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Summary: If there is one place to learn about contracts it is hell and Deathstroke was never one to ignore a good opportunity. AU starts during the Renegade arc and plays a bit with the idea what the Batfamily does if Dick stops being the moral support for them. Hopefully canon

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- I considered giving Rose a minor role, a way to show how Dick acts as caring parent/big brother good idea? Rose will be no Mary Sue, she will be more like a spoiled brat^^

Jason was curious, rumour had it that the golden boy was back to protect Buldhaven and he wanted to see if they were true and maybe mess with the brat. None of the heroes had really mourned his dead, they all considered their ideals more important than his life. It was his right to hurt them and Dick was always such an easy target. Yet a small part of him was still grateful for his persistance, but no need to show it, it wasn't like his big brother would ever give up on him, it just wasn't in his nature...

Finally he found the older male," hey Goldi" he greeted him with mock happiness, but Dick remained silent. Feeling a little disoriented by the lack of response he tried again, "What no answer, let me guess Daddy Bats told you to shut up and you are waiting for him to give you permission to speak again." This got him an answer, Dick moved with a speed he could never match and the next thing he knew was that the world faded into blackness.

Dick regarded the other man with open distaste.

In the past there had been understanding and pity.
Heroes were always balancing on the edge, especially the children to stuck in their world of black and white, not knowing how to handle the shades of grey. Hadn't his first real encounter with a man to question his morals driven him near the breaking point? So no he never hated Jason for falling from grace or even his failure to find the right path again. He had wanted to save the boy, even if he only got insults in return. Bruce considered him family so there had to be something worth saving, no?

Now there was only disregard.
He had offered the younger male enough chances hadn't he? To be honest he was sick and tired of being insulted for his efforts by the boy who had been given everything on a silver platter, his costume his place as son, everything he had built had been given to Jason. The bitter taste of betrayal by Bruce, by Jason by every damn hero that acted as if his replacement deserved the respect he had tried so hard to gain was making him furious. So if the brat wanted to be a psychopathic murderer fine, he wouldn't waste his time with someone who didn't wanted to be saved.

He ignored the insults and swiftly knocked him out, using the moves he had perfected to avoid killing harmless civilians during his time as Renegade, and carried the limp body to the nearest police station, treating Jason like any other criminal.

Jason awoke with a pounding headache, a quick check and he realised he was without his weapons in a cell. He didn't understand what just happened, why hadn't Dick tried to change his morals? Or at least given him a self-righteous lecture? Or just chatted like the every happy idiot he was? There was something utterly wrong going on, he tried to occupy his mind with theories to ignore the part in him that wanted to cry and beg because his older brother hadn't tried to help him, as if he wasn't worth the effort anymore...