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Embracing Evil: Series 2.

Chapter 1.

It had been month. One month and Harry was going absolutely crazy, he was currently in the chamber working off his stress and tension by ripping in to training dummies. It wasn't just the fact he wanted to go back to being Chaos, who was feared, carefree and got to snog the gorgeous Dark Lord on a regular basis, it was his friends, Snape, Dumbledore and the goddam new teacher. Delores Umbridge had been sent by the ministry to watch Dumbledore because the old fool was putting peoples backs up and she was pushing him to the limits. With his Gryffindor fa├žade he was Dumbledore's man and that equalled ministry target, she made sly comments and when he snapped like a good lion she handed him detention. Detention its self wasn't so bad, it was what he had to do in the detention which made him beyond furious. Umbridge was making him write lines with a blood quill, a dark artefact which scared the skin on the back of the writing hand, and his flawless skin was currently scared and inflamed. Looking at it pushed him further and spells were flying at an alarming rate, he slashed violently at the dummy and it was blasted away. He had to get to breakfast to avoid suspicion, Ron and Hermione were around him constantly acting in support because of Umbridge. The great hall was near empty when he got there which was a relief, he picked at his food not looking forward to the day ahead; double potions followed double defence then divination.

"Morning," Hermione sat down along with Ron, Harry nodded.

"We have an awful day." Harry pointed out and Ron groaned, he had food in his mouth as usual and it was disgusting.

"Don't remind me." The red head said as they ate. The trio trooped down towards the dungeons and Malfoy's ever obnoxious voice came to their ears, Harry sighed, the blonde had become unbearable with his prefects badge and Harry was tempted to owl Lucius and tell him to sort his spawn out.

"Look who it is, the golden trio." Oh how Harry hated that new label, it was truly awful.

"And what are you, the Silver Trio?" Ron asked scathingly pointing at him, Crabbe and Goyal.

"Hah, that sounds about right." Hermione put in.

"Well at least we know who out ranks who." Harry said with a grin.

"What are you talking about Potter?" The blonde spat.

"Didn't you know Malfoy?" Harry began mockingly. "Everyone knows gold's more valuable than silver." Malfoy flushed and the door slammed open, Snape ordered them all in and the class rushed to comply.

"Brilliant one Harry." Ron muttered with a grin and the rest of the lions nodded, Harry grinned with a small flush, he was a genius.

"Settle down," Snape drawled unnecessarily, he flicked his wand and a potion appeared on the black board.

"Begin," Harry withheld a sigh, it was another review and this time it was the draught of peace. He began working in a monotone not really paying attention until something splashed in to his cauldron, he just caught sight of Malfoy's smirking face when the contents started bubbling rapidly.

"DUCK!" He yelled falling to the floor himself, just in time and the cauldron exploded everywhere covering the entire classroom, Harry slowly stood back up to review the damage. It wasn't pretty, everything the potion had touched had started to burn away, Harry was instantly furious, if that would have touched him he would have be horribly scared, he glared murderously at Malfoy and mentally promised punishment.

"Potter," Snape snarled and Harry clenched his fists.

"What did you put in the caldron, arrogant fool?" Harry took a deep breath.

"Someone threw something in." It was pointless saying it was Malfoy.

"Yes of course it could never be the boy-who-lived's fault." He sneered and the Slytherin's laughed, Harry felt his temper spike.

"Pathetic as ever Potter, just like your father." There was an unforgiveable on the tip of his tongue.

"20 points from Gryffindor and detention 7pm." Harry growled under his breath and stalked out the room, Ron and Hermione had the sense not to bother him up to lunch or during the meal, unfortunately his mood didn't improve when he remembered what he had next, he let his head fall to the table with a groan.

"I'm skipping defence." Harry said.

"No you are not Harry James Potter."


"No buts, if you even try it I'll report you to McGonagall." Hermione snapped and Harry very nearly cursed her, he was pushed to the edge and the ringing was back slightly. It was very hard for him to make himself go to defence that afternoon but he did, he sat silently reading the stupid book they were given and sighed.

"Do you have a problem Mr Potter?" Umbridge's simpering sickly voice cut in.

"No Professor Umbridge." Harry answered in a dull monotone, she tuted.

"Rudeness is not acceptable Mr Potter that will be another detention."

"WHAT!" Harry burst out.

"2 detentions."

"You have got to be kidding me? What the fucking hell have I supposed to have done now?" A few gasped at the use of language, he didn't swear as the saviour.

"Make that a week for disgusting language Mr Potter."

"I already have detention tonight." Harry ground out, he was close to murdering someone.

"You will come after." Harry nodded stiffly, he glared at the book until the end of the lesson and all but ran from the classroom, he pulled out the map and checked the rout was clear before bolting to the chamber. He collapsed in to a chair and gripped his head, he didn't know how long he could take it and it had only been a month, summoning a book he relaxed in to the chair. He needed to get it together, he had been doing this for 4 years, he could last until Christmas and he would. Harry calmed himself and thought of the bigger picture, if he lost it now he would throw 4 years of solid work away and he refused to do so. Placing the book down he fell in to his mindscape and was alarmed to see it in a total mess, memories and thoughts were scattered everywhere and some of his forest was destroyed, he now understood his shortened temper as his emotions tree was broken. He carefully fixed his forest and strengthened his defences, he pulled out sweating and realised he only had 5 minutes before he had to be in detention, jumping up he hastily cast a cleaning charm and left the chamber. Using a handy shortcut, Harry remembered to unlock wall before running through it and knocked on the classroom door dead on 7.

"Enter," Even his voice annoyed Harry but he was much calmer than he had been for weeks, he pushed open the door and entered the room.

"As you saw fit to destroy my classroom you will clean it." Snape sneered at him, Harry nodded and got to work, compared to what was coming cleaning was a blessing. Harry discretely used some wandless magic was he went and he was done in an hour.

"I'm done," Harry told him.

"Go." Harry raised his eyebrow but left, he wasn't going to complain. He slowly made his way to Umbridge's office and knocked, he cringed at the simpering voice.

"You know what to do." Harry glared at the damn quill but got writing silently, he didn't give her the satisfaction to know it was getting to him, he kept in his anger by thinking of Tom's reaction. Blood was running freely down his hand an hour in to the detention but he didn't comment, he felt her eyes on him and ignored her and continued writing.

"You know why you're here really don't you Mr Potter." Harry wanted to get up and say no but he didn't.

"You have had too much allowance and I am here to show you your wrongs." She told him sweetly.

"You and Albus Dumbledore think you're a cut above the rest when it simply isn't true. I am your superior and you will respect me Mr Potter." There was an underhand threat and Harry nearly laughed, the woman had just signed her death.

"Leave, be back tomorrow at 7, the message has to sink in." Harry dropped the quill and calmly walked out the room, Harry was exhausted and he couldn't wait until he got in to bed, he fell in to the common room and ignored everyone in favour for dragging himself to the dorm and collapsing face first on his bed; he was out like a light.

"No I don't Hermione, I don't deserve these detentions so I have every right to be mad." Harry snapped at his 'friend', he was angry, exhausted struggling to cope, he hadn't had a decent night's sleep in nearly two weeks. He was dreaming of the same door every night and being woke up by his scar searing, he could never get back to sleep after and it was really starting to show.

"But Harry, she is trying to bate you, you have to stop rising." Hermione told him furiously.

"Just stop it Hermione, you're really not helping right now. I have this damn essay for Snape due in tomorrow and before you yell at me for leaving it, I have been in detention with that godforsaken toad every night for a month." His voice was a low hiss, he slammed a book down and continued the stupid essay not that he saw the point, Snape would fail him anyway.

"Ex-excuse me," A small second year was looking at Harry nervously.

"Yes?" He kept his voice warm and polite.

"I've been told to give this to Harry Potter." She said and handed over a scroll, Harry took it and thanked her.

"What's that mate?" Harry rolled his eyes, he hadn't even opened it. Harry broke the seal and found it was from Dumbledore.

"Its from Dumbledore." Harry muttered.

Dear Harry,

I would appreciate it if you could see me in my office at 8pm this evening as there are things I wish to discuss with you, they are of the utmost importance.


Albus Dumbledore.

"He wants to see me tonight, what's the time?"

"7:45," Harry cursed and began stuffing his stuff away.

"He wants to see me at 8!" Harry ran up to the dorms to dump his stuff and grab the map.

"I'll tell you when I get back." Harry told them and left, he wondered what the old fool wanted, it was a week after Halloween and Harry had feeling it was something big. The map told him the password and he went up, he knocked and entered taking the custom seat in front of the grand desk.

"Good evening Harry, I hope I find you well."

"Evening headmaster, I'm fine thank you and yourself?" Harry replied politely.

"Yes dear boy I'm fine." He smiled warmly at the teen, it soon turned in to a small frown.

"I'm afraid I have some grave news for you my boy." Dumbledore began and Harry tensed.

"What is it?"

"It seems we have found who was responsible behind the attack at the third task."

"Who," His voice was barely a whisper, he couldn't actually be a traitor could he?

"Lord Voldemort," Harry paled and he was screaming in his head, Snape would pay for this.

"What, no, that can't be, are you sure headmaster?" Harry's voice was urgent and Dumbledore sighed,

"I am afraid so, we have intel that suggests he had returned to a body and is gaining power." Harry was wide eyed, how long had this been going on?

"We? And how did you know, what's going on?"

"There is a group called the Order of the Phoenix that stood against Voldemort in the first year, they have regrouped with this knowledge to prepare for when the second war breaks out. At the moment Voldemort is quiet but there is rumours he has a new death eater going by the name of Chaos, no one knows him but he is powerful and favoured by Voldemort." Harry had frozen in his chair, he would take pleasure in murdering Snape slowly.

"But how, I mean I-," He couldn't even form words.

"I know it is a lot to take in but we are preparing for the worst, we are trying to spread the word but it is going slowly." Harry slowly nodded.

"Now Harry, are you having anymore strange dreams, any problems with your scar?"

"I don't know, I haven't been sleeping much and I've been stressed with Umbridge and Snape." Harry told him honestly.

"Professor Snape, Harry."

"Yeah him,"

"If anything like that happens, I want you to come straight to me."

"Of course headmaster."

"Then off you go," Harry got up.

"Goodnight headmaster."

"Goodnight." Harry walked down the stairs in shock, he had never actually believed Snape would betray the Dark Lord. He walked back to the common room in deep thought, he needed to speak to Tom but he couldn't until Christmas and Merlin only knows what the Order of the Phoenix could do by then.

"You look terrible Harry," Harry blinked and looked around, he didn't even realise he was back in the common room.

"Uh yeah I-," He flopped down in the chair.

"What didn't Dumbledore want?" Ron questioned

"Professor Dumbledore Ronald." Hermione admonished.

"Whatever," She rolled his eyes.

"He thinks Voldemort's back." Harry told them bluntly, if he didn't tell them it would be suspicious.

"What," they gasped and Harry laughed.

"Yeah my reaction."

"Oh Harry you must be so worried."

"I just don't know,"

"But how, I mean, last time you saw him he was some sorta spirit thing." Ron said in shock, Harry nodded.

"I have no idea,"

"Maybe you should go to bed, you don't look so good." Hermione suggested.

"Ok," Harry got up and waved goodnight, he didn't know what to do yet so he was praying for a decent night's sleep: he wasn't lucky. Harry awoke with a scream of pain; his breaths were coming erratically as he tried to calm himself. He took a deep breath willing away the power of the Dark Lord and sat there wondering what in Merlin's name was happening. This was starting to seriously piss him off, he was leading a double life and whatever Tom was playing at the man had better have a damn good explanation. He hadn't had any problems with his scar all summer so that brought the question of why he was witnessing Tom slaughter muggles, not that he minded of course it was beautiful to watch. No what Harry didn't like was the searing pain going through his scar, he was sick of it, every single night since the beginning of October; it was November 6th. He was stressed with everything that was happening at school and the Snape's betrayal, he had been coerced in to starting a defence group, removed from the Quidditch team, his head was constantly ringing and he spent most nights in detention. Harry scowled at the hangings, obnoxious red glared down at him from every direction and he longed to be in the cool green room that he shared with Tom. Harry hissed in pain as he knocked his hand, the livid 'I must not tell lies' etched there, oh he hated Umbridge and he was going to hex Lucius silly when he next time he saw the blonde. Lucius had his hands deep in Fudges pocket and having Umbridge put here was a god awful idea if ever he saw it. Harry's body gave on last twitch and settled so he got up sighing, he knew he wouldn't get back to sleep now so he threw on some clothes, packed his robes and made his way down to the chamber; he might as well do something useful. He wanted to practice his duelling but he didn't have the energy so he grabbed a book, Harry led back and began reading it was 4 in the morning but there is nothing he could do. With everything that was going on Harry was barely getting by, his duelling was falling behind and not even his natural healing abilities were keeping him going, he needed just one full night sleep or even a couple of hours. Everything was happening and he couldn't find a solution which was just adding his problems, he hated not being able to work things out, he was always on top of things but this year was throwing him out, there was just too much at once and keeping up the charade was near impossible. Harry had had some close calls, he had nearly crucio's Ron, he was repeatedly snapping at Hermione and they were starting to get suspicious. Harry decided he would go to Madam Pomphrey later and get a dreamless sleep, he hated having to because it knocked you out until you were fully rested and he didn't know how long that would be but he had no choice; everything would blow. He sighed and tossed down the book, he couldn't concentrate on it so he sunk in to a trance, his mind scape was a mess but it would have to stay that way until he had slept, he went there because he wanted to feel Tom's magic and he could pull it from his vision; it calmed him. When he was feeling marginally acceptable he came out and got ready for the day applying an extra glamour to hide the bags, he would be ridiculously early for breakfast but it was the best he could do, he just thanked Merlin he didn't have defence or potions. His luck dropped when he walked to CoMC as Umbridge was observing the lesson, something she was allowed to do due to some educational degree and he was forcefully reminded that Lucius would be paying a steep price the next time Harry saw him. Umbridge was so vile in the lesson that it left Hermione spitting mad, Harry wasn't quite with it enough to pay attention to what was going on. He spent the day paying zero attention which resulted him getting a nasty bite from something in herbology, he went up to Madam Pomphrey and took the glamour off hiding the bags under his eyes and his general hellish appearance. The hospital wing was empty which Harry was relieved for and he slowly made his was to Pomphrey's office, his movements was sluggish and he knocked on the door; she answered the door immediately.

"Merlin child, what has happened to you?"

"Hi Madam Pomphrey," Harry said cheerfully.

"Harry James, get in to your bed this instant." She ordered and Harry was in no state to argue, he would gladly stay in the hospital wing. He put some pyjamas on and sank in to the sheets just as Madam Pomphrey came over, she waved his wand over him and inhaled a sharp breath.

"You have a lot of explaining to do young man, you are severally exhausted, magically stained and unstable, stressed and you've lost weight." Harry groaned.

"I haven't been sleeping properly and with everything going on at the moment it's getting too much." He told her, she passed over a dreamless sleep.

"Don't worry now, sleep here until you are completely rested, you will be fine." Harry smiled at her and drank down the phial. Madam Pomphrey shook her head as she looked down at one of her favourite patients, he reminded her so much of another of her favourites from years ago and she couldn't help but care for the boy. He hid a lot but she saw through it all, it didn't matter to her. She shook her head again and healed the bite on his hand, she checked him over for any physical damages and froze when she took in his right hand, and she ran a few tests and gasped in horror. He had been extensively been exposed to a blood quill, that explained the magical strain and instability, the quill pulled on the magic core to fuel the cutting and the more it was used the more magic it took, overuse could be fatal. Harry was very lucky that he had a large magical core or he would likely be in a coma or dead, she spelled a nutrients potion in to his stomach along with a pepper up, the pepper up would fuel the magical core and help it restore itself. She checked on him every two hours and was astonished to see he was filling back out closer and closer back to his healthy weight every time she ran a diagnostic. On the 14th hour and he showed no sign of waking she started to worry, he was back his healthy weight, his core has stabilised and his anxiety levels had relaxed but he was still out. The 16th hour came and went and Harry was still out, Madam Pomphrey ran the tests again and Harry was fully healed minus the scar on his hand, she would alert someone if he didn't wake soon. When she went to check on him again she found him sat up looking around bright eyes, she sighed in relief.

"Good morning Harry, how are you feeling?" He gave her a blinding smile.

"Brilliant, I haven't felt this good in months."

"That's good to hear."

"How long was I out?"

"18 hours," Harry's jaw dropped.


"Yes, you had me worried young man." Poppy told him sternly, he winced.

"I didn't know I was that bad."

"Harry, you nearly died." He looked at her in shock.

"What do you mean?"

"You have been excessively exposed to a blood quill, if you wouldn't have come to me when you did and used that quill for more than 2 hours you would have gone in to a magical coma or died." Harry looked at her wide eyed.

"He's going to kill me." Harry muttered running his hands through his hair.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that Harry, now you are in perfect health again and I want you to come straight here if you start feeling like that again."

"Yes Madam Pomphrey, you know me." She shook his head.

"You have the rest of the day off, go and do what you youths do these days." She smiled and waved him off, he quickly changed and ran off laughing; he felt amazing.

Christmas was coming and Harry's mood took an upturn, Umbridge was still carving in to his hand, Snape was still bringing forth murderous tendencies, Granger and Weasley were still grating on his nerves, he was still teaching defence and not sleeping properly because of his scar but he would be seeing Tom soon. Then the worst happened. It was a day before they were due to break up Harry went to bed excited as he was that much closer to going back to Chaos when he awoke and was violently sick groaning about Nagini and Arthur Weasley his scar pouring with blood. He was utterly delirious and didn't realised someone had rushed to get McGonagall, he was ushered to Dumbledore's office with the rest of the Weasley's, Dumbledore then bounced around the topic finally creating a portkey sending them all somewhere known as headquarters. He was pissed beyond belief that he now couldn't spend his Christmas where he wanted to add to the fact he was in Nagini's head and his scar was still bleeding. Harry hid his happiness and the man's blood but the glee didn't last long as another wave of nausea hit him and a new torrent of blood came flooding from his scar. Harry felt his glamour flicker and rushed upstairs muttering something about the bathroom, luckily no one paid mind to him. Harry smoked to Tom's bedroom and immediately collapsed as another wave of pain hit him, by now the blood was running freely. He summoned a house elf ordering it to fetch the Dark Lord no matter what he was doing, he dropped his glamour and led on the cool floor cheek pressed against it blood pooling around. Harry heard the door open and sighed in relief.

"Chaos!" Voldemort picked the teen up easily gasping when he saw the blood.

"Hi." Harry murmured before his eyes rolled back in to his head and he went limp. Tom cleaned up teen stopping the blood flow and sat back waiting for Harry to wake. Soon Harry stirred blinking rapidly.

"Ugh I feel like death." He groaned looking up in to concerned scarlet eyes.

"What happened?" Voldemort demanded, "I remembered asking you to refrain from injury."

"Well I would like to know just as much as you." Harry said albeit grumpily, the Dark Lord raised his eyebrows.

"I've been having dreams of what you've been doing and of a door not sure where, then tonight I had a dream from inside Nagini's head as she attacked Weasley Sr then this." He motioned to his current situation.

"This shouldn't be happening, I do not know why it is." Tom murmured.

"A lot has happened since September, they have be happening every night, I even sent myself to the hospital wing. Of course I didn't realise I was close to dying or I would have done it sooner I me-,"

"What was that?" Tom questioned stiffly, Harry looked at him confused before his eyes widened when he realised what he had said.

"I was going to hex Lucius next time I saw him." Harry said quickly.

"And how does that correspond with you almost dying?"

"Um well, I've been stressed but it was worse this year, I went for over a month with no sleep because of these dreams and my scar was burning." Harry began and Tom have him a pointed look.

"Well it was Lucius' idea to have Umbridge in the school."

"Chaos," It held a warning.

"Don't be too mad, I didn't know."

"Tell me how you nearly ended up dead." Harry held up his right hand showing the scared writing, Tom's eyes flashed.

"Please tell me that's not what I think it is." He hissed gently taking the hand.

"I didn't know, I was stressed with everything that was going on and I was concentrating on not killing people. I hadn't been sleeping and after a month I just thought I was exhausted, I couldn't practice to take my mind of everything cause I could barely use magic so I went to Pomphrey." Harry explained in a rush.

"How long?"

"Poppy said 2 more hours." He didn't have to say what would have happened, Tom stiffened.

"You must have been repeatedly exposed." Harry winced at the slight understatement.

"It's her detentions, with my image I'm a ministry target because of Dumbledore, I've had one pretty much every night since the last week in September, 7 till 12. According to Pomphrey I was out for 18 hours." Best get it out the way, the Dark Lord spewed out some vicious curses in parcel and Harry winced again, the man was far from pleased.

"I swear I'll kill her myself." He snarled and he looked as if he wanted to go at that moment.

"You can't go now, I'll have to deal with it for now."

"She could kill you." Tom hissed and began pacing.

"Yes but we have bigger problems." Harry told him and he actually scoffed.

"I would prefer you alive if you don't mind."

"So would I funnily enough, but we have to deal with our traitor." Tom froze and span around so fast he blurred.

"You mean-,"

"Yup, Dumbles called me to his office and told me they had intel confirming your return and the Order of the Phoenix are on the move."

"This is unfortunate but we did prepare for such a situation, the bonus is you do get to kill Snape."

"True but Dumbledore seems to have been expecting me to have had these dreams, he asked me to tell him if I had one and he refused to look me in the eye tonight." Harry said.

"He knows something which is usually a very bad thing." Tom murmured and Harry nodded.

"But he won't tell me until he feels compelled too."

"Yes he is rather like that."

"What about the door I've been dreaming about, it's driving me insane." Harry exclaimed.

"The door is of the department of mysteries where a prophecy is kept concerning me and my actions towards you, I attacked on limited information and now I realise it was foolish to do so. Of course my feelings on you have changed considerably since." Voldemort told the teen who nodded curling himself in to the orders embrace.

"I don't want to go back." Harry sighed as he swung himself over to sit on Toms lap, Tom kissed Harrys temple then down behind his ear to his pulse point getting and shiver from then teen.

"I don't really want to let you go either but you must." Harry nodded dejectedly but smiled when he was drawn in to a kiss. Harry straddled the man's hips curling his arms around Voldemort's neck pressing his body in to the older man. He nearly groaned as Voldemort broke away but stopped when he felt light kisses trail down his neck, Harry gasped when Tom bit down on his collar bone.

"You are unbelievably tempting do you know." Tom murmured in his ear and Harry smirked rolling his hips ever so slightly making Tom groan.

"I need to go." Harry said kissing the man again.

"Mmmm." Was all he got in reply.

"I'll come back Christmas night." Harry told him before bursting in to black smoke.

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