"Sometimes it's never giving up that says I love you"

I don't own any of the characters. All characters belong to the WB/CW. I only invented Parker and Samantha (to be introduced later.). And the town school that the "townies" go to.

Rating: For right now its K+, T. As you get into the story some parts are rated M.

Summary: This story takes place 5 years after Hamilton Fleming, Jake (Jacqueline) Pratt, Scout Calhoun, Will Krudski, Bella Banks and Sean McGrail have graduated from Rawley Academy and Whitley High School. Things have changed drastically which will be revealed through flashbacks. Hamilton and Jake along with Bella and Scout have chosen to take different paths for their lives, but will they find their way back to each other and what will it cost both couples? Jake has a past that she finds is soon catching up with her, but will she confide in her best friends or push them away in an attempt to keep them safe? Will and Sean have always tried to keep everyone together, but just how far are they willing to go to accomplish that? Everyone needs someone to love and love them in return. Sometimes you find it in the people that refuse to give up on you, no matter how far you push them away or how long it takes.

Chapter 1

Hamilton never really knew when he had made the decision to call her. He knew he had wanted to everyday for the past 5 years. So why hadn't he called already? Fear. "She can't have forgiven me. I deserve to be hated. I love her but I deserve for her to hate me." Well just great now I'm talking to myself. He wasn't afraid that she'd hate him or that she'd hang up on him. He was afraid she'd say she still loved him. So as he sat on the floor of his empty apartment he dialed her number and let the memory he always pushed away come back to him.

It was 3 days until graduation at Rawley Academy. As I walked across campus towards the girls dorm room I didn't know which was pounding more, my head or my heart. I knew I had to tell her. She deserved that. We'd been dating since we were 15. 4 years was a long time I knew that but now it felt like no time at all. We had fought last night over something that now was very very stupid. I hadn't intended on getting drunk at the end of school party, and I certainly hadn't intended on sleeping with Bella. The memory, no matter how fuzzy, still made me hate myself. Right as I was about to knock on Jake's door I heard the voices raise inside.

"Come on Jake! How can you just stand there and not want to go bust down Ham's door? Sean told me he saw Bella and Ham go into the room for 2 hours then come out looking bewildered and dazed. We both know what happened!" That was Scout Calhoun. Bella's boy, ex-boyfriend now. I hadn't seen Sean at the party but now I had to talk to Jake alone. She had to hear me out. Before I could raise my hand again I heard her answer him.

"Scout. I'm not okay. Yes I know what probably happened and I know what I have to do. I'm leaving today." Leave? Today?

"NO!" I screamed as I flung open her door. "Jake please. Listen to me. We need to talk. You can't run away from me. From us. Please." I begged her. I looked at Scout and I swear if looks could kill I'd have been dead. I looked back at her and I saw the hurt she was trying to hide. "Scout. Please go get my jeep. I'll be down in a minute." She tossed him her keys with an apprehensive look on her face. Surprisingly, he looked back at her knowingly and left the room.

"Jake, I…"

"Stop Hamilton." She cut me off. "I know what you'll say. You're sorry and never meant for it to happen. But it did Hamilton. It happened." She was crying now, she never cried. I stepped toward her and she stepped back. "Bella, you, why? Was I not enough? After everything we've been through Ham did our love mean that little to you?" She had turned away from me.

"Jake I love you. You're always going to be enough for me. I was drunk and upset that in 3 days you'd be in New York and I'd be in Los Angeles. I can't be without you Jake. I was going to…"

"Propose?" I looked at her in shock. How had she known? As if answering my thought she said "I found the ring Ham. And I would have said yes. But now I can't. I can't look at you and NOT think about you with her." We both looked out the window when we heard the jeep pull up.

"Don't go. Stay. Please. Jacqueline. Jake. I love you." I reached out and took her in my arms, willing her to stay.

She hugged me back then said "I can't Hamilton. I have to go." She pulled back and looked me in the eyes."I wish I was fifteen again. Goodbye Hamilton Fleming." She picked up her duffel bag and left.

I still don't know how long I stood there. I remember watching as Scout gave her a hug goodbye. Will was also there and I remember him hugging her too. Then I remember walking back to my house ignoring Will's attempts to get my attention. I didn't want to talk. I didn't want to think. I don't remember the next 3 days. "She's gone." That was all I thought or said. I remember landing in Los Angeles and going to college. I remember turning down jobs shooting for Vogue and National Geographic. Now I remember why, being the great photographer everyone knew I could be meant nothing without Jake.

As I sat there listening to the phone ringing I thought "I love you Jake. Please pick up." Then all my thoughts froze when I heard her say "Hello?"