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I sat leaned against cushions of expensive satin, hexing the hell out of a stuffed animal, out of sheer boredom. Well partly out of boredom, the other part being that this was the very stuffed bear that my ex boyfriend graced me with right before he cheated on me. That loser. We were together since third year, and he let it all go at the ending of sixth year which was a few weeks ago. However I'm not to worried about it, at least now I can spend my last year at Hogwarts fresh and new.

"Crucio!" I hissed, deciding on taking a shot at an unforgivable.

It was harmless to use against a doll anyways, wasn't it? Plus I turned of age last week, thank you very much. As soon as my curse hit the doll it withered furiously then at once bursted- cotton flying all over the carpet. Damn it, Narcissa would surely kill me had she been here to see the mess I made. No worries though a house elf shall take care of it. I wasn't too surprised however at the effect the curse took, from studying unforgivables I know they work best when you really mean them. I guess my furry at Michael took its toll on the poor bear.

With a huff I threw myself carelessly upon the luxury bed, the sun now fading outside the great windows of the east wing of the Malfoy Manor. Oh how I loved this place when I was younger, now however the only peace I get is when I lock myself up in here to avoid the berating questions my dearest older cousins constantly fuss to me. 'Anyone special then, Roxanna?" Narcissa would say, 'because I know this suitable young man, pureblood with a wealthy family background.' she would urge.

When I would merely roll my eyes in response she would scowl me. Then to keep in her good books I would flutter my eyelashes innocently and reply, 'I'd love to meet him, thank you.' Blah. But my sly slytherin persona working to my benefit. She wasn't to happy when discovering of my breakup with Michael, he was the 'perfect match' according to Lucius who worked with Michael's father at the ministry. But truth be told I knew exactly what I wanted- and it had nothing to do with marrying a suitable match as soon I graduate.

No. I was career motivated, I didn't want to be the perfect pureblood housewife. Don't get me wrong I'm a very proud person. I do after all descend from the Noble House of Black, my grandmother was Cygnus' sister, Lorena Black. She married into another pureblood family- Blake. Yes the huge difference shocks me to. Ah sarcasm. Either way her son, Adamus Blake was my father. Unfortunately he passed on when I was still small, leaving my mother to raise me. But my mother works at the ministry as an unspeakable, so I rarely see her. Which leaves me, Roxanna Blake to take care of myself most of the time.

However a few years ago, Narcissa believed that my antisocial qualities were due to spending to much time alone at my family's manor- so she started inviting me here during the summers. Quite frankly at the time I thought she just wanted me to babysit Draco, but now I know she really did care.

Tapping at the windowpane snaps me out of my thoughts. "Who the bloody hell.." I murmur, till I realized there was an owl fluttering about outside. I then grin a bit, this must be from Lilian, the best friend a girl like me could have. To my daring, sarcastic, rude persona- Lilian is cautious, caring, and trustworthy- but still fun. How she was sorted into slytherin is beyond me, though I have seen her cunning side at work before.

Stretching a bit I rose and raised my dragon-heartstring wand giving it a wave, and at once the window opened and in flew the medium sized snowy white owl. The eyes on this bird were huge and light blue much like it's owners. I wait a little impatiently as it lands and settles itself on an empty pedestal made for a statue. Eagerly I take the small scroll attached to the owls leg. I then absentmindedly reach into a pouch of almonds and pull out a few to hand to the bird. Only this is one of the most high maintenence owls I know, and it simply stares disdainfully at the three almonds waiting for me to add more. Selfish owl.

"If Lilian didn't care for you so much I would hex you." I muttered now offering the owl a hand full.

Once that was taken care of and the damed bird was gone I unrolled the parchment and began to read:


Summer has been amazing! Lucas purposed! The wedding is the summer after graduation. I'm so excited, as are mother and father. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I didn't want to be inconsiderate what with the whole Michael situation. But rest assured we'll find you someone this year. So how are you holding up? I hope your fine, the whole thing of your cousin escaping from Azkaban. Sirius Black is all I've heard about in the Daily Prophet. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about though, still stay careful! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! See you in three weeks.

I smiled at the last request, because Lilian knows very well I do exactly the things she would never even dream of doing. Merlin I could only imagine what she would say if she knew I was practicing unforgivable curses. So far the only one I told, mind you out of desperation for someone with experience to practice with, is Lucius. But oh my Rowling, the man seems to know more about conditioner than cruciatus curse. But sadly what choice do I have? I want be a professor- something I've yet to admit to anyone except Lilian- specifically a defense against the dark arts professor. Therefore I need as much experience as I could get.

I folded the letter and walked up to the window. The night sky glistened around the full moon. A mesmerizing display. I thought about the year to come after these three weeks. My last year at Hogwarts. Well my last year as a student at least. There was a tap at the door,

"Enter." I call out.

The door swings open to reveal Narcissa, she comes in with a small smile. I return the smile and take a moment to consider our similarities. While I share her straight posture and superior demeanor, I contrast to her lightness. In that I believe- from pictures and blurry memories, that I take after cousin Bellatrix's darkness, matching her dark hair and eyes.

"I'm taking Draco to Diagon Ally tomorrow, care to join us?" she asked taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

"Ah, yes thank you I need to make a visit to Gringotts." I replied thankful she hadn't come in to tell me about another of the bachelors.

"Right then we leave tomorrow at 10 a.m." she informs me.

"Okay I'll be ready." I reply. Short it may be this is the most decent conversation we've had since I arrived this summer because she hasn't mentioned Michael. Thank goodness, I think she may be over it!

"And Roxanna its your last year after all, do give Michael another try." she said. Damn it lady, seriously! You almost got through this without me wanting to hex you.

"I'll do my best." I replied slightly coldly.

She sighed and nodded knowing it was the best she could hope for. She knew very well how I felt about Michael these days. Then something else caught her attention. A sneer etching her features. Damn it! I know what she had noticed, all the cotton splattered about the room and the disembodied bear.

"What happened here?" she questioned.

"Well... Michael gave me that bear, you see." I began trying to sound nonchalant, as if my actions were not childish.

"So naturally you hex it into oblivion?" she asked slightly amused, which surprises me a bit, surely she would scowled me? "So much like Bella, and, mind, she got a lot of her tactics from your father." she said with a small smile.

"Really?" I ask with a small smile myself. No one ever really talks to me about my father.

"Where do you think you get it from?" she teases, "Anyway I'll have a house elf up here to take care of this. Get some rest." she says as she heads to the door.

As soon as she leaves there's a loud crack and a house elf appears in the center of the room.

'Evening missus.' the elf greets and begins to clear up the mess.

Two hours later I lay in bed in the darkness of the room, starring out at the illuminating moon, as I drift off to sleep.

The next morning my eyes flickered open as the garish light of day penetrated in. With a yawn, I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. After a shower, I stepped back into my room only to find an outfit already laid out for me.

"What is this then?" I questioned the house elf now laying a pair of stilettos by as well.

"Mistress request milly to lay out 'dis for yous missus." the elf replied in its mattered grammar.

I stood there, a bit outraged. Surely I was capable of dressing myself, wasn't I? As if one cue Narcissa entered the room.

"Ah, I see you've found my little surprise. But heavens why arn't you ready yet, you'll miss breakfast." she spoke as if nothing was quiet wrong here.

"What's this?" I cried out, she seemed to be taken aback, "It's absurd that you'd risk freeing a house elf so that it could dress me? Is my sense of fashion that bad?" I ask in confusion and slight annoyance.

"Don't be silly girl." Narcissa laughed a bit, well I do suppose it was a ridiculous thought because I do dress rather well, "I picked out your outfit for today, yes you dress yourself fine but it tends to be a bit..well..promiscuous."

Wait, what? Promiscuous. Promiscuous? It most certainly does not! Well yes maybe a bit, but Narcissa is the last person who should be judging I've seen pictures from her senior year! However before I was able to retort with anything she continued,

"You need to be dressed appropriately should we run into a possible suitor today." she smiled.

Oh hell, had this whole thing been a set up? "Are you setting me up on some sort of blind date?" I asked quickly.

"Of course not, I would of told you so." she remarked.

Sighing I walked up to the bed where my outfit lay beneath a clothing cover, I felt slightly less brave about seeing what lay under- wondering what Narcissa would find 'appropriate'. It better not be something like what the women in the portraits throughout the manor wore. The thought made me cringe slightly.

I braced myself for whatever I was about to find, and pulled the clothing cover up at once. However what I found beneath is definitely not what I expected. A black gown, elegant and attractive, yet still casual. I picked it up gently, raising an eyebrow as I did so, because for someone who just ridiculed me about being promiscuous a few moments ago, her pick was not so modest. I leaned it against myself, it would slightly pass my knees in lengths and had a rather plunging neckline. When I turned it was to see her with a smirk,

"Seems appropriate for the task, doesn't it?" she said.

Uh, hell yes, I'm going to look hot! "It should work." I reply against myself, sure I didn't want to go out looking for a man to marry but attention was something I never minded, and this would certainly get me attention.

With that she left and I dressed. With the wave of my wand I performed a drying charm on my hair and it fell in place, straight long strands of ebony. I looked at myself in the mirror, now I'm not one to be conceited, but yes I just know the world wants me. Now on to more serious matters- I retrieved my traveling cloak and headed down to breakfast.

I glided down gracefully, well as gracefully as I could in stilettos, down the staircase. I may have stumbled twice, but I'll keep that to myself, thank you. I walked into the dining room to find the three Malfoy family members, seated at the table along with- to my horror- Professor Snape. I wasn't too shocked, Lucius must of invited him, it wouldn't be the first time.

As I made my way to my seat the others looked up to acknowledge my presence, "Draco, Lucius" I greet with a nod to the left of the table, then to the right I pause, "Severus." I greet with a nod as well, knowing he hates when I address him by his name rather than professor when he visits.

Serves him right, what kind of head of house gives there own house student detention for generously giving him a shampoo gift basket for Easter? "Gifts are not even exchanged on Easter, Ms. Blake." he said during the incident.

"Well all the more reason to be thankful."

I replied and ended up with two weeks detention.

He narrowed his eyes and returned a curt nod. I want to laugh out loud but contain it. Maybe I should try to make amends since pretty soon I may very well be his coworker. Hmm, no I think not. I can continue to torment him then to, in honor of cousin Bellatrix- I hear she doesn't really fancy him either. I may even be able to take his place as head of slytherin house, I smile at the thought.

Draco sends me a quizzical look. Well I suppose I may look strange just randomly smiling out of nowhere. I mouth 'shampoo basket' and instantly his smile grows to. He knows what I mean.

By the time Narcissa says we better get going, my plate is still full. When dining on peacock I know I won't swallow. Draco seems to have the same reactions for his plate his hardly touched as well. As we get up to leave I overhear Lucius inform Narcissa that he and Professor Snape have business to attend to while we journey to Diagon Alley.

I decide to adjust my outfit one last time before we leave and I quickly slip off my traveling cloak. Here I am happily pining my diamond pendant- which my father gave me- to my dress, only to feel accomplished at doing so and to look up and see the room eyeing my dress. Narcissa smirks. And everyone hastily switches their gaze else were. Nice so I do look good. I knew the world wanted me. Ah, true it may be, I have a hard time believing it.

We arrived in Diagon Ally at around the time projected. It was as usual, small, full and crowded. However as we walked, Narcissa ahead of me and Draco, people moved out our way allowing us easy passage. Being part of a wealthy, well respected family did have its perks.

Gringotts went as usual, I visited my vault and came out loaded with galleons. While in there I noticed my mother had apparently visited, for there were many new golden objects lined against the walls of our ancient vault. However there was specific instructions for me not to touch any of said objects. "Well. Not that I want to anyways." I muttered slightly offended when I read her warning.

I had also managed to produce, from my wand, the peacock meal I left untouched to toss to the dragon that was chained down their protecting our riches. I felt for the creature. I really liked dragons, with they're reptilian and serpent features. Besides the goblin giving me a look, which I returned in challenge, it seemed to be okay.

"I just need some quills, I'll get them while you take Draco for his robes." I told my cousin to which she nodded letting me know to meet her after so Draco and I could get new brooms.

As I made my way to the small shop I tried my best to ignore the posters with Sirius Black on them, and instead tried to focus on the fact that this dress was really working for me. By the way guys kept glancing at me. Score. I'm sure my naturally cruel attractive features added to the charm I was displaying, however no one but the people closest to me, Lilian for example, knew of the weirdo I could be. Did I say weirdo? I meant awesome, how awesome I could be. There.

I entered the crowded shop and began browsing for the items I needed. After many 'ooh this ones soft. I'll take it!' and 'Ah this ones the color of blood, I must have it.' and 'Fuck it, it's expensive it must work excellent, I'm buying it.' I finally decided I had what I needed and turned ready to go pay.

But as I turned I collided with something- or rather someone, sending all my precious quills tumbling to the ground. Bloody hell after all the time I put into picking them! Do people not watch were they're going, do they not know who I am?! This would of never happened to Narcissa..

"I'm terribly sorry. Here allow me to help you." came the gentle voice of a man. Yeah better help me after you nearly killed me, okay maybe thats a bit exaggerated but still!

I finally lift my head to see who this disaster was, and instantly my anger melts away when my mean dark eyes meet his blue ones and their full of concern. His hair is a light brown, his robs appear a bit shabby, he looks tired, and undoubtedly older but he has noticeable scars. Wow. Those scars, they cater to my strange attraction. Damn, I must be staring hastily I draw myself up and avert my gaze,

"It's fine honestly, my fault." I say dismissively. Those words feel so foreign coming out of my mouth, I never take the blame.

Much to my content I notice him take a glance at my dress before he picks up the quills and hands them to me. Our fingers slightly brush and my heart suddenly starts to pick up in beats. I meet his eyes again, "Thank you." I manage to say and he simply nods.

"Remus find everything alright then?" the voice of the shop owner flowed over.

"Quiet fine." he called back.

"Well Remus, I'll be off then." I dared to use his name, plus he really was blocking my way to the checkout counter.

"Of course, excuse me." he said, moving to allow me to get through.

A huge part of me wanted to go back and speak to him again. Yet the proud part of me, decided that that was really just stupid. What was I going to do go back there and say 'Hello Remus, I know we've only just met when you almost killed me over there, but regardless of your obvious older age I find your scars incredibly sexy, mind if I have a touch?' Well then again maybe I could do just that..No. No I can't. Blah, thoughts be gone.

Before I left however I saw him wishfully gazing at a rather expensive journal. He didn't purchase it. Therefore when I once again met Narciassa and Draco to get our brooms, I made a second stop at the shop to get the journal before returning home. I had an urge to get it and couldn't help it. Ridiculous it may sound, I told myself I would give it to him should I ever see him again. Maybe it was wistful thinking but part of me felt that I would indeed run into him in the future.

So what did you think, worth continuing? Or am I not cut out for fanfiction? lol