It's Over

It's Over (1)

"So how is the great Eddie Duran doing after his tough break up with allegedly drama queen, Chloe Carter?"

I sighed and stared straight behind Donava Liks, one of Hollywood's top-notch interviewers. The plain gray podium that stood behind her was more interesting than this topic. When can I get out of here? I averted my eyes back to her and our eyes locked. Her blue-green eyes filled with a slight devilish glint. My pupils dilated and down casted in frustration. She waited patiently while I let that annoying question linger for a few more moments. It has been put on replay for every interview I have gone to. I looked up at Donava Liks and narrowed my eyes at her; Her gazed dared me to make the wrong move. Hollywood Heights is filled with snakes like her. Or even worse.

"Donava ,that happened four months ago."

"Yes exactly. But is that enough time to move on. After all you were both engaged and deeply in love."

I chuckled bitterly. Love. What the hell is that? I thought I knew what love was, but to my wonderful surprise it turned out blinding and made me an idiot for actually believing in it. Love… what happened to it. I smiled mockingly.

"Do you see me crying over her? Do you see me locked up, vicious into drinking, looking like the dead living or crying over a girl? I am perfectly fine."

Though some may disagree, I am telling the truth. Four months was enough for me to forget about her and move on from my pathetic sorrow. Donava looked at me for a mere second before her red lips twitched upward. I internally cursed. Here we go again.

"So you are saying you never loved Chloe? That you never reserved a place in your heart just for her?"

"As cliché as that sounds, don't put words into my mouth. I never said that and if you paid close attention to our relationship prior to all that happened. You would know I loved Chloe. But trust was lost and it's impossible to reciprocate it. Time passed, and I found out that I'm better without her. Therefore, we are where we are now and there's no going back."

"Took you long enough to admit this."

I smiled humorlessly and shook my head. When is this thing done? I leaned back on the couch and looked over at Jake. He was busy flirting with his assistant manager, Kelly. I assumed since she was blushing from head to toe and he was smiling triumphantly. Donava cleared her throat, capturing my attention once again. I raised an eyebrow and waited for her to shoot me with her questions.

"But it's been four months since you have seen her. Don't you want to know how she is doing? Don't you care about her?"

"No." I dead-panned. She flinched at my direct answer and a deep shade of red appearedd on her face. I smirked and she regained her composure. She smiled forcibly and my smirked widened. "But aren't you the least curious. I mean, after your break up she was a mess and very much devastated. What happened to all that compassion you held for her?"

"What about it? Why should I care about her when she didn't in the least care about me? I was just a stepping stone for her to get to the top. She's no different than anyone else in Hollywood. Lying gold diggers who are only interested to get into your pants, fame and most of all: money."

"You're not as reserved like the other interviews you have done. Your responses were just one line. Why the sudden change of heart?"

I sighed and sat up straight on the couch. I remembered now that I am in my apartment and I can't wait for these people to get out of here. But I'll keep that plain podium. Its simplicity is admiring and I want it. What is wrong with me? I'm attracted to a podium because of its' simple and it won't hurt a fly.

"Because… There's no need to keep it all inside me. The past is the past and I've moved on. Anyways, my fans were worried about me and I want to assure them that I'm okay."

She nodded and grinned at me. I shivered at her sudden friendliness. Bunch of fakes.

"Well Eddie it was definitely a pleasure interviewing you and my gratitudes to you for giving me this opportunity. Anything you would like to add?"

I shook my head. I just want this to be over. She sighed disappointedly. What else did you expect?

"This is Donava Liks with Eddie Duran. Stay tune 'till next time folks."

The cameras went off and I sighed. About time. I got up from the couch and said my good byes to Donava. I walked upstairs and waited for them to leave my property. It's enough they invaded it for two hours. I lay back on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. I grabbed the rubber ball and threw it to the sky continuously.

What now?

Life is boring. There's nothing to do. Just work. That's what has kept my mind of things and me occupied. But music is the best part of all of this. It's what keeps me alive.


I snapped my head up to Jake and caught the ball. I sat up. "Did she and her posy leave yet?"

"Yeah man. See it wasn't that bad. I'm actually proud of you. That was brave of you man. Standing up to all those rumors of you still grieving over Chloe when in reality you stopped two weeks ago."

I twitched and glared at him. Well it was the truth. It took me four shots of tequila and a bucket of cold water, courtesy from Pops, to snap me back into reality. I sighed and laid back on the bed.

"Anything else I should know about?"

"No. You're pretty much off the hook this whole week."

"Really?" I stared at him in bewilderness. He was never the one to keep me off from work, not even a second. He shrugged and laughed nervously.

"You've been working your ass these past few months. It's exhausting and I need my best client to be happy and pleased. So I figured you should rest this whole week. It's only Tuesday so use your time wisely."

I smirked. "Thanks man. I appreciate that."

"Alright Eduardo. I'll come visit sometime this week. I need to supervise you."

He left without another word. I stared up and clutched the ball next to my chest. I closed my eyes and listened to my breathing only. All my muscles relaxed and the only thing I felt was the soft material underneath. The slow, controlled intakes of air relaxed me. This is what I have been doing on a daily basis. I'm accustomed to it and it's a habit that I must keep, if not then I'll lose all my patience and rationality. I'll go insane. But wait I was already crazy for ever being with Chloe. Only a blind fool would be stupid enough.

After a few minutes, I stood up and decided to go out. My life right now is uneventful. Every day is the same routine. Before I headed out, the podium caught my attention. I walked over it and sat on the matching gray stool. I tapped on the wooden board beneath the metal bars. Simple and innocent but it's dull. The wood needs to be polished. What the hell is wrong with me? I grabbed my keys and left the apartment.

I need to change my life around. Fast.

I've deleted all the memories I've had with her. And whenever I think of her, she's a distant, blurred and foreign image. Mention her and I wouldn't flinch, wouldn't even blink. Her name just doesn't affect me anymore. She can't hurt me anymore. She's nothing to me.

She caused this and now I'm playing the game. But slightly different. Because I'm not going to get revenge. That's not me. Instead, I'll just flat out say it.

It's over.

Chloe and I are never getting back together. There's no if's or buts, that just the truth. She cheated, used and manipulated me. Like I said, there's no turning back now. I've moved on and admitted that I was foolish for falling into her vindictive wrath.

No longer hurting.

Time healed me. And now I feel better than before. This is a new start. To start over but this time I am more aware of what's going around me. More aware of who to trust and who wouldn't come out and stab in the back.

I drove to Home Depot and once there I put on my "disguise" which consists of sunglasses, hoodie and a hat. Not suspicious at all. No. I walked towards the entrance, a couple of people noticed me but let me be. I made my way to the lumber section and rapidly searched for a good polisher. This sucks. Which one is the best one? I want my podium to look nice and shiny. The hell am I saying. I shake it off and look over the brands off the polishers. Damn. So many. I stepped away from the stalls and looked at the massive shelves of machines. I started walking forward but kept my gaze fixated on the shelves. My head instantly snapped to what was in front of me when I felt someone smaller than me bump into my body. I swiftly averted my gaze at the petite woman in front of me.


She rubbed her forehead and I stared at her. She had light brown hair, was wearing a floral dress which complimented her figure. But I wanted to see her face. And once her hands were back to her sides, I drowned in a pool of light brown. Her eyes were sparkling and lively. She smiled at me nervously and I couldn't help but keep admiring her. Not staring. That would be creepy.


She grew uncomfortable and she avoided my gaze. I regained my composure and scratched the back of my head. "Sorry I wasn't paying attention…"

"It's totally my fault. I wasn't looking where I was walking."

She smile and I had to smile back. It's something about her. She's beautiful, that I can give, but it's something else. Something out of the ordinary. Unique. I hanged on to her lingering smile and that small blush that appeared on her face. She bit her lower lip and clutched her dress.

"So…" She turned to the shelves and I did the same. But my gaze was still on her. Observing her closely. From her pink sandals, her small white bag and the light adding dimensions to her hair. An angel is standing beside me. I'm a creep. I forced my head to look at the shelves in front of me stacked with all of the different kinds of polishers in the world.

"Can't choose one?"

"No." I sighed dejectedly. She let out a soft laugh. I looked at her from the corner of my eyes and I noticed how her eyes sparkled and her cheeks turned into a pale red. I smiled and she turned to look at me. Her eyes hyptonized me again.

"Get Ultimate. It's durable and works great."

"No problem."

She nodded and began to walk away. Without thinking I called her. "Wait!"

Turning around, she raised her eyebrows waiting for what I had to say. Shoot. What now? I laughed nervously. "It was nice talking to you…" Well that sucked. She nodded and smiled sweetly. "Yeah. It's not every day I bump into Eddie Duran." I was left dumbfounded when she winked at me and turned around. I processed what just happened. Okay she knew I was me. I watched her go. And I stood there looking at her back deliberating whether to go and stall her. Make a fool out of myself and see what happens afterwards. My mind and heart were together in this one.

Talk to her.

I began walking towards her. She had quick feet. I was a few feet away from her when I stopped dead in my tracks. Some blonde guy walked alongside her. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and took her away. I nodded.

She's taken.

Oh well there goes a perfectly good chance. I watch her a few more beats before fully turning back around. I stopped on the Ultimate polisher, grabbed a box and walked towards the cashier. Today was totally successful.

I was in my car turning on the ignition when I heard that familiar laugh. I looked up and there goes the walking beauty. She looks even better when the sun hits her. I stared at her and the guy who pulled her away from me. He was saying something and due from her laughs it was hysterical. I bet I could make her laugh like that, she would be bawling on the floor of how funny I am. Damn. I have issues.

I don't even know her name.

I was in reverse, but I didn't missed when she turned around to look at me. Our gazes interlocked and she smiled sweetly at me. I grinned back and drove away.

Two days later, I was sitting on the piano getting some writing down. I played with the keys and saw where my mind took me. I closed my eyes and I felt my fingers dance on the keys making horrid noises. I flinched when I hit a rough note. I sighed again, inhaling and exhaling I closed my eyes and concentrated on my rumbling thoughts.

Mom, I miss you.

Pops you were right about everything.

Chloe who?

The girl with the hypnotizing eyes…

I snapped them back open and rubbed my face. Not the direction I was heading for. I can't seem to take her angelic face out of my mind. That smile… I sighed again. And attempted once again to clear my mind. I touched the keys and sang to the first lyrics in my mind.

If I could create the perfect girl, it'd be you
Big brown eyes and that pretty smile, it's true

I groaned again and banged my head on the piano keys. Get out of my mind. I moved my head to the side when I heard the phone ring. I hissed and picked it up.


"Mr. Duran its Jeffrey… Someone is here to see you and it's urgent."

"Who is it?"

"Ms. Chloe Carter…"

I twitched in irritation. So the devil finally decides to come out of her natural habitat, hell, and annoy me. I sighed.

"Should I send her up?"

"Tell her to leave."

"I did sir. But you see she's on her way up."

"Without my permission?"

"It's urgent sir. You need to see for yourself and take full responsibility."

I was beyond furious. I clutched the phone and grunted when I heard someone knock the door.

"We'll talk later." I said bitterly to Jeffrey. I walked over the door and reluctantly opened it. I stared at her blue eyes for the first time in months and all those memories I deleted are still erased from my mind. She means nothing to me and this just proves it.

"What the hell do yo-"

I stopped in mid-sentence when she massaged her stomach causing me to look down and stare at her still growing belly. I choked at the sight in front of me and at the new and unwanted discovery. She can't be… It can't be mine. It can't.

"You're pregnant…" I barely managed to say. My boy tensed up and I couldn't think straight. i clutched the door knob and stared at her stomach. This is not possible. It's definitely Tyler's and she'll say it's mine just to get back with me. She's capable to go that low.



"Well Eddie this happens when you have unprotected sex."

I ignored her sarcastic remark and I shook my head. "You can't… When?"

"18 weeks… four months and two weeks."

No. No. No. This can't be. I rubbed my face and shake my head. She can't. This is not true. It must be a dream. It must be a fake. Maybe she's faking all of this. But I know that baby is not mine. I'm not careless enough to have unprotected sex. When it comes to that, I'm always dead on. This can't. Crap.

"Is this some joke? It's this your lowest point yet? Why don't you get it that I will never get back with you? And now you create another lie?"

"It's not a lie! I'm pregnant! Do you think I want this? No! I didn't, but guess what? I am and there's nothing I can do about it and neither can you."

"You can stop lying about it!"

I am not going to believe this. She's not. And if she is, then that baby is not mine. And if it is, I'll take full responsibility and take care of it. But I will never get back with her. I know. I'm positive it's not mine. She cheated with Tyler for crying out loud! It's his.

"Eddie… Please I need your help. I can't take care of the baby by myself…"

"Well why you don't ask help from the real father."

I stepped back in and was about to close the door when she yelled. "You're kicking the mother of your child!"

I opened the door and stared helplessly. This can't be.

"Hear me out please. I can explain this. It's not that hard to understand…"

"Go on."

"I found out I was pregnant three months ago. I was not menstruating and I was worried. I took the pregnancy test and came out positive… It's yours Eddie. It's not Tyler's. I'm sure it is. Please accept your baby girl…"

She pleaded me and tears were rolling down her cheek. I shook my head. This can't be happening. I bit my lip and my hands turned into fists. "Are you 100% sure it's not Tyler's?"


I nodded my head. There's still hope. "You need to leave."

"Eddie no!"

She stepped forward and I couldn't close the door roughly because it'll her hurt which it will hurt the baby. I still care about the baby. I could care less about Chloe. "Please…" She whimpered and stepped into my apartment wrapping her arms around me. I stood there frozen while she cried on me. I took in heavy breaths and she clutched my shirt. I shook my head and pulled her back out. She struggled to embrace me back again, I pushed her softly away careful not to hurt her. She whimpered and her body shook with the tears endlessly rolling down. Stop acting. I can see through all your lies and bullshit. You don't care the baby. You care about what it can do to you, you know that if it is mine I will definitely take care of it. Without a doubt. But no more lies. I can see past you and who you really are.

"Leave. Let me think this over and when I know what to do. I'll call you. Just leave."

She didn't protest. And I closed the door. I slowly walked to the couch and sat down staring in front of me. What just happened? I clasped my hands together and squeezed them tightly. Shutting my eyes close, I leaned back on the couch and shook my head. .

What the hell am I supposed to do?

Whooo Eddie! What did you do now? Oh well. It's very OCD. First part of this one-shot. This is to all who wanted her pregnant. WhatWhat. Idk oh well hope you liked it. Oh and lyrics are not mine. It's from Atmosphere by Cody Longo :)