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Coming home after a hectic day of looking for milk, perfect eggs, and perhaps a new movie, one should be able to expect some time to relax.

Well, this is true if you're an ordinary person who remembers to check the sink before you leave the house.

If you don't do this, though, expect chaos.

Klavier Gavin hadn't meant to leave the sink on.

It was all his dishes' fault, as he had told the cleaners that came to his house every weekend to tidy up the place.

If the dish had not become dirty after he ate off of it, he wouldn't have had to wash it, causing him to forget the sink. This just proved that even the most unfaulty of people could accidentally flood a house.

You're probably wondering what happened after the cleaners came home to what was usually a decent house with minor dust here and there.

"What the heck is this?!"

"Uh... a little spill?" Klavier ran my hand through his ruffled hair, tapping his foot impatiently.

Melinda, his maid, turned to the frazzled prosecutor slowly, giving him a disbelieving glare.

She waved her hands around frantically at the house. "You call this a 'little spill'?! How did this even happen?"

"The dish was dirty, so I had to wash it, making me leave the sink on." Klavier glanced at her, expecting her to twirl around her mop to clean up the house so that he could catch some television.

"You know, I don't appreciate the mockery." he said, crossing his arms, "How long will it take to clean up the house?"

Melinda sighed and rubbed her temples in small circular motions.

"Perhaps a month," she replied, gaining back her cool.

"Oh gosh..." Klavier leaned against the doorway, sighing.

"If you're lucky, that is." she whispered under her breath. Before Klavier could jump up and scream, she gathered her broom and left, laughing loudly.

Now that you have the basic information, we're back here in the present.

Klavier made some quick phone calls, attempting to make some reservations at the hotel nearby.

Sadly, it was fully packed, meaning even bribery couldn't get me a decent room.

The next person he rang up Phoenix and his wife, Maya. After hearing the despairing news that they were busy, he slammed the phone down.

He flipped through his contact list, ignoring most of them since they were random fans.

What could he say.

He was popular.

Klavier smirked despite the events going on. His eyes stopped, his smirk dying quickly.

"Hey Ema!" His voice was becoming surprisingly perky.

He groaned inwardly and started pacing back and forth.

"Klavier? Is that you?"

"Ja." Stopping his walking quickly, he sat himself down on the hood of his car.

"Okay? What do you want?"

He fumbled with the hem of his coat. "Well Fraulein, I wa-"

"Stop it with the whole 'Fraulein' thing."

Klavier sighed and finished with his previous plea. "Well, Ema, I was wondering if I could possibly stay at your house for a month." I cringed slightly while waiting for her reply.

It was dead silent on the other end.


"Listen, I know tha- What?" Ema laughed quietly, though it wasn't hard to tell she found the situation amusing. "Yeah! Come over any time. We'll work things out from there. Kay, bye!"

With that, she hung up, causing Klavier to almost, almost lose his cool.

After shoving his phone into his pocket, he stepped into his drenched house and tried to scavenge what he could.

Luckily, his messy habits proved to save him.

Klavier's guitar sat nice (and dry) on his bed, which was only half soaked.

He grabbed it out and strummed a few strings before slinging it over his shoulder.

He straightened himself out and continued to wade around in the puddles. Psh, living at Ema's house while he got to bug the heck out of her. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as he had thought.

Her house loomed over his head. Well, it would've if he was maybe three feet shorter.

Now, it looked as if he wouldn't be able to walk through the front door without bending down. "

This is your 'house'? " Inspecting it slowly, he aimlessly wandered into the house.

Ema shot him a disbelieving glance before shutting the door behind him. "Does it not suit your taste, your majesty?"

She rolled her eyes and tried to yank the luggage out of his hands.

"No! It happens to be perfect and," he said, loosening her grip on his suitcase, "I can bring my own stuff up to my room."

Klavier looked at her, smiling at her face.

"Suit yourself!" Ema turned around and walked out, but not before throwing a Snackoo at him.

Klavier winced as he picked it off the ground. "Actually, my bags are heavy. Can you bring them up for me?" He waited for her reply, which didn't happen. He sighed and muttered, "I guess that means no."

"So...," Klavier leaned against the counter where Ema was currently chopping up some pickles.

Boy, did he feel bad for them. She spared him a quick glance before continuing with her task. "What is it, fop?"

He decided to ignore her attempt to hurt his feelings. "What do you usually do?"

"Listen," she replied slowly, as if he were a child, "I'm cooking because I don't want to starve."

Ema set down her knife, which Klavier was glad for.

If he misstepped even slightly, he'd be pinned to the wall in an instant. "Oh okay, Fraulein. By the way, why'd you even let me stay here?"

She tried to fight back a smile, taking a step back.

"Well... You need to pretend to be my husband and meet my parents."


That wasn't good.

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