Hello, all. I'm Keyanna. I am a huge, huge fan of TVD and this came to me last night completely out of the blue so I thought I'd share it. I think it could be a really cool story. If you think I should continue show me some love and review! I'd appreciate some feedback. :)

She didn't understand it. She didn't want to understand it; she didn't even want to think it. All she did understand was that she had to be coming down with some sort of illness. One that attacked her psyche in a way that caused illusions, crazy thoughts and feelings, and extremely, extremely inappropriate dreams that she would never have had if she were illness-free; because if she was illness-free she would not, under any circumstances, by any stretch of the imagination, be attracted to an eighteen year old guy. Eighteen! And her best friend's little brother no less! Elena Gilbert would kill her! Murder her! And it wouldn't be 3rd degree murder, it would be 1st degree because it would be premeditated! Totally meditated!

But it's ok, because never, not in a million years, would she be with him. There were too many factors that made this wrong on so many levels. One, she, Bonnie Bennett, will be a senior in college, and he will be a senior in High School, high school. Two, his sister was her very best friend in the entire world and you don't cross that line. You just don't. Three, she practically watched him grow up. She helped babysit him with Elena when their parents went on date nights. Four, he has a girlfriend, a girlfriend; Vicki Donavan, who coincidentally is her oldest friend Matt's little sister. She's also a really nice girl and Matt would be so mad at her if she stole his sister's boyfriend. Not that she was thinking of stealing him. Not that he was into her for her to steal him away from her friend's sister for Matt to in turn be mad at her forever.

"Hey, Bonnie, can I get two snake bites and two of whatever's on tap tonight." Bonnie is slammed into reality as Jeremy Gilbert stands before her. She blinks several times trying to remember where she was before she went into her mental rant. Oh, yeah, she was at her shift at the Mystic Grill, where she has been working every summer since she turned at eighteen. She was wiping the counter when she heard Jeremy laugh and then, because she has no self-control, she had to look at him and be completely swept up, which in turn made her spiral into all the reasons why she was not allowed to love his laugh. Jeremy is staring at her. She shakes her head to clear the fog.

"You all right?" He asks a small smirk playing at his lips. She has been really distracted lately. If he wasn't her friend he would think she was going a little loco these days.

"Yeah, sure, I'm sorry. I just zoned out for a minute." She says smiling nervously. She turns her back on him grabbing the Yukon Jack and lime juice needed to make the shots he requested. After pouring the desired amounts of each into her mixer she shakes it furiously, letting the technique shake out all the wackiness in her brain these days. She has to get through this shift in one piece. She slides two shot glasses on the counter and pours the contents from her mixer into them. In what seems like a second she grabs two glasses fills them with beer and slides them on the bar as well. "Two snake bites and two beers." She announces.

"Thank you," he says chuckling and scoops each one onto his tray. Bonnie watches him walk away and sighs deeply. All she wanted this summer was to save up for her last year of collegeā€¦ to have some money to get her through the semesterā€¦that was it. But instead of seeing a summer of pool parties, barbeques, and drunken movie nights, she is nursing the possibility that she could be completely insane. She could very well be going mad, going fucking crazy, because she can't stop thinking about Jeremy Gilbert.