It's Over (4)

We were lying down on the couch. Her head rested on my chest and one leg was on top of mine. I held her close to me by grabbing her waist and clutching on her. She played with the crinkles on my shirt and I closed my eyes. This is what I want. I become lost in the peace and serenity enveloping us in a trance. A trance I never want to get out off. It's sweet. It's my paradise. She is my heaven, the place where I want to be with. Where I can be happy and nothing can stop me. A small smile forms as I replayed today events. From Tyler to her unexpected visit resulting in us to let all our feelings out.

I was finally able to tell her.

How much I love her. How crazy I am about her. But it all had started with our friendship. She's my best friend. And gradually, as I spent more time with her. I got to know more about her, and I found myself falling for her. Every day I would fall in deeper, deeper into her arms and the desire of holding her and never letting go was becoming stronger each passing minute.

I was in denial for a while. At first I considered my feelings for her merely a simply crush that will eventually go away. And I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship. If I lose her than I will be left with nothing. Except possibly with the baby, but how will I manage without her? She's what keeps me in place…The effects she has had on me since day one has always been put out there. How every time she got close to me, I would feel my face heat up. How each time she hugged me, our embrace lasted longer than it was supposed to be. But it wasn't just a hug. It was more than that. How tight she would hold me back, her head in the crook of my neck and how she didn't mind when I slid my hands down her waist pulling her closer to me. How every time we hanged out it was always just us. In a quiet place with no noise and the only thing filling the air was her laughter. How she didn't mind when I came to her house in the middle of the night throwing pebbles on her window and she opened it and let me in. And I would stay the whole night there with her, whispering close to her ears and she had to cover herself with the pillow to control her laughter. How each time I grabbed her hand and gently plant a kiss on it she would smile and bring me into an embrace.

The signs were all there.

She loved me from the start.

But I was too blind and caught up with the idea that we will always be friends… nothing more. And now I'm holding her. All those thoughts faded, and we're here.

A smile on both our faces.

"I love you too."

"Hmmm. Yeah?"


I opened my eyes and she looked up at me. Her priceless smile, her sparkling eyes, her sincerity and kindness.

She's perfect.

But I fell in love with the little details. Her hair was different every day, some days curly others she would straighten it out. It just never fell the same way and in the morning her curls would be scattered all over and that drove me insane. If you look closely, she has freckles. She hates them, but I love them. It makes her eyes standout. God her eyes. I can go on and on about them. How they sparkle. How they turn a lighter brownish color under the sun and with just enough lighting you can see she has a certain hazel color in them. Her smile… When she's nervous she moves around a lot, she can't stay still. When she's lying, she avoids eye contact and continuously stutters. When she is sad... she smiles but that certain spark in her eyes in not there. It's gone and replaced with a dull color. It doesn't reach her eyes. And even though she tries to cover it with her light humor, she can't fool me. I know her too well.

It's little things like this that leaves me craving for more.

I'm helplessly in love.

And I will keep falling deeper.

She sat up straight and looked down at me. She bit her lower lip and caressed my cheek. I smiled and she stared intently at me.

"How long have you…"

"Have I?"

"Felt like this… about me?"

I sighed and propped myself up with my elbows. I was now eye level to her. Her eyes widened as I leaned in to kiss her. Our lips touched and I let it linger for a few moments before I began moving against her lips. She didn't respond and instead she stood frozen and I chuckled. I moved a strand of hair from her face and pulled away.

"What's wrong?"

She blushed and shook her head. "Sorry… I still can't get used to this…"

I frowned. Not what I wanted to hear. She noticed my expression and rapidly shook her head. "It's not that. It's just I-I-"

She sighed again and slouched dejectedly. She looked up at me and a small smile formed on her face. And slowly she leaned in, cupping my cheeks; she pulled me to her mouth. This time she was as hesitant. Her lips feverishly moved against mine. I eagerly reciprocated with as much passion and force she exerted. She softly pushed me down on the couch and got on top of me. I grabbed her waist and stroked its sides. When air became a need, we reluctantly parted and her eyelids were half closed. She softly panted for air and I smiled.

"Remember the first time I came in the middle of the night and tapped in your window?"

She nodded.

"I came that day because you had called me an hour before. You sounded distant, strained and hurt. I was worried about you and I needed to go check on you if you were okay. So I came tapping on your window and stayed all night. You told me about how you had found your dad's letters and that brought painful memories. And that night you cried yourself to sleep while I held you. And when you finally managed to fall asleep, I looked at you. And that's when I realized… how deep in love I am with you."

I sighed again and smiled in content as my confession sunk in leaving a calm and quiet atmosphere. She rested her head on my chest once again, tangling her hands with mine. Our fingers interlocked and she closed her eyes, reminiscing that night. With my free hand I rubbed her back soothingly. Minutes later she broke the silence with her sweet tone.

"That was three months ago…"


She nodded and tightly held my hand. I felt her head move upwards and look up at me. Her eyes were gazing at me and I slowly sat straight causing her to sit too. I pull her hair back to her ears and my hand stays on her cheek. I smile and pressed my forehead on hers. She doesn't fight back the smile, and lets it take over her features.

"There's not have been a day that you don't cross my mind."

Slowly she cups both of my cheeks and her orbs sparkle.

"I was in deep the moment I laid eyes on you."

And just like that, I pulled her into a passionate and so much wanted kiss.

This is everything I have wanted since we met.


One week Later

"Calm down."

I was pacing around her room impatiently. I ran a hand through my hair and sighed in frustration. Why the hell hasn't she called? I looked at her eyes staring back at me with concern. I smiled weakly and shook my head. I turned around and continued pacing the room. I stopped, put elbow on the wall and placed my forehead on my arm.


Loren gently rested her hand on my back. I turned around and looked at her helplessly. Where is she? She stepped closer and I stared behind her. Worst case scenarios coming into my head. I shake my head but they keep flooding back in. I feel her soft hand caressed my cheek and her other free hand on my neck. I get a hold of her wrist and shivered in fright. Afraid that something happened to Chloe and the baby.

"She'll call."

She said reassuringly. I shook my head. "She hasn't called for three days Loren…"

"Maybe things came up and she needed to urgently take care of them…"

"But she should've at least called to inform me about it."

I let her go and walked over her bed. I flop down on it and spread my arms and legs. I breathe heavily, causing my chest to rise up and down rapidly. I feel Loren's presence as she lies down next to me. She rests her head on my arm and I instantly wrap my arms around her.

"You want to go look for her?"

"I called Jackie and she said that she didn't know where she was."

"What else did she say?"

"To not worry about it… that Chloe always leaves unexpectedly but comes back a few days later."

"See that's the answer to your problems." She stood up and pulled me up too. "She'll come back. So stop worrying…"

She straightened my shirt. "But the baby…? What if something happened to her and Chloe is hiding it from me?"

"Will you stop that?"

Loren said softly, shook her head and gently tugged my shirt down.

"The baby is fine… Do you really think Chloe would leave like that? No she would use it for her own benefit and in return ask for money. Even with a child. She is still cold and heartless… And plus don't think like that. View it in a whole different angle instead of this one which the simple though is excruciating…"

"What other reason could there possibly be?"

"She's due into less than three weeks Eddie… Like you, the thought of becoming a parent real soon is finally striking her. Realization hit her and the only way for her to cope with it is to leave for a while and think it over."

"What is there to think over babe? What's done is done. She had plenty to think over about it these past months."

I sit down and rub my face with my hands. She sits beside me and watches me carefully.

"Need I remind you that these past few months the baby was her least of her worries? You saw how everyday she asked for money, acting like the victim of all of is. She used the fact that she was pregnant, declaring that the baby is yours. All that time spent on constantly reminding you and making you sign the check almost every week just took the fact of becoming a parent soon out of her mind. She was busy collecting money and thinking that she will raise her when she's born. But now, three weeks before Sophia comes into this world, it's finally sinking in to her that she will be a mother. Millions of thoughts and questions and confusion are running through her thick head. She's as scared as you are…"

I lay back on the bed admitting that she is right. Maybe that's why she left, she needed time. I groaned and swiftly sat up again.

"What do you mean of me being scared?"

"You're scared that the baby is yours and how you will manage with her. But you're also scared that it's not yours because you grew attached to that idea of becoming a father."

I looked at her before rubbing my temple. Once again she is right. I groaned and she wrapped her arms around me. I gave into her embrace and my head was on the crook of her neck. She stroked my arms and whispered.

"No matter what happens, I will always be here."

Two Days Later

The waves of relief struck me leaving me replenish and at the same time astonished. I let out a sigh and all my worries were gone replaced with a sudden hint of rage but gratitude. Her blue eyes stared at me and she clutched her belly for dear life. She sighed and bit her lip. I glanced back between green eyes and blue eyes. Their hands were interlocked and he shifted his gaze to her, cautiously making sure she was okay.

"Where were you?"

"We went to Miami…"

She said below a whispered. In frustration, I shut my eyes and signaled them to enter. She shook her head and I raised an eyebrow.

"We're not going to be here long… I-"She looked at Tyler and he smiled. "We decided to go back together."

I could care less. This is something I didn't voice out loud, but honestly I'm glad. Good. That way she can leave me alone.


"And we also decided that even if the baby is yours I will still be there to take care of it…"

"You do know that I have stated this a million times right, well I'll state it again. If Sophia is my daughter I will fight for her full custody and when I get it there's nothing you can do."

Chloe narrowed her eyes for a second opened her mouth but closed it again before profanities came out. Before she spat something she will dearly regret later. She pressed her lips together forming a thin line. I looked at Tyler knowing she won't say anything else.

"I don't trust you Chloe. You're vindictive, tricky, and sly and anything you do or say always causes troubles. If I can't trust your word when you promise you will leave me alone and the next day you come barging into my door. How the hell can I trust you with the responsibility of taking care of my daughter?"

"You're being unfair…" She said in a barely audible tone. She looked up at me defiantly. "She's my daughter too. And I will fight for her as well. So don't think I will give you Sophia that easily."

I was taken aback. Since when did she care about anyone but herself? I stared at her shocked with an eyebrow raised. They both looked at me before leaving. I watched the elevator door close and I shut the door behind me.

What the hell happened to her?

One Week Later

"How are you pulling up?"

I was brought back to reality and snapped up to look at Pops. He had a genuine worry on his face. My hold on Loren's thigh tightened. She stroked my hand in a reassuring manner. I shrugged.

"About what?"

"C'mon don't pull that card. You know exactly what I'm talking about." He drank the content on his glass. I looked at Loren and she leaned in to kiss my cheek. I smiled and turned to Pops who simply chuckled at out interaction. He placed the glass on the table and looked at Loren with admiration and love. The wonders this girl has done to me. Even he can't believe it. She smiled at him and just that one smile managed to make Pops face brightened in delight. He quickly turned to me and raised his eyebrows.

"You're going to be a father in a few weeks."

"Two to be exact… and possibly. It's a 50/50 chance that she's Tyler's."

He laughed and shook his head. I took a bite of my dessert.

"And you Loren?"

He turned his interrogation to her. Loren smiled and interlocked her hands with mine. I looked at her and held my breath for her answer. If the baby is mine… what will happen to us? Will the pressure of taking care of a baby be too much causing her to leave? I never put so much thought to it, she said she always support me. But sometimes I wonder and I shake the thought away. Because it the idea of her leaving me scares me. I swallowed and she shakes her head.

"Whether she's his or not I will stay. And if she is his, my feelings won't change and I will help raise her like she is my own."

Pops nodded appreciative to her words. He is as relieved as I am. Because like him, I wouldn't know what to do without Loren. I single father, lost and not knowing how to take care of a baby. I will eventually learn from my mistakes, but how long would it be before I get over the fact that she is not with me? Never.

"That's good… That's good to hear. I don't want someone important to my son leave. He placed his hands on top of hers and squeezed it. I beamed and Loren's smile widened.

"Thank you for accepting me… and welcoming me with open arms."

She looked at him with a foreign looked. Not excited, sad… It's the same look she has whenever she observes a picture of her father. Full of love and admiration. And she's giving it to Pops. I turned to him and he can't help but smile and a small tint of red forms on his cheek.

"You're the daughter I always wanted but never got."

Loren's eyes turned glossy and nodded her head. She bit her lips and I held her hands tightly. She feels it, the love that she missed from a father figure.

One Week Later

I hear someone stomp their way up to my stairs and slam the door open. I groaned and turned the other way, away from the window. I heard the curtains fly open, letting the light intrude my room. I cover myself with the covers and go back to sleep. The other curtains from the other side are opened and I am forced to get a pillow and cover my face with that. I let out a low grunt when the said person got on the bed and on top of me. I felt her crawl all the way up to my face. She swiftly took my pillow and threw it to the side of the room. I flinched at the sudden change of vision and shut my eyes closed. She giggled and I adjusted my vision. I sighed as her big brown eyes stared excitedly back at me. She was biting her lips, and her body moved excitedly. I placed my hands on her waist.

"Good morning sunshine."

She smiled and impulsively leaned in and pulled me into a deep and lingering kiss. She pulled away but I pulled her back in. She eagerly gave in as I plastered small kisses on her mouth and moved down to her neck. I nibbled it slightly and she let out a small moan.



"I need to tell you something…"

I continued nibbling on her neck and she stroked my arms. I felt her body heat up and her heart beat increased. "Shoot."

She pushed me away and got off me.

"Guess what!"



"You finally got your revenge on that chick Adrianna?"


"You can't decide on what to wear for Melissa's birthday? I mean, it would be just easier if you just wear your custom from last year."

"I was a ketchup bottle last year."

"Fantastic! That way no boys will look at you and your hot body."

I pulled her back to me and our mouths collided. She protested between our kiss and every time she would part away, to only being pulled back to me. I pushed her to the bed and she looked up pouting at me. I smirked and pulled the covers up, covering us completely. She squirmed as nibbled on her weak spot. Her ticklish spot. She giggled uncontrollably and tried pushing me away. I chuckled and then pulled away. She wrapped her legs around me and massaged my bare chest. And with one movement she exerted force on her legs and pushed me down. She was now on top of me. I watched as she held my head steady, preventing me from any movement. I smirked as I noticed her t-shirt was all messed up, showing some skin and her hair was all over the place. I sighed and waited for her to say something.

"Pops and Mom. That's guess what."

I pressed my eyebrows together confused.

"What about them?"

"They're… together."

She stated simply. She grinned and I laughed.


She laid next to me and we sighed.

"One week." She said, and the long and tense silent came back. One week and I'll either be a father or not…

Three Days Later

"We're almost there."

I feel the adrenaline pumping into my veins, making me speed up. Loren looked at me worriedly and reminded me to slow down every once a while. How could I? Tyler just called us a few minutes ago informing us that Chloe is going into labor. Her water broke and the baby is bound to come out anytime time soon. And I want to be there. I hissed as I stop at a red light. Two more miles and we're there. Loren quickly grabs my face and spins it around. She looks at me with worry filled eyes and concern. She hastily kisses my lips and leaves a burning sensation. I nodded and began driving.

That's her way of telling me that whatever happens today, she is not going anywhere. A minute later I drive into the hospital parking lot, find a slim space for my car which I somehow managed to fit in. We quickly got off the car and sprinted to the hospital. As soon as we were in we went straight to the emergency room. A pang of relief and anxiety comes to me when I watch Tyler pacing around the room. I grab Loren's hand and we stopped to him. He looked at us.

"Has she-"

He shook his head. "The contractions are increasing. Doc said she's close though."

They both sit on the couch and I don't. I start biting the tips of my thumb but instantly stop. Loren looks up at me and I caressed her cheek. She pats the seat next to her and I reluctantly sit down. She gets a hold of my hand and I clutch it.

Is she mine?

Or Tyler's?

I don't know what to think. Do I want to be a father? Am I ready? Or will I screw up? Shit. What if she's not mine? What then? How will I feel? Relieved? Devastated?

"I'm going."

Tyler stood up and walked towards the door. But they didn't allow him in. He let out a few profanities and walked back. A few moments later, I couldn't keep still and sat up again. I watched the clock and rubbed my face nervously. I felt Loren's eyes glued to me and I smiled at her reassuringly.

"Chloe Carter?"

Tyler instantly stood up and I quickly turned around to the doctor. He was holding a clipboard and marking something. Tyler and I walked to him and he pointed to the door.

"She was a quick one. The baby's head was already visible. Labor went successful. The baby's healthy and there were no complications umm so-"

Before he was able to say anything else both of us rushed and looked for her room. Tyler was ahead of me and he looked at every room.

This is it.

I held my breath when he suddenly stopped and rushed inside a room. I heard a baby's cry and quickly walked towards the room. I turned around but I couldn't see the baby. I walked inside but stopped as soon as Tyler moved and looked up at me. I gazed back at the baby. And I let that breath go.

I smiled weakly and my hands turned into fist.


Chloe said softly. I walked inside and got a better look at her. Sophia. She moved around her blanket and yawned. I smiled as I stared at her eyes.

At her green eyes.

I sighed and scratched my head. I turned to Tyler who was smiling uncontrollably and took a hold of her. He gently carried her and walked up to me. I looked at her and she smiled at me. I swallowed and gently touched the top her head, filled with tiny strings of blond hair. I smiled at her and she grabbed my finger. I softly pulled away to not hurt her. I looked at Chloe and her eyes were avoiding me. I looked at Tyler and he extended his arm. I shook it.

"Take care of her."

He nodded and I looked at Sophia once more before fully turning around and walking back to Loren. As I was turning the corner I saw her sitting on the sofas. She wrapped herself with her arms to prevent the cold. Bad day to wear a dress. And I remember the first time I met her. I smiled and she quickly turned around when I called her name. She stood up and I had my arms prepared when she fling hers around me. I held her tightly. We stayed like that for a few more moments when we pulled away. She cupped both my cheeks and I shook my head.

"I'm sorry."

I chuckled and kissed her lightly on the lips. "No need to be. I guess it's just how things are."

"How are you feeling?"

I sighed. I grabbed her waist and her arms were still wrapped around me. "A part of me feels relieved. The other disappointed…"

She nodded comprehending where I was coming from. I shrugged. "Let's go. We've got nothing to do here." I grabbed her hand and led her to the car.

And even though Sophia isn't my daughter. I can still start a family. With Loren. I smiled at the thought. I like that.

I turned to look at her and she raised her eyebrows. I shook my head and chuckled. She halted.

"What's wrong?"

"I was just thinking… about all of this."

She smiled and continued walking. She's not going anywhere; I'm not letting her go. I will always love her… no matter what.

Four Years Later

I clasped my hands as I watched in front of me tuning everything behind me. It was just me, her and the men with the black robe. I was on the edge of my feet as I watched him read from a small book. I bit my lips and I felt Pops and Ian smirking beside me. I ignored them and turn my attention to what is happening in front of me. I hear a penny drop in the ground and the man looks at me.

"Eddie, do you take Loren to be your wife? Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honor her all the days of your life?"

I inhale and looked at the beauty looking at me hopeful. She bites her lips and smiles at me. Her hair straightened with a small curl to the side. Her veil is pulled back and I see the spark in her eyes. She doesn't have a lot of makeup, a light touch, she never needed any. Her natural beauty was enough. I smiled back. I love you. I mouthed before turning back to the priest. I nod my head and I hear small encouraging shouts behind me.

"I do."

The priest nods and turns to Loren who pressed her lips together but her smile wins.

"Loren, do you take Eddie for your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

A tears rolls down her porcelain skin and I look at her confused. What's wrong? All my worries are washed away when she shakes her head and smiles warmly. She looks at the priest.

"Yes! I do."

I smiled and I wanted to kiss her so much. Can this priest hurry up?

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Groom, you may kiss the bride."

No time wasted, I grabbed her waist and our mouths collided. A day without holding her. Without tasting her sweet lips. It's torture. But it was worth the wait. She's mine, by law and by fate. She's all mine and no one will ever come between this marriage and the years to come. She cups my cheeks and I slowly part. We both smiled out of happiness and her cheeks were wet with tears. I wiped it clean and we both tuned out the loud yells, screams from everyone.

"Ms. Duran are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime."

"I have never been this ready Mr. Duran."

She kissed my lips. And grabbed her hands leading her down the aisle.

All those years ahead of us. Family. Love. This is all I need.


I love love this story line so much. Thank you Ally for the request of preggos Chloe. See even if Eddie is in the possiblity of being a baby Daddy Leddie is stronger. Ahh well it's over. WHy must good things end! Cuz it's my story and I don't see anything I can add here. anyways if you could be so kind and tell me what your favorite part of this story was :).

Stay True,