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Summary: If there is one place to learn about contracts it is hell and Deathstroke was never one to ignore a good opportunity. AU starts during the Renegade arc and plays a bit with the idea what the Batfamily does if Dick stops being the moral support for them. Hopefully canon

-next chapter will be Dick refusing to take up the cowl and Jason realises he isn't ready for the job.

-feel free to give me plots for this concept^^

Slade knows that Dick won't stay. The younger male's decision to become his apprentice again had been born out of desperation and the heroes need for an inside man. Once he recovers and has all the information he wants the boy will be gone and his daughter will follow like the smitten teenage female she is. Honestly he can't blame either of them, no matter how easy it would be to hurt them in a blind rage. They lack the motivation for his lifestyle, Dick is still disgusted by the idea of murder and Rose should start to think for herself, his girl already lost one eye. He might not be the father of the year, but even he can see that she needs some help.

Yet he isn't one to surrender without a fight either, it just isn't his nature and luckily he just knows what to do. His time in hell was a very educational experience binding contracts are a very popular topic down there.

But you can't get everything, emotions like love are out of their reach and trying to copy those feeling with lust and obsession lead usually to disaster. He figured that the human mind is to complex, rewriting one part influences others and all you get is one big mess, proving the old saying, be careful what you wish for, to be true. He can't force the boy to love him and share his ideals, it would be too much for his already weak grasp on sanity, leaving a broken a shell of the young male he started to admire and love, no, the change needs to start small developing in Dick's mind like a flower.

The epiphany comes as he watches Dick defend one of the Bats decision before Rose, making him furious at first, everything he offers still won't ever be enough to destroy the connection between Wayne and Dick, will it? However he clams enough to plan, if Dick wants to play hero fine, as long as he keeps training, he can use his skill however he wants, but being second is his heart? That is something he won't stand for. Hasn't Wane proven again and again to be undeserving of his love and loyalty? Yet, his boy is still loyal to the man, like a dog to his owner. And that's the answer isn't is? Remove Dick's loyalty and the boy will be within his grasp as the Batfamily crumbles.

So they fight with their prefered weapon, Dick with his ecrisma sticks and he with his sword. By the end there is a small trail of blood on his sword and he allows Dick to shower. The red liquid works as signature giving him the right to decide over the defeated opponents fate. He waits for Dick outside the shower, pulling him close as he comes outside,"nice fight kid" is all he gets as he crashes their lips together so their souls entangle, sealing their contract for eternity.