Chapter 4: Videl's Strength is Quadrupled, It's the Saiyan Blood!

Chichi set out the rice on the table. Goten was waiting for the others to arrive and was twitching with hunger. Goku sat across from Chichi with Goten next to him. After a moment of hungered waiting, Gohan and Videl arrived and sat down to eat. Chichi sat across from Goku, who was next to Goten, who sat next to Videl, who sat across from Gohan, so the seating arrangement looked like this:



---------- Gohan

(A/N: There's no importance of this seating arrangement, I'm just wasting time and space…)

The Saiyan and the 2 Half-Saiyans dug in immediately, while the 2 Full-Humans ate at a slower pace. Goku had finished 3 bowls of rice by the time Chichi had finished one. Videl finished her bowl as Goten had just finished his second. (A/N: Am I BORING you??) Videl stared into space for a moment before filling her bowl up again. Chichi was a bit surprised by this, because when Videl came over, she usually only had one bowl. Videl was surprised too. Over the last few days, she had noticed that her appetite had increased a bit. By the end of the meal, the bowl count was as follows:

Goku - 9

Gohan - 7

Goten - 6

Videl - 5

Chichi - 2

Gohan looked at Videl as she finished her last bowl of rice. "Wow Videl! You usually can only finish one bowl of rice," he said. Videl set down her bowl and chopsticks.

"I know. Its so strange; ever since I got out of the hospital, my appetite seems to have grown a bit," She said, standing up. Gohan smiled. Everybody dispersed a bit as the meal finished. Goku went to go train many miles away, Chichi cleaned up the table, Gohan and Videl walked back towards the forest where they trained, and Goten skipped away.

"Hey Goten!!" Gohan called from the hill. Goten stopped in mid stride and looked over to Gohan and Videl. "Want to help us train?" Goten's face lit up.

"Sure!" He yelled as he ran towards his big brother.


The alarm blared out across the prison, summoning all guards within earshot to the situation at hand. Two cards stormed into the hall. Ognat stood there with a villainous smile on his face. He extended his hand towards the guards and shot a ki blast.


Goten and Videl stood facing each other in the open field, with Gohan standing about ten feet away. "Okay Goten, I need you to spar with Videl in order to determine the extent of her strength," Gohan explained to his sibling. Goten nodded happily and struck a fighting stance. "Oh, one more thing, Goten."


"I don't want you to go Super Saiyan."

"What!?" Goten said in disbelief. "That's no fun!"

"Don't worry about it Goten, you'll be able to later on."

"Oh, alright…" Goten began charging his energy as high as he could without transforming. He let out a cry of energy as the waves of power ran off his body and spread over the ground. Videl backed away a couple steps. This was intense. Videl got back in a ready stance as the energy stopped increasing and remained consistent.

Videl dashed across the ground towards Goten. Videl threw a flying kick, but as she neared, Goten disappeared and reappeared behind Videl and spun around with an arching reverse kick, that caught Videl off guard. Videl stumbled and hit the ground hard. Videl quickly rolled over and blocked the incoming punch. She returned a roundhouse and blocked again. The two exchanged blows for about a minute. Videl then rolled over to the side as Goten's kick smashed into the ground. Videl then threw a twisting heel kick to Goten's chest. Goten blocked the hit, but it threw him off balance. Videl seized the opportunity and threw a sweeping shin attack to the back of Goten's legs, knocking them into the air. Videl flipped up as Goten hit the ground with a thud.

Goten sprung up off the ground, and into a fighting stance. Videl did the same. The two charged at each other and began exchanging blows. A smile crept across Gohan's face. This was unbelievable. Goten was giving Videl everything he had and she still was keeping up with him. Goten gritted his teeth as he flipped out of the power struggle only to charge right back at Videl. Videl sped forward as well.

The two sped into one another, causing a shockwave to erupt from the collision point. The two were locked in a perfectly equal attack, both straining to gain the upper hand. Goten smiled suddenly, as he shot a small ki blast at Videl. Videl saw it coming, and tried her best to dodge it, but was hit by the blast, and knocked back a couple feet, her balance lost. Goten quickly jumped in with a flying side kick and knocked Videl a ways back. She fell to the ground with a thud. She quickly got up on her feet, but saw that Goten was nowhere in sight. She quickly scanned her surroundings for signs of Goten, but saw nothing.

"Behind you!" Goten yelled as he moved at high speeds towards her from behind. No sooner was he in her sights was she hit in the back, and sent flying into the air. She went through several possible scenarios in her head of what Goten's next move would be.

Goten had hit her at an upward angle and sent her in a shallow arch above a cliff below. She was just about at the peak of the arch now. If Goten had intended to follow up the attack with a strike sending her into the cliff, he would probably do so as she began her descent, in order to use her downward motion as an advantage. If this was true, his attack would probably be aimed at her back, so the result would be optimum as the body weight going under the blow would be even in all areas, rather than centered at the head for a head shot or other sections (Yes, she IS a fast thinker).

She was peaking now. The attack would come right about…now. Videl quickly arched her body as Goten appeared above her and swung a kick downwards, narrowly missing her. Videl quickly grabbed his leg. Goten let out a cry of surprise as Videl swung him 360 degrees and pitched him downwards towards the cliff. As soon as she let go, she shot a ki blast as well. Goten, cliff and blast all hit together resulting in a nuclear-dome like explosion.

Gohan shielded his eyes as the blast erupted. After a moment, it subsided. The cliff was obliterated, and Goten was somewhere within the shattered debris of rock. A thick layer of dust was in the air, from the debris. After a moment, a bright flash went out form the cliff, as Goten shot upwards to meet Videl in mid-air. Goten was scratched badly in a few places, and burned in a couple more. He was obviously ticked.

"Hey! That really hurt!" Goten said as he rubbed his face. "I'll get you for this!" Goten gritted his teeth and began powering up. A golden aura surrounded him, and with a flash of energy, went Super Saiyan. He smiled evilly (If that's possible for Goten) at Videl. "Get ready."

Next Time, on Blood of A Saiyan: Goten powers up to keep from loosing this battle, but is going Super Saiyan going too far? Find out next time, on Dragon Ball BoaS!

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