The Path Chosen


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New Planet Vegeta –

*Pant!* *Pant!* Uhhh… ugh…!

The concussion had, thankfully, begun to ease up... although my head still throbbed painfully.


W-What is… this? I-Impossible… can't... be… I groaned once more in pain.

How can this be?! Me, an almighty super saiyan, feeling something as trivial as this?! Impossible.

"Uhn...!" It seemed that a deep gash in my chest cavity had to say otherwise.

D-Dammit! That fool… how did he manage to do this? How?!

Cracking my eyes open by a fraction, the act proving to be a challenge for some odd reason, my gaze fell upon my outstretched right arm. What?

I was apparently lying face down; entire weight of my large body pressing down onto that very same 'wound' that was presently being the cause of my never-ending irritation. How… (Cough!) How did I end up in this pathetic state? Grrr…!

Panting out for air; left elbow digging into the earth below my heavy frame, I tried to heave my bulk up onto my knees… Ungh! W-Why am I so damaged?! Surely someone like him couldn't have-?

... soon finding it to be a futile attempt on my part.


Solid gravity tugging onto my girth, combined with my own weakened state caused me to crash back down into a sad heap, left cheek stuck onto the ground as I snarled in unbridled annoyance. I… I can't believe this! Damn him…!



Hearing the shuffling of feet onto my right, I strained my neck to catch a glimpse of the man who was undoubtedly responsible for my sense of humiliation.

K-Kakarot… you…

There he was, standing tall as a ferocious aura escaped his body's surface… its raw potency making me growl in irritation once more. If only I could… kuso!

Grinding my teeth together, I grunted in pain before gasping out in desperation; inhaled air finding it difficult to escape my lungs as well. N-No…

It couldn't be. This… This helpless state that I was in, it was unacceptable. I didn't want to feel like this… I simply did not want to feel weak! It brought back too many painful memories to the forefront of my enraged mind. "Grrr… Kakarot! I'll…"

The man in question turned fully towards my immobile form then, his hard gaze making me feel like an utter weakling in front of him. As if he was the one who passed final judgment and I was a measly culprit in front of his all-powerful presence.


He was… sighing? Did he… Did he consider me a joke?! How DARE he show me pity! I am the ultimate embodiment of power! I should be laughing at his dead corpse right about now! He should be the one lying beneath my feet! This shouldn't be happening!

"Haa… haa… damn!" My legs simply did not want to listen to my commands it seemed.

This was bad. I was nothing more than a defenseless target for my most hated adversary... it made me sick to my stomach how he simply stood there as I remained kissing the dirt beneath my chin. I shouldn't be crippled like this dammit!

I was slowly, but surely, beginning to despise my very existence right then.

"I'm sorry…"


A steady breeze blew across the destroyed battlefield that lay right behind the mighty saiyan warrior; silence that followed it being almost deafening for the injured psychopath... things were that quiet all of a sudden.

If he wasn't so emotionally scarred, both inside and out, he would have simply laughed his head off at the smaller man's audacity right then.

"W-What?!" What... did he just say?

Sighing dejectedly, Son Goku glanced at his defeated foe; eyes almost sorrowful as they floated over the giant man's pitiful state.

Bright red blood formed a small puddle underneath his stationary form, his legs unmoving and face scrunched up in unmistakable pain and hurt as he simply... lay there.

He didn't deserve this. But (Sigh)… I'm afraid I don't have a choice.

"I didn't want to do this…" he raised a single hand and directed it towards the prone monstrosity lying ahead of him, bright and sparkling energy taking form within the outstretched palm, "… but you have left me with no other option, Broly."

He couldn't believe it.

He… He was actually going to die.

Someone far weaker than him was going to commit the deed… right in front of his face.

The wounded saiyan's facial features tensed up immediately, eyes widening as he saw his end staring at him… dead in the face. N-No… I… cannot be…!


It was quite inconceivable indeed.

Broly, the mighty super saiyan of legend, was utterly afraid of his plight. His heart thundered in raw fear underneath his large frame… gaping wound being forgotten completely for the time being as his pupil-less eyes remained fixated upon the glowing palm of his enemy.

He could have been so much more. All that power and he only used it for his own selfish ambitions. I guess in the end... this is for the best.

The man sighed softly; regaining his focus in relation to the matter at hand once more, I cannot allow a being like him to exist... the whole universe could suffer heavily if I do.

Goku, in all honestly, did not really know exactly why he was harboring such sentiments towards the monstrous creature lying in front of him. Perhaps it was his kind nature.

Maybe he had sensed a glimmer of hope… somewhere, at some point during their gruesome fight.

"It's time to end this… for good," his mouth formed a thin line, eyes hard once again as the powerful ki blast hummed into life within his outstretched palm.



Shocked at the outburst, having believed that the man had swallowed too much of his own blood to even be able to form words by that point, the smaller saiyan raised an eyebrow in genuine interest. What now? I have to get back to the others or they'll surely die of exhaustion…


He was in a state of surprise and denial at that point… previous plea being repeated over and over in his head, like a recurring nightmare. Did I just… beg?

Consumed once more by righteous anger, the male coughed up a mouthful of his own life-stream whilst trying not to move too much any longer... his injury causing him constant pain and discomfort.

Shaking his head and speaking in a flat tone, Goku frowned at the unmoving saiyan; arm still in its prior position of attack, "What? What is it? Hurry up!"

Shutting his eyes, body trying to fight back the numbness caused by his wound, the defeated man nearly croaked out, "Don't… (Ugh!) Don't kill… me… K-Kakarot."

Staring unblinkingly at the face of the grunting warrior, mind in disbelief of what the latter had just stated, the saiyan from earth merely shook his head… frown not dissipating from his brow whatsoever.

"No. I… I cannot allow you to live. My son, my friends, the entire universe would be under constant danger if I did so." He adopted a mask of indifference then, stern gaze aimed at the gasping being lying ahead of him, "Sorry… but this is a risk that I simply cannot take Broly."


Great… this is how it ends then. I finally get to enjoy true freedom for once and… this happens.

A sinking feeling grew within his heaving chest, making age-old memories of his younger years flash across his mind.

Images of him as an infant were unclear and distorted, but he still remembered how an ice-cold blade had been driven through his fleshy abdomen then… by his race's own ruler nonetheless; as his father would later go on to explain to him in chilling detail.

I… I don't like this. Why doesn't he just kill me already and end my misery?! Does he plan on gloating over his victory before he finishes me off?

Thoughts that were negative and pessimistic in nature ran rampant across the, currently incapacitated, saiyan's fearful mind… his own end making him momentarily forget about the individual standing mere feet onto his right.


Why can't I do it?! Darn! If I let him live…

Goku eased his harsh gaze upon the large man for a brief moment, observing how his upper torso was nearly shivering. Due to what, he may probably never really know.

Is he… afraid?

He couldn't understand it. He honestly couldn't.

If death scares them so much, why do they insist upon following this doomed path? Don't they realize that treating all other living creatures as mere playthings; causing death and destruction all around, will only end with them lying face-down? In the dirt?

The hero sighed deeply, mind confused as to how he should go about handling the present situation. It was the same with thing with Vegeta; even Frieza was on death's door on Namek. Now... it's his turn.

Lowering his arm down to his side, gathered ki fizzing out into nothingness, Goku gazed up at the dark, starry sky above him… all the while wondering as to what his decision should be; heart, for some reason, unwilling to let his fellow saiyan's blood stain his hands. What should I do? Can… Can someone like him even be trusted?


Wondering what was taking his kinsman so long to finish the task, Broly craned his face towards the former… sour grimace telling the whole story of his intense state of pain to one and all.

What's he (Cough!)… doing?

Making up his mind at last, Goku adorned a determined expression upon his face; focusing ki back into his right palm before firing it straight towards the paralyzed giant. Just this once… only enough so that he doesn't try anything funny.

"YAAAA!" Hope I don't regret this…

A bright yellow flash of pure energy shot out from his palm, enveloping the incapacitated man's body completely; latter's face been scrunched up as he believed his end to have finally arrived.

About time… wait, WHAT?

Whipping his head towards the smaller saiyan, face a reflection of his innate disbelief... as the former's 'foolish' act caught him completely off-guard, Broly chose then to keep his surprise to himself.

Atleast for the time being. Why are you doing this… Kakarot?

"..." Almost... there...

The pure-hearted warrior kept on pumping raw energy into his adversary... feeling his knees tremble as his prior injuries began to catch upto him in the process, face darkening slightly due to the latter, "U-Ugh… darn, I ended up using too much after all huh? Heh… Hehe…"

Eyes rolling to the back of his head, earth's greatest hero felt his knees finally buckle, dark blue soil being the last thing his vision got to see before his entire frame collapsed upon the ground… face down.

Broly remained frozen for a few solid minutes before snapping out of his hesitancy.

Why? Why didn't he… kill me? the rejuvenated saiyan wondered, shaky hands pushing his weight upwards as he got to his feet, deep sigh escaping his lips as a few drops of blood dripped past his chin.

He eventually stood up straight, tall and imposing frame making him seem like a harbinger of true destruction, possibly akin to a physical 'embodiment' of the latter. Oh, and his, once lethal, injury did not seem to be troubling him as much as before as well... courtesy of his powerful race's genes.

Raising both of his large hands towards his face, the confused man clenched them one at a time, glancing from one to the other as realization slowly dawned upon him. My power… he…

His gaze fell upon the fighter lying unconscious before him, arm nearly reaching out towards the latter as an involuntary response… before being halted midway. Hm. He's out cold alright...

Looking to his left and then his right, Broly sighed deeply; voice at the back of his mind telling him to dispose of the threat to his life right then… without any hesitation.

"...!" Eh? They're still alive?

Frowning as the weak ki signals of the remaining warriors registered themselves into his mind, the tall man grunted in slight annoyance, Heh, bunch of weaklings.

Clenching his right fist, light green ball of energy forming into it as he did so, he aimed the latter towards the very same man who had spared his life…

... intending to finally rid himself of the one who had caused him so much pain throughout the entirety of his existence.


Grrr… curse you Kakarot. What did you do to me you soft-hearted fool?

Bright green ki humming into life in the palm of his chosen hand, intense compression of destructive power occurring as its owner frowned in disinterest, Broly nearly growled his confusion out loud, Damn! They should all be dead by now! What the fuck is wrong with me?!

Feeling the attack dissipate steadily due to his slackening concentration in maintaining it, the man snarled softly before hurling it effortlessly across the huge alley that lay defenseless below him.


Tch! Good thing that those little cretins escaped early… don't really want another headache to pile up.


The gigantic cloud of smoke expanded across the entire perimeter of the targeted area... dirt, rocks and debris flying up into the air before being vaporized in the aftermath of the explosion; mushroom-shaped cloud standing out against a fairly decimated background.

(Sigh!) This is going to prove difficult but… his, once merciless, eyes landed upon the man onto his left… fists remaining steady at his sides as he scowled at the sight... I guess I owe this... 'idiot' something of a favor now.

Running his fingers across the deep gash on his abdomen for a brief moment, he winced slightly… inwardly fuming all the while. Besides, I gotta pay him back for this too… later on.

Shaking his head one final time, Broly mentally swore before scooping up the prone warrior into his huge arms, easily hoisting the latter onto his wide shoulder.

Now, for the rest of the idiots. Tch, I'm going to regret this foolishness in the future, I can just feel it.

Blasting off towards the strongest of the flickering energy signals, the gigantic warrior raised an eyebrow in amusement before landing beside his intended target; lips still remaining in an eternal scowl; murderous grin being a thing of the distant past at that point.

Great, him too huh?

He was staring blankly at the beaten and battered 'Prince of all Saiyans'… the latter's armor sporting several dents and cracks, as if it was made out of dried clay.

He'd better not whine too much… now, how many of them were there?

Scanning the surrounding area, the impatient saiyan soon discovered the faint ki signatures of the other three fighters… one of them feeling especially intriguing to the former.

Eh? Kakarot's… son? Why does he still have so much energy left?

Placing the flame-haired man over his other shoulder, the burly saiyan flew over to the remaining three individuals… gaze haughty as he analyzed each and every one of them, almost scrutinizing them for some reason.

Heh, they sure took a hard beating… good thing I wasn't being serious or… His eyes fell upon the son of his biggest enemy, jaw clenched slightly as his brow furrowed.

Hmph! What am I getting so worried for? He's just a snot-nosed brat.

Shaking his head free of all thought, Broly merely got back to his task… trying to ignore the unstable energy fluctuations originating from the child. But I gotta admit, he's probably even stronger than his old man. By a fair amount too.

Finishing up with his task, the namekian and purple-haired youth also tucked underneath both of his strong arms, the stone-faced man blasted off in search of a spare space pod…

… hopefully one that hadn't been completely obliterated by him previously... like his father's huge star cruiser.

There's got to atleast be a few still in working order, his eyes flickered from left to right, mind getting impatient as he growled, Now where is that accursed compound?!

It was no big surprise that his patience had begun to wear thin by then… what with him not quite being used to carrying 4 saiyans and a namek around for lengthy periods of time.


Ah! There we are...

Inside the hidden compound (that had been strategically located a few miles away from the original 'mother ship'; sole purpose being to come of use during an emergency evacuation), Broly finally landed with his cargo; sharp gaze glaring at the remaining number of 'Attack Balls' on offer.

1… 4… 6, alright they'll have to do.

A few short minutes later -

Having strapped all of the unconscious warriors into their respective pods, the mentally exhausted saiyan sighed deeply… his physical form shrinking down to its original size as his power dropped dramatically... pupils returning as his hair turned raven once more.

That should do it, couldn't have fit into the damn thing otherwise. Now then…

Eyeing the other four pods carefully, he cricked his neck with a relieved grunt, getting into his own dusty one before strapping himself in.

Buttons…more buttons… there! Coordinates set to… what was their blasted planet's name?

Digging into the recesses of his psyche, Broly snapped his eyes open as he recalled the strange name of his enemy's home world.

Hmm… how would you spell it now… his fingers furiously typed the word E-A-R-T-H into the tiny keyboard near to his knee, before clicking onto the 'Launch' button soon after.

He rapidly selected a similar setting for the remaining five space vehicles as well, sighing as the computer successfully began to feed the data into its complex database… carrying forward the command without argument as its system prepared the necessary procedures needed for lift-off.

"..." (Sigh) Finally… Kakarot's measly ki wouldn't have kept me awake for very long anyway…

Hearing the door to the pod steadily close, it was the last thing the drowsy man heard before darkness enveloped his mind completely…

… a welcome bout of sleep overtaking his senses as he rested his head against the reasonably comfortable seat's head-rest, frown surprisingly yet to disappear from his brow.

Better get some shut eye… I get a feeling that I'll need it.

The sounds of six space pods, blasting off the surface of the desolate planet, could've been heard loud and clear all the way past the uninhabited world's atmosphere…

… the occupants within each of the former remaining in a state of suspended animation throughout; their modes of inter-space travel carrying them across nameless galaxies and star systems towards the chosen destination.

The sole difference in this scenario being…

… that this time they had an unexpected 'guest' accompanying them, all the way back to their home planet. Earth.

Whether this turn of events would bring forth sheer doom… or prove to be a game-changer for a certain 'major event', one that was about to occur sometime soon in the near future, remained to be seen.

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