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A Day in Orangeville



"God damn alarm clock," Ashley muttered and slowly rolled out of bed. She grabbed her housecoat and blindly found her way into the bathroom, "Ah, nothing like a nice hot shower to wake up."

(Meanwhile on the main floor of the house)

Tasuki, Nuriko, and Chiriko sit at the dining room table enjoying their breakfast.


"What the *#@^ was that?" mumbled Tasuki, his mouth full of Lucky Charms. Chiriko glanced up from the Toronto Star and shrugged.

"Hey Tasuki, how can you eat those without milk?" Nuriko asked glancing at Tasuki's milkless cereal.

"I don't like milk okay?!? Besides, it's better than that slop you're eating."

Nuriko looked down at her peaches and cream porridge, "It makes me strong," he sniffed defensively.

"Ha, like you need it, you already practically kill anyone with a slight pat on the back."

"Could you guys try to keep it down," asked Chiriko as he sipped his black coffee, "I'm trying to read who won the election in the United States."

"Eh?" Nuriko and Tasuki said simutainiously.

*sweatdrop* "Nevermind."

In the kitchen, Mitsukake is cooking eggs and Chichiri is fiddling with the radio stations looking for something worth listening to.

"WOHOOO!!!! When I feel I've been let on!!!!!!…" Blur screamed over the speakers,

"DA!!!" yelped Chichiri and quickly turned it down a little. Mitsukake regarded him from over his shoulder. "Gomen, I didn't mean for it to be so loud," apologized Chichiri. Mitsukake merely smiled and went back to cooking.

The song ended and Supermodel came on.

"AIEEEE!!!" shrieked Nuriko as he ran into the kitchen and turned the sound up. He grabbed a spoon and started dancing around, "I don't care what my teachers say, I'm gonna be a supermodel, everyone is gonna dress like me…" he sang along. *sweatdrop for everyone else*

There came loud thumps from the basement stairs and the door was thrown open revealing a very angry looking Ashley.

"Who used up the hot water!!!" she spat out accusingly glaring at the group in the kitchen.

"Musta been Hotohori, he's been in the upstairs bathroom since five o'clock this morning," called out Tasuki from the table.

"Ohhh, just you wait Hotohori…" grinned Ashley evilly, then she stopped and took on a surprised look, "What the hell are you guys doing still in your pajama's??!" she asked as she looked over the housecoat clad senshi, "school starts in an hour!"

"Better tell that to Miaka and Tamahome, they're still in bed," Mitsukake said calmly.

"They're in bed…together??…My mom would freak!" Ashley yelled and ran upstairs.

(Upstairs in the bathroom)

"Hmmm da da de laaaaa," hummed Hotohori as he used the curling iron to straighten out any wayward curls in his long silky hair.


"Hey! How long are you gonna take! I need to brush my teeth," yelled Ashley's little sister, Brittany, from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Almost done!" replied Hotohori as he gazed at his reflection in the sink mirror, "gods I'm beautiful."

"Hey Hotohori! Are you changing into the clothes I gave you?" came Ashley's voice,

He signed, "Yes, but I am quite disappointed that they are not silk with gold trim, after all I am the emperor of Konan."

"Well, since my family doesn't really buy silk Chinese clothes, you'll just have to make do with your jeans and dress shirt," she muttered.

(In the guest bedroom Miaka and Tamahome are entwined contently in each other's arms)







Miaka looked at Tamahome hurtfully,

"Why did you call me Ashley? Don't you love me anymore?" she asked almost ready to burst into tears. He didn't give her a response, just grinned idiotically at something over her shoulder. Miaka followed his gaze and saw a pissed off Ashley standing in the doorway.

"Oh! Hi Ashley, we were umm…about to get up," Miaka said sheepishly.

"Uh huh, I bet you were. Here," she said and tossed some clothing onto the bed, "Now get ready and come down to eat something, Mits is making eggs and bacon."

"FOOD!!!" screamed Miaka and was dressed and out of the room in two seconds. Tamahome and Ashley sigh in SD mode.

(Back downstairs)

Miaka joins the other senshi at the table and helps herself to some food. Ashley comes downstairs with a now dressed Tamahome and Hotohori.

"Aye!!!" Nuriko squeals, "Hotohori, you look absolutely gorgeous."

"I know," smiles the ego enflamed emperor as he takes a seat at the top of the table.

*sweatdrop from everyone else*

Ashley sits beside Chichiri and gives him a hug, "You look great also, although I must admit I think your Chinese's clothes suit you better," she says looking over his black hooded sweatshirt and khakis ensemble.

"I agree with you on that no da," he replies blushing under his mask.

"Okay everyone sit down, I have to give you your class list for today," said Ashley looking around at the senshi. She brought out some paper from her backpack and sorted through it for a minute. "This one is yours Tasuki."

Tasuki took the paper and glanced over it,

"What's gym?" he asked,

"It's where you do exercises and activities which a group of people. For Chiriko I asked the principal to put him in advanced OAC classes like biology and calculus."

Everyone gave Ashley a confused look. "Nevermind," she sighed, "you'll understand everything later."

(At ODSS in front of Ashley's locker fifteen minutes before the first bell)

"Ok Miaka, you know what school is so you keep watch over Tamahome, Hotohori, Mitsukake, and Chiriko. I'll take care of the others," Ashley decided,

"Hai!" replied an overly cheery Miaka. "I'll be fine, although the people at my school look really different from the ones at yours," she added looking at a trio of guys walking past, their pant crotches down to their knees. "Do all the guys smell like they do?" she asked wrinkling her nose slightly.

Ashley doubled over laughing.


"Hi Hayles!"

Hayley and Jen join the group at the lockers. They look the senshi over curiously.

"So these must be your friends from Fushigi Yugi right?" asked Hayley.

"Shhh, keep it down about that, anime fans may hear you," whispered Ashley, "Oh yeah, if any of these guys are in your classes, please sit with them and help them out ok?"

"Yeah sure Ashes," they reply happily.


"Oh shit, the bell, ok, guys! Just go to the room number on your sheets and don't worry too much, it's just for one day. You all have paper and pens right?"

Everyone nods.

Ashley clapped her hands happily and herded Chichiri, Nuriko, and Tasuki down the hall to help them find their first class.

(First class for Ashley and Chichiri which is film education)

Ashley led Chichiri into Mr. Goldberg's room and they take a seat at her usual table.

"Yay! I finally have someone to talk to in this class," Ashley exclaims happily.

"You don't have any friends here no da?" Chichiri asks concerned.

"Well, I know Becky and Becca somewhat but they have their own friends to sit with. I mostly draw and daydream to pass the time."

At that moment Mr. Goldberg strides into the room, "Hello Ashley I see you have a friend with you today."

"Hai, I mean, yes. It's just for today, I've already asked the principal about it."

"Hey chillax man, I'm with it. Nice to meet you uh…"


"Ya Chichiri, interesting name you got there, and that's some kick ass hairstyle too. What kind of gel do you use?" Mr. Goldberg asked, interested in the blue haired monk.

"It's natural, um, class is starting," piped up Ashley, saving Chichiri from any more questions.

Students are filling the room and giving Chichiri curious glances. Becky walks in and she spies the new student, shrieks, and runs over to the table.

"Oh my god, you look like Chichiri off of Fushigi Yugi man, that is so cool yo!" she gushes, "What's your name?"

"Chichiri no da."

"What?! You even have his name? And you even speak like him too! You a crazed anime fan as well huh?"

Chichiri looked so confused. Ashley smiled and took his hand in hers.

"Ok everyone just chillax so I can get attendance done," shouted Mr. Goldberg over the noise. Becky took her seat still staring at Chichiri giddily. "We have a new student just for today, so I want you all to make him feel welcome, his name is Chichiri, good to have you with us."

There was a snicker at the name from Mike Cameron. Ashley gave him a glare that would have melted steel and he shut up. She wondered how the other senshi were doing.

(First class for Hotohori)

"Welcome to our drama class Hotohori, I hope you'll find it very invigorating," smiled the teacher, Mr. Smith, "do you know anyone that you can work with?"

"Oh he's with me," gushes Nalini who's joined the two and pulls Hotohori off to one side of the room.

"Ashley told me about you guys, I never thought I would get to have a class with one of you," she says smiling at the handsome bishonen, "I'll work with you so don't worry about a thing."

"Arigato," replied Hotohori. "So what do you do in this class anyway?"

"Oh well, we usually do skits and act out situations but today we're doing a mock fashion show with awards. Since we are the best looking in this class, we're sure to win," purred Nalini happily.

"I never knew Ashley had such charming friends, I'm sure we'll get along very well."

"Come with me, I'll show you what to do," said Nalini and she pulled Hotohori up to the stage. She started sorting through a pile of clothes and came out with a dress for herself and a suede jacket for Hotohori. "Here put this on over your shirt and then I'll teach you how to model it."

She watched him out of the corner of her eye. My god is he fine, she thinks to herself, maybe I can convince him to show off his chest and abs.

*Nalini grins in her mischievous way*

(First class for Tasuki which isn't going very well)

"We have to what?!" Tasuki practically screamed at the coach.

"I said we're doing laps so get changed and into the water!"

The two were arguing in the changing room of the Orangeville Arena where Tasuki's gym class was about to participate in swimming lessons. The coach mumbled something about incompetence and Tasuki wished that he had his tessen with him.

He felt a sudden tap on his shoulder and Tasuki turned to see one of the students looking at him.


"I overheard the shouting and I didn't find it respectable towards a new student so early in the morning. My name's Tristan and don't let the coach get on your nerves, he only has two brain cells working for him," Tristan grinned.

"Oh, uh my name's Tasuki."

"Where you from?"

"Anc…China," he stuttered.

"Really, that's very interesting. Here I'll show you around so you don't feel too lost."

Tasuki followed Tristan out of the change room to the pool. He wondered if he should refuse his help but decided against it.

They stopped at the edge of the water and Tasuki had a wave of uneasiness pass over him.

"Anything wrong?" asked Tristan, who was climbing into the pool.

"I can't swim," Tasuki mumbled. Tristan regarded him closely.

"Have you told the coach that yet?"


"Aw well, doesn't matter. We'll just stay in the shallow end for now, maybe I'll even be able to teach you a few things."

"You're not gonna laugh at me?" Tasuki asked confused,

Tristan frowned, "Why would I do that? It's obvious you've just never learned how."

"Finally! Someone understands," Tasuki said happily and slowly followed Tristan into the water.

The morning for the other senshi goes something like this:

Nuriko also had gym but he was in the weight room. His coach asked him and two other guys to help move a weight machine but Nuriko picked it up in one hand and asked where it should go, meanwhile freaking out everyone in his class. Nuriko ended up giving demonstrations of his strength until the bell sounded.

Mitsukake had biology where they were dissecting frogs. He took pity on his specimen and used his healing power to revive it and several other frogs from different tables. This freaked out three girls who ran screaming down the hall and fascinated the teacher who discussed the meaning of life with Mitsukake for half an hour.

Chiriko was in advanced OAC calculus and he kept finding mistakes in the teacher's work. He got so frustrated that he made her sit down and he taught the class himself.