Hi everyone! Here's chapter 2! Hope you guys enjoy it! I need at least 5 reviews per chapter. So I wrote this BEFORE I saw Seeing Red so it's different than the episode. But I think it's still good. Please comment!

Catherine's eyes flutter open.

"Cat, you're alive!" Heather exclaims, a smile spread across her face.

Cat laughs.

Pain shoots through her right shoulder.

"Ouch, that's painful," Cat says.

"Yeah it should be. You were out like a dead doorknob. We were worried you wouldn't wake up," Heather says.

"Oh, I would've woken up sometime," Cat replies. Because Vincent needs me to protect him, Cat says to herself.

"Why don't you get some rest? It'll make you feel a lot better. Trust me," Evan adds, entering the room.

"Evan, what a surprise! Thanks for staying with Heather," Cat says as Heather leaves the room, heading down to the cafeteria to grab a coffee.

"No problem. I'd do anything to see you," Evan winks at Cat.

Buzz. Buzz.

Cat looks at her phone.

Told ya you like him- Heather.

Cat smiles.

"You saved my-"

Vincent hugs the woman.

"Vince? Is that you?" she asks him, placing a cold hand on his left cheek.

"Alex, I didn't know you still lived here," Vincent says.

Alex hugs him before answering. Her sweet smelling hair fills his senses and he holds her close.

"Of course I do, but I thought they said you died in Afghanistan. I was there for your funeral, how-how did you survive?"

"It's a long story. How'd you get down here?" Vincent asks her.

"I was looking for you. That's when I got trapped down here," Alex tells him.

Sadness clouds her eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't want to do this…" Alex tells him, looking deep into his eyes. "But I have to."

"No you don't. Not now," Vincent replies. He rests his forehead on hers. She moves closer, her lips brushing Vincent's.

She draws away.

"Listen. I need to talk, okay, please," she begs.

He nods.

Vincent was worried about Alex. A lifetime before, they had shared a passionate love. She had been a nurse and he a doctor. They would meet out back after work to steal a kiss. Their wedding day was planned. Everything was perfect. Then, the towers had been hit, Vincent left without saying good-bye to Alex.

Evan shuts the car door and walks to the crime scene.

"How's Cat?" Tess asks him.

"Pretty good. Seemed happy to see me," Evan replies, laughing.

"You're trying to make me jealous, well, it's not working."

Evan laughs then moves to the car.

After collecting particles of DNA from the car door, Evan drives back to the lab to runs tests.

Cat sits up and texts JT, asking where Vincent was. She had this feeling that he was in trouble.

"Feelin' better big sis?" Heather asks Cat a moment later.

"Yeah, a little actually. Hey, could you get me some coffee? I need something to cheer me up," Cat replies.

After Heather leaves the room, she pulls out her phone.

He's not back yet- JT

Cat's heart pounds faster, Vincent's in trouble.

"I want to start over with you. Make it last forever this time," Alex says, moving closer to Vincent.

"As much as this hurts," Vincent replies, "I can't, I'm sorry. There are things that are different about me now."

Plus, I'm already taken, Vincent tells himself.

"I understand that, but we could still make it work," Alex tells him.

"I have to go, goodbye," Vincent replies. He kisses Alex's forehead and turns to leave.

"Wait," she whispers.

Vincent turns back around.

"Just come over to my place for coffee. Then we can say goodbye," Alex says.

Vincent, you shouldn't do this. You need to go back and tells JT you're alright.

"Okay, I'll walk you home," Vincent replies against his better judgment.