Dear Shikamaru,

I've never been one for poetry,

I used to think that it was far too girly,

But things change with the flow of time,

So I think that I'll give it a try.

As sand hit my face this morning,

I cried,

Tears created by sand fell,

And reminded me of you.

Hey cry-baby.

It's been two years since I gave you that name,

Do you accept it,

Or resent it?

Have you thought of me as much as I have thought of you?

The ticking of my clock,

The shadows on my wall,

The clouds floating in the sky,

They all remind me of you.

Do you miss me too?

Anyway Shikamaru, here I am sitting in my bedroom writing this by candle light because I am a weak, spineless human being. One who didn't have the nerve two years ago to speak my thoughts to you. I've been like this since I last saw you. You're constantly on my mind.

I fall when you're not beside me,

Even in my dreams,

I'm not the way I used to be,

No matter how it seems.

You changed me.

Since I left you,

Time has gone slow,

You're everything to me.

Shikamaru, I'm weak without you,

I'm nothing without you.

You're what makes me strong,

And gives me the will to go on.

I miss you,

I need you.

Shikamaru, I'm so very sorry. I wanted to tell you. I was going to the next time I saw you.

I'm leaving on a mission soon. It's going to be tough, even for me. The last kunoichi who attempted it came back to the sand in a body bag.

I'm writing this in case I will never be able to tell you to your face. I'm giving it to Kankuro to send to you if the worst happens. I really hope that it won't turn out that way, I really do.



You made me see,

What this world means to me.

This world is perfect,

Because of you.


My cry-baby.

I can't leave things unspoken,

You have to know,

How I really felt about you.

Shikamaru Nara,

I'm sorry,

I could never tell you,

How much I love you.


Shikamaru felt tears stream down his cheeks as he sat beneath the clouds. He held the letter above his heart and let the tears flow.


Even if I try to deny it,

I am your cry-baby,

I always will be.


You taught me,

That I am free,

When you said,

That's it's okay to shed tears.


Even through the passing years,

I will never forget you,

You need to know,

That I love you too.

Shikamaru held his poem up to the sky and let the wind take it as it ran. He turned his tear-stained face towards the sky, "The clouds could never move... Without the wind."