Reverse the Pendulum

A/N: Okay, I wanted to try out something very different with a couple of characters from Bleach (Ichigo, Shirosaki, Grimmjow and my OC Akira) with a m-preg fanfic and believe me when I say this: I have never done a story with m-preg before and I intend to do just that but with normal pregnancy as well. There will also be a mating season for Hollows (Arrancar, Visoreds & normal Hollows) and the mating pairs will be ShixAki and GrimmxIchi. The first chapter will be in Shirosaki's POV. :D

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Rating: Mature

Warnings: Mpreg, graphic childbirth, mentions of past yaoi, and bad language, normal pregnancy: If I decide to continue this story at some point it will include descriptive matings, but I'm undecided whether this should be a one-shot or a story.

Chapter 1- Mating season

Shiro's POV

Great, just fucking great. I thought as I walked the Garganta passageway from Hueco Mundo to the World of the Living with my friend, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques to find a beta to mate with cos it's fucking mating season fer Hollows. Grimmjow noticed the pissed off look on my face and went "Calm down snowflake, as you will find a sexy beta to fuck" I turned my gold-on-black eyes to my friend when he called me that but the idiot just gave me one of his cocky grins.

When we got there, the Beta phonomones crashed on top of us and it took effect immeadiately as our eyes started to cloud over with want and lust. We sonidoed to the sources of the two scents, while releasing our swords. I took on the form of a large humanoid white lizard with red tribal tattooes on the arms, legs and the tip of the tail while Grimmjow took on a more panther-like his sky blue hair grew all the way to his knees. We nodded before seperating to mate with our designated mates.

I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the most beautiful female lying in a bed and the smell coming of her was definetely the scent of a beta in heat. I felt my erection grow rock solid and it wanted attention right now. I approached her and I managed to surprise her as betas who has just came of mating age are always very easy to surprise, even though they like to play hard-to-get-to and that makes it much easier to mate with them. This one was definetely new to the whole mating thing between the alphas and their chosen betas.

I don't know what made me do it but I just went to her and started placing love nips, licks and hickeys on her skin which caused her to moan. She looked up and saw me, but what surprised me was that the girl started to stroke my pulsing rod and that just caused me to go over the edge, purring at the pleasure. It also caused my white, long tail with a red tip at the end to start wagging like a cat's. Yes lizard Hollows can purr when they are happy or being pleasured.

I pinned the girl onto her bed, after I stripped us both from our clothes, as I moved her legs apart and I began to lick at her entrance which caused her to gasp at the sensation of my blue tongue before I got my manhood in position at the entrance when I slowly began to sheathe the full length of my throbbing muscle into the tight warmth of my chosen's lower abdomen. I groaned at the velvety tightness as my mate shivered in pleasure and I then took in her perfect features.

The girl had shoulder-length crimson hair framing a perfect shaped face which had bright blue eyes with red markings like Grimm's. I drank in her feminine form as my mask's mouth parted with my blue tongue licking the mask's teeth when she moaned.

Suddenly, I felt Grimmjow's reiatsu flare up and I knew he has started to mate with his beta, so I flared mine saying that I'm mating with my beta as well. When I looked at her, she was giving a look saying fuck-me-now-you-fucking-idiot, god I was so tempted into thrust her so hard that her eyes will pop out of her head if she continues to give me that stare.

I moved my face closer to her ears and whispered " What is your name?" the girl looked into my eyes and went " My name is Akira Namikaze, substitute Soul Reaper of Karakura Town, yours." a small smile spread across my face underneath the mask and simply asked " The name's Shirosaki, the 0 Espada. Anyway are you ready to be my mate, Akira."

Akira nodded her head as if she agreed to be my mate so I started the mating ritual with her.

We were at it for I can't really remember how long as I lost count after five minutes but damn she's good even for an unmated beta. Soon the ritual was done and her body spent (mine included). I looked at the mark on her shoulder blade which had a gothic heart with roses surrounding it and when I noticed the mark on my shoulder. It was a small kitsune breathing fire surrounded by lilies, then I stroked the mark smiling that I have a mate who loves me and I saw that I was back in my unreleased form with of course no clothes on.

I picked up my sword, Riz─üdokingu and I placed it back into it's red colored sheath and I got back into my white Espada uniform, oh how I loathe the colour and I will absolutely speak with the boss on this. I look back to my sleeping mate in the bed and I walked over to her face where I lovingly placed a kiss onto her cheek and I smiled when a small smile crept onto her gorgerous face.

I turned round to find Grimmjow standing there and he had a small smirk on his face and he cooed " Well, was she a good find or what Shiro." I sighed " Yes, she was a good find and I'm glad I picked her and anyway who's your beta, Grimm." The smirk turned into a full-on grin and he told " My beta is the orange haired kid called Kurosaki, c'mon let's go home before Aizen chews our heads off for being late for the damn meeting."

I opened a Garganta and we both entered it, while I looked at the peaceful face of Akira as the tear closed completely.

Wow, that was good and anyway this is my first story with m-preg in it so don't flame me okay. Right Grimmjow has claimed Ichigo as his while Shirosaki claimed Akira as his mate. There we go, the whole Alpha/Beta mating doo-darr. Besides Shiro will be back to impregnate Akira and the same goes with Grimmjow imprenating Ichigo. I have Vaerin7 and Briar black death rose to thank for this idea so thanks you two as you are the best. ^^

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