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A Day in Orangeville

Second class finally rolls around for the Suzaku Seven. Tasuki finds himself in Mr. Collatie's music class along with Chiriko.

"Ne Chiriko! Good ta' see ya buddy!" Tasuki said happily as he grasped the youngest senshi in a bear hug. Chiriko giggled happily then when released from Tasuki's grip, showed him to their seats.

"Okay people listen up!" yelled the music teacher over the drone of the students. "We have two guests for today so let's show them the proper spirit of ODSS! Woohoo!!!"

Tasuki made a face at the antics of the teacher and a student next to him noticed.

"Don't worry about Mr. Collatie, he's also the leader for all of our pep rallies and such."

"What's a pep rally?" inquired the ever curious Chiriko.

"Not much, a bunch of music lotsa screamin' and such…well, that's what it should be but since this school is really lacking in pep nothing much happens at those events."

"What happened to this…er…pep as you call it?"

"It disappeared. No one cares anymore about this school, they're all too into video games and malls and movie stars." The kid sighed as he turned back to his music stand.

"Vid…io games…hmm, what do you think those are Chiriko?" Tasuki asked.

Chiriko shrugged,

"Whatever they are they seem to sound dangerous and manipulative."

"&#$@ that's too bad, I like a good screamin' fit"

*sweatdrop for Chiriko*

"Yes we know."

Mr. Collatie clapped his hands to signal the beginning of class.

"Now then uhh…Tasuki, what instrument do you play?"


"Oh…umm well maybe you could have a go at one of those instruments at the back?"

Tasuki shrugged and walked over to a large pile of unused saxophones, flutes, an accordion, and an electric guitar. Noticing the fancy plugs and wires coming out of the guitar he picked it up curiously.

"What's this thing do?" he asked as his fingers accidentally plucked the strings.


"AAHHH WHAT THE @$%@ WAS THAT?!?" Tasuki yelled as he dropped the guitar as if it were on fire.

"Oops, sorry about that son, the amplifier must have been turned up to full volume. Don't worry, it's supposed to…ah…sound something like that."

"Really? Hmm…"

Tasuki picked up the fallen guitar and tried again.


A grin spread over his face as he realized that this thing wouldn't hurt him and could be used to make some kick ass noises. More confidant now he ran his hand full down the strings creating a high pitched scream from both the guitar and the class.

"This is great! Chiriko listen!"


The ceiling panels shook with the sound vibrations and the students tried pitifully to block out the sounds of Tasuki's song.

"Wait Tasuki! I think…I think we need to turn it down a little!" screamed Mr. Collatie over the screeches. He slowly inched forward, the sound waves pushed at him, breaking his glasses.

"Oww my head!" cried one student.

"It hurts, it hurts!" cried another.

Plaster fell from the ceiling and the floor cracked beneath Mr. Collatie's feet.

"Tasuki! Please Tasuki!" sobbed the teacher.

He's gonna kill us all…

Suddenly there came a soft noise, faintly above the sound of the guitar.

What the? Thought Tasuki. It's distroyin' my music! How can this be?

The class slowly lowered their hands from their ears as the soft whistling melody drowned out the piercing screeching. Tasuki put down the guitar realizing he couldn't beat whatever the sound was.

"Wha…who is that?" questioned Mr. Collatie softly. The students turned to see Chiriko standing off to one side playing his leaf whistle.

"That's beautiful…it…it has saved us…" sighed the teacher. The students nodded numbly.

Chiriko stopped when he realized that everyone was watching him. He looked at Tasuki and gave him a meek shrug.

"Sorry about that Tasuki, but I had to stop you somehow."

Tasuki grinned and clapped him fondly on the shoulder,

"No problem lil' buddy!" he said happily.

The bell rang signaling the end of the period. Chiriko apologized to the teacher for Tasuki but Mr. Collatie waved it all off saying that it had been worth it just to hear such wonderful music from such an interesting instrument.