Adventures in The Maze Runner

Summary: When Maisie is sucked into the world of The Maze Runner, she meets the Gladers and has to help them find their way out of the maze. What will happen?

Chapter 11

Maisie's POV

The alarm drowned out the hum of activity and chatter. I ran for the The Box and Newt followed. Everyone stopped and looked around. There were chatter of confusion and shock.

"Another Newbie?" Alby asked. "What's going on?"

I ran up to the Box. The other boys and Roxy ran up to the Box.

The alarm stopped blaring after two whole minutes. Everyone was now at the Box. There whispers of excitement and confusion. We must have stood there for bout half an hour. I looked around. I shuddered thinking about my nightmarish trip a few days ago. I think.

Suddenly there was muffled boom signalling that the bizarre lift had arrived. Alby and Newt stepped forward. Newt got the left side and Alby got the right. They lifted the lift doors. I peered in.

"Hey guys, it's another girl" I said looking at them.

"Another one?"

"What does she look like?"

"How old is she?"

"I got dibs!"

I looked in again. Sadness washed over me. The boys looked at me.

"That's not half of it." I said. I looked at them. "I think she's dead."

A couple of boys grabbed some ropes made from ivy and lowered Alby and Newt to retrieve the girls body.

Many Gladers looked solemn and kicked loose rocks.

I bet they were also excited to see the girl. I wondered what she looked like. Gally was one of the boys holding on the ropes, ready to hoist her, Alby and Newt out from the Box-shaft thing.

Alby's voice came from deep from the shaft shouting that they were ready. Gally and some others started pulling up on the rope. A few grunts later they had pulled Alby, Newt and the girl out of the Box. The girl had black hair and pale skin. I saw Thomas gawking at her and elbowed him in the chest. Alby and Newt were kneeling beside the girl. Alby looked up at me.

"Hey Maisie. Does she look familiar at all?" Alby asked. I shook my head. I hadn't seen her before. Suddenly the girl shot up into a sitting position. As she sucked in deep breaths, her eyes snapped open and she blinked looking at the crowd surrounding her.

Alby cried out and fell backwards. Newt gasped and jumped up, stumbling away from her. I jumped up.

"Holy mother of pearl!" I shouted stumbling back.

Newt grabbed onto me and held me close protectively. Hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Thomas didn't move, his eyes were locked on the girl, frozen in fear. Burning blue eyes darted back and forth as she took deep breaths. Her lips trembled as she muttered something, but we couldn't make it out. Newt still held onto me protectively. Then she took in a deep breath and spoke one sentence, her voice hollow and haunted - but clear.

"Everything is going to change."

Then her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she back onto the ground. Her right hand shot up like she was pointing the sky. In her hand was a scrawled piece of paper. Newt let go of me and stepped towards the girl. He pulled her fingers apart, grabbing the paper. with shaking hands, he unfolded it and put it on the ground. I peered over Newt and looked at it.

In black bold letters the note said:

She's the last one. Ever.

Chapter done!

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