I Shot the Sheriff

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Ch1: Rough Starts

He tosses and turns something fierce as his deep slumbered body can't seem to get comfortable. By the third roll his subconscious is please as sleep will resume. Then he feels his dog climb onto his bed and lay on his chest, he tries to wiggle an arm free to push his dog off of him, but can't.

At first he thinks nothing of it until he can't free either of them his eyes flutter open as he takes a deep breath, he eyes open wide in shock realizing that it wasn't his dog. He tries to scream seeing a man in all black sitting on his chest and seeing the reflection of the moon on the blade that this person was holding. Before he could even react the person starts swiping, slicing, slashing, and cutting him with the blade, he screams in pain as he tries to free his arms bucking and flailing all while trying to avoid the smooth blade from cutting into his chest and shoulders but failing.

Once his arms were finally free he tried to reach out for the person sitting on his chest and attacking him but his own blood had blinded him. Now with his arms taking the brunt of the attack and whatever was on his chest making strange noises. As blood sprayed, squirted, and covered everything in his room. His lamped, his bed, and his walls covered like something a horror movie scene. He tries to grab the attacker but the man's slippery, and his arms are numb from the pain.

The attack slowed as he heard the person cry out in pain and then he heard his dog barking. He reached up and grabbed the person by the neck and shoved them off of him and his bed. He rolls off his bed grabbing his service weapon from his end table pointing it in the direction he saw the person go as his dog barked loud and angry. The pain had started to set in as he felt the warm fluid drip down his arms and chest, as it dripped onto his legs and bare feet. He sees his dog at the window as he slides down the wall still aiming the weapon fearing the attacker could come back as the room continued to spin. He started to feel dizzy and lightheaded as his hands shook with fear as he still held the gun up trying to fight the spinning room. He gets his belongings, calls for his dog and leaves, looking for safety.

Greg and Sara walked in the lab together debating the creation of zombies. Greg was convinced that the zombie apolcapyse was upon us soon, so Greg took it upon himself to start preparing. Sara thought that Greg was crazy for preparing something that would never happen.

"Hey Nick, what happened to your lip?" Sara chuckled seeing Nick walking towards them paying almost all his attention on his phone. Nick looked up and smiled but it wasn't one of his us smiles.

"Hey guys. I was trying to take to trash out and Sam ran out in front of me and… needless to say I face planted on my stairs…" Nick said stopping, chuckling. Now that Sara could really see him, she thought that he looked terrible like he was coming down with something, but his lip was also split.

"I didn't know they made heroes work?" Greg teased. Nick smiled and shook his head as he continued on his way.


"You didn't hear what happened? We are in the presence of a modern day hero." Greg teased Sara playfully pushed him.

"What happened?"

Nick was going through a Dumpster searching for evidence in an assault case, the victim's wallet was still missing. This whole case didn't make sense to Nick, the supposed attack happened in broad daylight and it was in an upscale neighborhood but usually cases in Vegas didn't make any sense. Nick hopped out striking out again.

"Nothing?" Morgan asked, Nick just shook his head. He hated going through dumpsters because even if you showered you still smelt the garbage.

"Nothing…" Nick sighed taking off his gloves to wipe the sweat forming at his forehead.

"Well, where do you…" Morgan started to say but was interrupted by a blood curdling scream. Their heads, including Officer Mitch's snap towards the noise. Nick looks through the little cracks of the fence and sees a small body floating in the neighbor's pool. "Nick?!" Morgan yells as Nick jumps and pulls himself over the fence without hesitation. Nick falls on his chest and in any other scenario that probably would have knocked the wind out of him but he frantically crawls to his feet and dives in the pools moments before the child's mother does.

Morgan and Mitch run around and run to the pool just as Nick resurfaces with the child. He swims to the shallow end of the pool the mother following him. Nick's boots filled with water and his coveralls weighing him down and his leather gloves ruined. Nick lays the child down and starts CPR, Mitch holds the mother back to give Nick room to work and Morgan calls for an ambulance. Everything seemed so surreal. It was all happening so quick that it was hard to wrap around.

"What do you need me to do?" Morgan asked as Nick continued chest compressions this was his third round of compressions, on the small boy as the mom sobbed in the background.

"Breaths." Nick said flatly almost stoic. Morgan and Nick continued to work in sync waiting for an ambulance or something to come. The mother's sobs only fueling them making them want to save this young boy's life that couldn't be older than eight.

"Come on." Morgan said slightly shaking the boy's face. She gave two more breaths. They had been doing CPR for at about three minutes but felt like three years, but just when they feel muscle fatigue coming the boy starts to cough. They turn him on his side as he starts to open his eyes. Nick pats the boys back smiling looking at Morgan and then the mother. The woman lunges at Nick hugging him.

"Oh my god, thank you!" the mother cries before holding her son close as he continued to cough. Nick and Morgan look at each other feeling the adrenaline and muscle soreness.

"Good work." Officer Mitch said patting their backs.

"Have you seen the sheriff around?" Nick asks Ecklie seeing him in the bull pen.

"No, she has meetings all day and so do I, but why? What's up?" Ecklie asks, usually Ecklie or the sheriff were looking for the CSIs not the other way around, and trying to find the CSIs was like pulling teeth.

"Oh… no its nothing." Nick says waving it off, trying to walk away.

"Good work yesterday." Ecklie said patting Nick on the arm. Nick smiles but it almost looks like a slight grimace, but masked as a nervous awkward smile.

"I had help." Nick said still smiling.

"You dove into the water…" Ecklie said as Nick just tried to down play his involvement. "Hey, either way good work. You don't look so good, do you feel alright?"

""yeah, I think I'm just coming down with something, but I'll be alright." Nick chuckled leaving as he gets a text with crime scene information.

Nick heads to the crime scene with Morgan. Nick soon realized that he really didn't feel well; he knew he was sweating but he felt cool almost cold. He started to feel really nausea but he hadn't eaten anything today because he was nauseas earlier but it has gotten worst. He made up some excuse to go back to the lab hoping that just the cool air conditioned air would make him feel better.

Nick rinses his face with cool water hoping that it too would help. Mind over matter, he could do this, he told himself. He just felt crappy, maybe he should go and rest, but just then he hears the door open and DB walks in the bathroom to wash his hands.

"Hey, you alright?" DB asked him looking as Nick faked a smile.

"Yeah, I gotta stay away from the 99 cent steak and eggs." He chuckled releasing a deep breath.

"Morgan is waiting for you outside. She says that Mandy has your results." DB said Nick took a paper towel drying his face.

"Okay." Nick says continuing to dry his face.

"Good work yesterday both of you. I didn't have a chance to tell you yesterday. You did well, not a lot of people would have reacted the way you did." DB said Nick just smiled.

"Thanks." Nick says leaving the bathroom meeting Morgan outside. Morgan starts telling him about what she's gathered so far but Nick isn't listening just trying to stay focus, as the ground starts to fail under his feet. Nick feels like he's walking on a floating dock struggling to keep his balance. When they walk into Mandy's lab, Mandy pretended to start bowing.

"I'm in the presence of the heroes of Sin City." Mandy teased, Nick grabbed the newspaper off of her computer. There was a photo of Nick and Morgan in there coveralls talking with the paramedics and the title read Heroes of Sin City. Nick shook his head tossing the paper aside.

"Results, Webster?" Nick teased back smiling.

"Well…" she started to explain the results as Nick read her report. Before Nick knew any better the words were unreadable and the room was spinning a lot faster than it was before.

"Nick?" Morgan asked hearing Nick breath funny. Nick started to hear their warped voices and he looked at them but couldn't figure out what to say or do.

"I… I…" Nick stuttered. Mandy put her hands on Nick's shoulders as he started to sway back and forth. Nick drops the report as his eyes roll back.

"Nick?!" Mandy says trying to catch Nick ended up being brought down by him and being stuck under him. Nick's body went limp. Mandy pushes him off as Morgan rolls him over so he is facing up. "Morgan, go get DB." Mandy says to Morgan. Morgan runs out of the lab and Mandy picks up Nick's head dabbing the sweat away from his forehead while begging for him to wake.

"What happened?" DB asked as Doc Robbins follows him in. Doc Robbins kneels next to Mandy and touches Nick's forehead, and a confusing look starts to form across his face.

"DB, his pulse is weak and fast. You need to call for some paramedics." Doc Robbins says as Finn starts to call for an ambulance and DB kneels on the opposite and unbuttons Nick's shirt showing a dark thermal shirt. DB sees a damp spot and touches it and sees blood on his finger tips. The entire room's mood changes within seconds of DB's discovery.

"Is that blood?!" Mandy asks anxious still holding Nick's unconscious head.

"Greg, I have some gauze downstairs bring it up. Morgan, hand me those scissors." Doc Robbins ordered. Morgan nervously handed him the scissors as Greg ran off. Doc cut off Nick's shirt seeing bloody gauze and bandages on his chest and shoulders.

"This is from the break room." Sara said handing DB the first aid kit.

"Hold pressure, Mandy. He's going into shock. DB, find something to put under his feet… Sorry, Nick." Doc says cutting into Nick's sleeve of his shirt finding more bloody gauze. "Oh my god… Where's the medics?!" Doc shouted.

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