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The rest of the car drive was silent.

Klavier didn't do his part to start a conversation and neither did Ema, so as you can tell, they didn't really get anywhere.

They drove farther and farther away from their supposed "romantic" proposal location.

Y'know, if you call a patch of grass about two feet from a trash can romantic.

Ema silently drummed her fingers on the armrest and resumed staring out the window.

The trees blurred past the windows as they slowly pulled off the silent street onto the freeway.

Finally having some sort of noise to lessen the tension building up in the car, they both took a small breath of relief.

The dark red sign glowed proudly, lighting up the full parking lot, along with some street lights.

Pulling his jacket tighter around his shoulder, he opened the door and stepped out.

Klavier then yanked the door for Ema.

"Thanks," she muttered, shooting him a small smile.

She stepped down and started walking towards the entrance, leaving Klavier to fight the door lock by himself.

"Ema!" Linda waved her over, the bangles clanking against each other loudly.

Klavier followed behind, walking with as much confidence as he could muster.

"Hi Mom! Hey Dad!" she said, smiling hugely.

Greg set down his glass of coffee and gave her a hug.

"Good evening, Linda," Klavier said, nodding his head to her in acknowledgement, "and good evening, Greg."

He slid into the seat next to Ema, mindlessly opening up the menu.

"How are you both?" Klavier folded his hands into his lap.

Greg sighed audibly. "Better before you came, fop."

Geez, it isn't hard to tell who Ema takes after, he thought.

Linda smiled brightly before elbowing him in the gut.

"Great. Thanks for asking."

Ema laughed in amusement and picked up a menu.

"So," Greg said, seemed to have recovered and rested his elbows on the table, "tell me about yourself, piano."

Klavier seemed taken aback. "Piano?"

"Well, that is what klavier means, right? At least the name sounds more appealing than the actual person."

Well, that wasn't blunt at all.

"I am a prosecutor and a guitar player in a band."

Not seeming to care where this was going, Ema continued to stare at some pasta.

Linda folded her hands. "That's nice. Keep going."

Klavier wasn't technically prepared to answer some more questions. How could he brag about his supreme glory and awesomeness? If he started, he'd never be quiet.

"I like llamas!"

Talk about killing the conversation. Why Klavier chose those spitting animals, he'd never know.

"Llamas? Not a dog, cat, but a llama?"

"Well," he started, flipping his hair over his shoulder in nervousness, "Ja. I just love how hypoallergenic, soft, spitty, and flame retardant they are!"

That caught on a few stares.

He didn't usually spew random facts about llamas, but it just happened.

Ema turned to him angrily, finally setting down the menu. "Llamas?! You couldn't talk about your favorite book or something?!"

Klavier glared right back. "It was the first thing that came to my mind, Fraulein."

Linda cast a glance downwards. "Wow, aren't you something, Klavier."

Luckily, by that time, the waitress came to take their order.

Their food was placed in front of them. They were all quite hungry, yet Ema's parents still managed to get the conversation going.

"How did this all happen?" Linda looked to and fro, pointing a fork at them at the same time.

Sharing a not so discreet look, Klavier decided to speak up.

"Well, we were working on a case together one day, Ema accidentally threw her sunglasses at me in disgust. I demanded a treat to compensate for the harm done to my hair."

Ema looked up from her plate, smacking him.

Ignoring her, he continued. "One day, she invited me to her house for lunch and she tripped on a chair and I swooped into my strong, muscular arms."

Linda basically choked in her food, rapidly grasping for her water.

Klavier seemed happy that she was surprised. "Ema then said, and I quote, "'Oh Mr. Amazing, Strong, Beautiful-Haired, Fop. How I did fall for your charms! You are so handsome that I had no choice but to fall in love with you. Please marry me!'"

That didn't end well.

To sum up the scene, Ema spit out her food and stomped on his foot, giving her parents a smile that should've said, "I love my joking husband so much", but instead, it came out as, "I'm being trampled on by a stampede of turkeys".

By the time it was late, they were done with their food and the check was paid, courtesy of Klavier, thank you very much.

As they were getting into their cars, Greg pulled Klavier aside, placing something into his hand.

"I think you'll need this."

Obviously noticing that Klavier was confused, he continued. "You'll get it when you see it."

Nodding and saying bye, he slipped it into his pocket.

After saying some final goodbyes, they got into their cars and drove away.

About halfway home, Ema burst into laughter, jerking Klavier out of his aimless thoughts. "I must say, that was hilarious."

She finally calmed down and smiled at him. "You truly are interesting. It's a good thing you're funny, husband," she joked, punching him slightly before taking out more Snackoos to munch on.

"It's called special. Something I own infinite amounts of."

They finally went their separate ways, Ema reading silently in her room and Klavier watching some television.

Remembering about the piece of paper Greg gave him earlier, he pulled it out, stealing glances at the show playing.

When it was commercial time, he took a good look at it.

"Are you having pride issues with no sense of humor? Do you need a psychologist? Contact us today!"

Very mature, Greg.

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