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Chapter 1: A Horrible Occurrence! Videl Is Shot!

A small group of criminals stood in a dark ally. It was around 2 AM, so there wasn't anyone nearby who would find them suspicious. "Are you sure about this?" One of them asked the rest of the group. Another nodded as he held up what appeared to be a silver pistol, but it was a bit smaller.

"Of coarse! When we rob the bank, Videl will be sure to show up. Then, this Anti-Blood Coagulant will be shot into her. We'll be arrested, but at least we will have completed the mission!" He said as he held up a small vile of a thick yellow fluid. Another member nodded.

"But what about Saiyaman? He's always on the scene too…they're like partners in crime…without the crime…" The man with the gun holstered his gun.

"All we need is one clear shot at Videl! The puncture wound itself will be enough to bleed her to death. Once she's out of the way, Waltz will be able to conquer the city!"


Videl let out a cry as she threw a kick at Gohan. Gohan sidestepped the attack and threw a punch at her. Videl blocked the punch with her forearm and dropped to the ground. She spun around and tried to sweep him. Gohan jumped over the attack and drove his heel downwards at her. Videl sprung off of her hands to dodge the attack and began throwing punches at Gohan. Gohan began throwing punches as well, and met each one halfway. Videl stepped to the right and fired a kick into Gohan's mid-section. Gohan leapt backwards and shot a small ki blast at Videl. Videl saw it coming and began charging one of her own. It took her much longer to get the same results in such a technique. As soon as she felt it was adequately charged, she shot the blast into Gohan's. The two beams collided and sent out a shockwave bubble blast thingy. From the blast came a bright light. Videl charged forwards through the blast, in hope she could take Gohan by surprise. As soon as she could clearly see him, she threw a punch into him. It hit him across the face. Gohan recoiled a bit. Videl took this time to prepare for the next attack. She leapt into the air and threw a

kick into his chest. Gohan fell back a couple feet before getting up with a smile on his face.

"Nice one Videl! You've gotten much better since the last time you were over!" Gohan said happily. Videl smiled.

"You think so Gohan?" Videl asked cheerfully. Gohan nodded.

"Your Ki control has gotten much better too!" Gohan added. Videl continued to smile.

After a moment of silence, Videl's watch began to beep. Videl hit a button on her watch and listened to the problem on the other line. Videl nodded to Gohan. "Where is it?" He asked.

"The bank," She replied. She then took off as Gohan followed and transformed into The Great Saiyaman.


Four men stood just outside of the bank. Three of them had heavy machine guns. The other was unarmed save for the concealed pistol inside his coat. The three other men were firing into the crowd of policemen surrounding them. One man smiled to the unarmed man. Great plan, Ognat! Videl will arrive soon, and then she will die! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!"

Ognat smiled evilly. "Yes. Now continue firing, henchman!" Suddenly, two figures appeared in the sky above them. Gohan and Videl. The three shooters looked up to see them. Ognat slowly reached inside his coat and withdrew the silver pistol. He then opened his coat revealing five silver dart-like flasks containing a thick yellow liquid. He drew one and slid it into his pistol. He then cocked it. He pointed it at Videl and prepared to pull the trigger.

"Videl, get on the ground and try to take out any of them that you can, I'll get their guns!" Gohan said as he floated next to Videl. Videl nodded. Ognat pulled the trigger on the pistol, sending the dart at where Videl was. Videl began descending rapidly just as the shot was fired. The dart passed a few inches above her head. Ognat cursed under his breath as he drew another cartridge and loaded it. Videl reached the ground and charged at the three shooters. One of them lowered their gun to fire, but Videl jumped forwards and kicked it out of his hands. Ognat lined up his sights and fired. Videl ducked and swept the legs of the shooter. The dart flew right by her ear and hit the shooter in the chest. A spurt of blood followed the shot. Videl turned to see Ognat loading another shot. Videl ran towards him as the remaining shooters trained their guns on her.

"Videl!" Gohan yelled as he phased to where the other shooters were. The shooters jumped as they saw Saiyaman come into view. One shooter dropped his gun in surprise. Gohan grabbed the other gun and broke it in his hand without even trying. Gohan then grabbed both of them by the neck and tossed them over to the police barricade.

Just as Ognat finished loading his third dart, Videl drove a hard punch into his chest. She then spun around in mid-air and elbowed him. The attack sent him skidding across the ground. His gun fell right next to him and went off, hitting the tire of a police car. Ognat reached into his coat for another dart. As he loaded it, again Videl attacked. She kicked him across the face and then drove her heel into his chest. As he was hit, the last dart in his pocket fell out onto the ground. He flew towards the police barricade and landed right in front of it. Two policemen hand-cuffed Ognat and hoisted him up. The police were unaware that he still had his gun (A/N: What stupid police men! I mean, they had to go to school to be a police man and well…what idiots! Sorry, on with the story).

Videl walked over to where Gohan was standing. "Hey Gohan? Thanks for taking care of those guys. I owe you one," She said.

"No problem Videl. Hey, as long as we're out this far, ya wanna get something to eat?" Gohan asked.

"Sure!" Videl said happily.

Ognat remembered that he still had one shot loaded in the gun. He did his best to aim, even though the gun was behind his back. As he lined up the shot, he fired. Videl heard the shot fire and turned to see what it was, but it was too late. The silver dart plunged into Videl's side. A spurt of blood followed it. She cried out in pain as she collapsed.

"Videl!" Gohan yelled as he caught her before she hit the ground. Videl continued crying out. Gohan looked at where she had been shot. The end of something silver was visible from the wound. Blood poured out from her side. "I've got to get you to the hospital!" Gohan quickly undid the bandanna from his head and pressed it against the wound. Gohan grabbed hold of Videl and took off at full speed towards the hospital.

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