Bianca Meets Casey: The Shocking Case of a Pokémon Thief

By ForgottenPearl

This fanfic draws inspiration primarily from the anime, but the manga and games factor in as well. You should be able to follow it if you're at all familiar with Pokémon. For those of you unfamiliar with Casey, she was a baseball-loving character who appeared in the Johto episodes. In one episode of Chronicles, she met a fellow baseball fan named Georgio. Bianca is portrayed mostly like she is in the anime, only this fanfic pretends that she never met Ash and the gang or caught any other Pokémon. This is my first fanfic, so I hope you enjoy it!

Section One

Bianca was on her way to Nimbasa City, walking on a road surrounded by desert sand. Though she was sweating from the heat, she wore a smile on her face thanks to the three gym badges she had in her green messenger bag. Never mind how many times she had to battle those gym leaders... and never mind the fact that each battle had to be one-on-one since she had only one Pokémon.

She couldn't wait to tell her daddy about the exciting battle she had against Burgh, Castelia City's gym leader. Thanks to her Pignite, taking down his Leavanny hadn't been too difficult.

While Bianca reminisced over the battle, she noticed some sand moving around off to the side of the road. Looking at it closely, she noticed a small yellow Pokémon trudging through it. The creature had a big, round head—topped off with a small red scale—and two oval-shaped eyes. It walked around while holding up its shedding yellow skin, which drooped down as though it were pair of pants in need of a belt.

"It's so cute!" she squealed. "What kind of Pokémon is it?"

Bianca pulled out her Pokédex, a mini-computer that has knowledge of all the Pokémon known to mankind. She pointed it at the Pokémon, and a robotic voice announced, "Scraggy, the Shedding Pokémon. The lower half of Scraggy's body is covered by a tough rubbery skin, and when someone makes eye contact it responds with Headbutt."

"Headbutting someone just for making eye contact?" Bianca asked herself. "Well, it's still so cute!"

Bianca reached into messenger bag to pull out her Pignite's Poké Ball.

"Where is it? It's in here somewhere... Aha! Scraggy, you're mine!"

The wild Scraggy looked up and narrowed its eyes, ready for battle. Bianca swooshed her arm around like an overactive windmill and then let the Poké Ball go. Out came Pignite, her first—and so far only—Pokémon. A big, round, pig-like Pokémon, it sported orange, yellow, and brown colors on its body. Standing upright, it looked like a pig-snouted wrestler just raring to battle.

Bianca was every bit as eager to get the ball rolling. "Okay, Pignite, let's use Flame Charge!" Pignite stomped its feet on the street, swaying back and forth as it said its name again and again. Suddenly, a huge flame burst around its body, and it lunged at the wild Scraggy. Still stuck in the sand, the Scraggy took a direct hit.

"Great job, Pignite!" Bianca called out.

The force of the impact made Scraggy fly through the air for a moment, and it landed on some hard sand, the kind it wouldn't sink into. Frustrated, it crossed its arms and glared at Pignite. And glared, and glared, and glared. It sure didn't look so cute like that.

"What's it doing?" Bianca asked. "Oh, wait!"

She pulled out her Pokédex and put it in Move Finder mode. It announced, "Swagger: The user enrages and confuses the target. However, it also sharply raises the target's attack stat."

Bianca returned her attention to the battle and saw Pignite flailing around as if it were an angry drunk. "No...," she whispered. Then she perked her chin up. "But we've got more attack power! Don't give up. Pignite, use Ember!"

Pignite shot off a spectacular bullet of fire, only it went in the wrong direction. The wild Scraggy laughed, and then it kicked sand in Pignite's face. Pignite squealed as it covered its eyes.

"Sand Attack," the Pokédex announced. "Sand is hurled in the target's face, reducing its accuracy."

Bianca sweated harder, wondering if there was anything else she could do. A confused, inaccurate Pokémon in battle...

"Pignite, try Flame Charge again!" she called out.

Pignite did its best to get its head on straight. Concentrating hard, it burst aflame again and lunged at the Scraggy, who jumped aside casually. Pignite stumbled as it tried to regain its footing. The Scraggy then gave Pignite a hard kick in the legs, making it fall over.

"Low Kick," the Pokédex announced. "A powerful low kick that makes the target fall over. It inflicts greater damage on heavier targets."

But Bianca wasn't listening to the Pokédex. She saw that Pignite was knocked out, so she ran off the main path and into the sand.

Content with itself, the wild Scraggy marched away, holding its shedding skin up.

Bianca knelt down next to Pignite. "I'm sorry I put you through that. It's not like I'll ever catch a Pokémon on my own anyway..."

Her Pignite looked up at her, frowning as it whispered its name. Bianca knew what that meant: "Don't be so hard on yourself." Yeah, she had told herself that after each and every failed capture. Each and every one.

Why didn't she think to use Arm Thrust? That was Pignite's fighting-type move, and it would have worked well against a dark type like Scraggy. She had panicked when things got tough. "Again," she mumbled to herself.

She had Pignite return to its Poké Ball, where it would be safe for now. She knew she had to get it to a Pokémon Center right away. Hopefully, Nimbasa City wasn't too far away.

As she fast-walked down the road, Bianca noticed the wind picking up. The sand started to sting her arms and lodge itself into her blonde hair. She had to put one hand on top of her head to prevent her big, green hat from blowing away, and she had to squint her green eyes. But she trudged through the sandstorm for Pignite's sake.