuing to ignore it, instead he laid a hand on Frodo's head. He pushed some of his power into him and shielded his mind from the ring's grasps. He felt his form flicker in and out of existence as pain lanced through his body as though he was being torn in two. While he breathed heavily from pain, Frodo's breathes became less labored and his steps more sure. He looked down at the great being just as the great eyes attention swerved towards the gates. They all looked towards the gates and knew without a doubt that the rest of the fellowship was at the gates now creating a distraction. "Mîrchalen…"

Mîrchalen's eyes looked at Frodo's worried ones and he sent the Hobbit a wan smile as he spoke softly, I gave you as much as I dared to. It cost me little but you must hurry. The one known as Gollum comes for the ring. I will hold him off but you must go and continue. Destroy the ring and by Valar's wishes may you return in one piece.

He watched as both Hobbit's continued to climb the mountain and knew the mind block would last and that maybe, just maybe he hadn't pushed the Almighty too much by doing this. However, at that moment pain lanced through his body as he was attacked by Sméagol. Without a second thought he reached into his core and let his magic lash out at the creature, a ray of green hitting the creature dead in the chest. Sméagol lay still where he fell to the floor and once again Mîrchalen felt as though he was being torn in two as in the moment of using magic his Uncle tore through his shields and found what he'd been trying to hide so desperately. The image of one elf that'd managed to wiggle himself into his heart. With that the skies grew dark and an ominous laugh filled the air as a dark cloud left the great tower the eye sat upon and headed straight for the gates. Mîrchalen suddenly felt cold as horror washed over him, pain long forgotten he let out a roar of rage and with a large crack the young man was gone.


Laegolas only remembered fighting alongside Aragorn before he was wrapped up in a fog of black and fighting to get air into his lungs. He could hear Aragorn's panicked yells but he could see nothing but darkness. He could hear dark menacing laughter in the fog, as though someone was taking joy out of seeing him struggle but he couldn't understand who until a might roar of rage shook the ground and suddenly the blackness was gone and he was on the ground drinking in deep gulfs of air. Infront of him stood a creature he'd never seen the likes of, instead of fur it had scales that slowly turned from grey to blood red as its growl grew to a snarl. It had a slim muscular body, liquid silver eyes, razor sharp teeth and a whip-like tale. The scales near its neck, its hackles, rose viciously as it snarled. Fear bubbled up in Laegolas at this mysterious but obviously deadly creature. It snorted and looked at him, lips curling in a snarl before looking back at the grey fog that formed a male figure before solidifying. The man's eyes were pitch black, his hair a rusted red that fell to his ears, his robes were a blood red and gold that fell luxuriously to his feet. His skin was a healthy color and his eyes sparkled with sick amusement as he looked at them, his incisors slightly sharpened as he looked at the wolf-like creature. Come now nephew. One less thing to hold you back, let us be rid of him.

A blood curling snarl left the things lips as it took a step closer to the being. I think not Uncle Chaos. I am to send you where you belong.

They could all see a part of the man's robes were torn from where the creature, Mîrchalen, had ripped him away from the elf prince. Something seemed to flash across the being's face before he looked at Laegolas who now stood. The battle had slowed to a stop to see these two beings. However, before anything serious could happen a shrieking sound filled the air and they all looked to where Sauron's eye was. They watched as it seemed to collapse in on itself and brought the dark tower down with it. A backlash of power swept the land causing them to duck down and cover themselves as the dark power released and Sauron fell, his ring destroyed.

The being of Chaos scowled before glaring down at the creature before him who was no doubt to everyone's minds now, Mîrchalen. Do not think this is over nephew. He was but one pawn in this game of ours. Look forward to seeing me again.

His body faded into the dark mist and in a violent gust of air he was gone. The creature's form shifted, bones crunching and shifting until before them stood the Master of Death. Mîrchalen watched all of them, the ground around them destroyed along with their enemies but the ground they stood on was unharmed. Laegolas met Mîrchalen's gaze and felt something twist within him and he knew exactly what would happen next. With a desperate cry of his name, Laegolas lunged forward but it was too late. With a flash of bright light the Master of Death and Creator was gone, leaving them with nothing but a dirt bridge.


Mîrchalen watched from the Celestial plan as Aragorn was crowned King and Arwen his queen but his gaze fell to a lone elf. You should be with him Son.

The Master of Death looked back towards Mother Nature and smiled. She was regaining her strength and even though Uncle Chaos still roamed Middle-earth she no longer cried out in pain and mercy. His stench still stunk up the earth's ground and he still had his claws in her but he was lying in wait. However, at remembering her earlier words his eyes fell back to the elf prince who, while he smiled, seemed sad beyond his years. It is better and safer if we no longer had a part in each other's lives. Uncle will find a way to use him against me if I continue fraternizing with an Elfling.

He will find a way anyhow. Would it not be safer for him if you were by his side? Mîrchalen hesitated and frowned at Mother Nature causing her to laugh lightly. While she had a point there was a part of him that was reluctant to get near Laegolas again. He'd smelled the pure terror on the elf prince's form when he saw his animagus. He shuddered as he remembered the creature's form that he took. A creature of chaos in itself, he'd had no idea what it was when he'd been in his own world but now he did know. It was a hellhound, a creature of death and chaos. It only felt hunger and rage that could never be satisfied. He shook himself and scowled, No it is better this way.

He heard Mother Nature's whispery sigh before she laid a hand on his shoulder, slowly turning him to face her. Her hands were cold he vaguely noted when she laid one on his cheek in a motherly gesture. You deserve to be happy. Go to him, live the life you never quite got to in your own time.

Mîrchalen winced as he remembered his time as 'Harry James Potter' before he remembered his other lives and looked away. Why? So that I may watch him die and lose another that I love?

Mother Nature frowned before smiling sadly but understandingly as she too and each of them had fallen for those on the lands they watched over and watched them perish along with the world. That will not come for some time little one. After all he is an immortal in his own right, correct?

The master of death hesitated before nodding. He looked longingly back at the reflection of Laegolas, who was now with the fellowship at Rivendell. Frodo was saying goodbye to everyone before setting sail with Bilbo to the Grey Haven. Sighing and letting his shoulders sag, he gave in to his feelings that he'd long pushed away. Alright Mother. You win for this once.

She let out a soft laugh that seemed to echo around them before kissing him on the forehead. Go to your Elf Prince, Lord over Death and Creator of life. Show him why it is that he longs for you.

Mîrchalen blushed but grinned wickedly as he pulled away from Mother Nature, a white light encircling him before disappearing.


Laegolas sat atop of a tree, his thoughts far from where he sat in Mirkwood. It had been years since he'd seen Mîrchalen yet he'd heard tales of Fenrir being back in the woods, Spirit roaming among the Rohirrim plains with the herds and he'd heard of the ferocious King that fought alongside Éowyn. He also heard of Osiris, who perched atop of Aragorn's throne and gave him console whenever he needed it yet his Mîrchalen never came to him. His heart ached as he remembered the heartbreaking look on the man's face as those green eyes saw through him to the fear that sat deeply within him. It had been hurt and betrayal that shined in those emerald lakes and he was sorry for it being he who put those feelings there.

Laegolas snapped his eyes open when he realized they'd closed for a moment as his thoughts had lulled him into a light doze. He'd been having trouble sleeping as of late as the memory of that night when they'd almost shared an intimate moment haunted his dreams only to be followed by the vision of the thick black fog and green eyes filled with pain. He felt his chest clench and for a moment there was naught but anger. He felt anger at Mîrchalen for not trusting him enough to let down his walls, anger at everyone who was visited by the green eyed being and most of all anger at himself for not being able to overcome his fear and hurting Mîrchalen in the process. Calm yourself, dear Greenleaf.

Laegolas started at the all too familiar voice in his head. He looked around impatiently before catching a noise from below him. He leaned forward on the branch he sat on and looked down. A large stag stood grazing on the grass just underneath him but that is not what made his breath catch. Its fur was a pure white like the moons soft beams and its large yet sharp antlers were pure silver. When it looked up at him for a moment he saw nothing but green and yearning filled him at once. He made to move but the stag sneezed violently and shook his head as Mîrchalen's voice said inside his head No, stay.

The order behind that was firm and Laegolas froze and frowned before relaxing his body against the tree. The stag, Mîrchalen, paced back and forth for a moment before it looked up at him again. Intelligent blue eyes watched him with a guarded emotion but he couldn't tell what it was. They simply watched each other and slowly the elf prince relaxed until the silence became comfortable. There was a shimmer around the stag when suddenly the hawk was flying up towards the elf. Just before it landed on the branch infront of the elf, the bird shimmered again and Mîrchalen sat atop the branch.

To Be Continued…