LoL New Era

Day one

Newest addition

(This section of the story includes story and appearance for those who do not know the character.)

(Spoiler alert!)

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki, the substitute shinigami.

Species: Human/Hollow (Human soul which remained on earth and lost all humanity)/Shinigami (Human soul that can canalise his spiritual power in a special sword, the zanpakutou.) / Quincy (Human hollow hunter, can canalise his spiritual power into bow and arrows.)

Titles: Substitute shinigami, fullbringer, vaizard, number 0 war threat.

Appearance: Tall and well built, orange short hair, brown eyes, elongated face. When in battle, wears a traditional black kimono and a red satchel, which holds his zapakutou: A cleaver with no guard larger almost as long as he is tall. It's name is zangetsu. Once he achieves bankai, it becomes a much smaller sword, taking the form of a daitõ (an unusually long katana.). Also, his clothing changes to long, slender black coat.


"... If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist. There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong blade, and enough strength... to shatter fate."

-Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is the oldest son from the union of a Shinigami (The soul reapers that carry souls to the spiritual world and slay hollows) and a quincy descendant (Humans with the power to exterminate hollows), having also gained Hollow (Human souls consumed by their torment) powers because of an encounter with one still in his mother's womb. This gave him the ability to see souls from tender age, including the hollow that consumed his mother when he was 9.

It was only when 15 years old that he found out about shinigami, when Rukia Kuchiki lended him her powers to save what was left of his family. That cost a high price though, and she was captured, brought back to the realm of the spirits and sentenced to death by incineration. Ichigo, who had developed a bond with her, decided to invade soul society and save her from that fate. With the support of his friends, who turned out to own/develop their own powers (some independently, some given by contact with himself) Ichigo discovered his own shinigami powers. His sword, Zangetsu, took the form of a giant cleaver with no guard.

With some help of the local population, the group singlehandedly invaded the entire sereitei, soul society's largest and most important zone, witch housed hundreds of shinigamis. After days of hard battles, he was able to extend his blade to its strongest form, the bankai, and save Rukia from certain death. He now awaits the responsible, Aizen, while he hides in the shadows and prepares his next move.

Later on the series, Ichigo learns wit the Vizards (other Shinigamis with hollow powers) how to use that power in his advantage, which comes in the form of a hollow mask.

- Stats and abillities -

(Just for fun, to show how he would be like as a champion in LoL. I will not use it to calculate the result of fights.)


strength IIIIII (60)

Defensive IIIII (50)

Ability power IIIIIII (70)

Attack damage: 53 (+3.3)

Attack speed: 0.72 (+3%)

Health: 400 (+70)

Health regen: 6 (+0.9)

Armor: 30 (+1,5)

Magic resist: 30 (+0)

Mana: 250 (+60)

Mana regen: 4 (+0,75)

Range: Melee (125)

Movement speed: 330

Abillities (OLD):


Protector: Ichigo receives an extra 3 times 1 +1/10th of his level in defense and spell block for each ally nearby (max: 33,6 points.)


Getsuga tenshõ (Q): Ichigo takes a large swing in front of him, launching an energy burst that foes forward 600 units, dealing 90/120/160/200/250 magical damage (+0.6 AP). If the unit hit by this attack dies, the attack carries on to the next target on its way, dealing the remaining damage. This continues until the range is maxed or all damage is absorbed.

Cost: 90/95/100/105/110 mana.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Attack type: Linear travelling skillshot, applies damage to first target (champion or not) hit.

Reiatsu charge (W): Ichigo dashes at the target, dealing 20/25/30/35/40 magical damage (+0.5 AP) to all targets on his way. He then deals 100% of his AD as physical damage plus 50% of his AP in magical damage on his target. All champions hit also receive 30% slow for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

Cost: 80/90/100/110/120 mana.

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

Range: 600 units.

Attack type: Single target.

E: Flash step (a.k.a. The move that Katarina copied): Ichigo dashes towards a location. If there is an enemy within 200 units when he lands, Ichigo gets an 20/25/30/35/40% percent bonus on his attack speed. If there is an ally instead, he receives the same amount as a movement speed bonus. Lasts 3 seconds.

Cost: 60/60/60/60/60 mana.

Range: 450 units.

Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5 seconds.

Enemies have priority over allies.

R: Bankai: Icigo enters bankai, dealing 100/150/200 (+0.9 AP) magical damage on units within 350 units of distance, reducing all cooldown s by 2 seconds and receiving a 40/50/60% bonus in attack and movement speed. His abilities also change, but still scale on the skill's level.

Q: Dark Getsuga Tenshõ: Strikes a powerful wave of destruction that explodes when it hits a champion, dealing 100/130/160/190/220 magical damage (+0.8% AP) to all enemies within 400 units of distance.

Cost: 90/95/100/105/110 mana.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Attack type: Linear travelling skillshot, explodes at first champion hit.

W: Getsuga swing: Ichigo's next hit will deal an extra 100 (+0.3% AP). The attack with also change to true damage and cause the target to knock back up to 300 units, stunning them for one second if they collide with terrain.

Cost: 200/180/160/140/120 mana.

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

(very old) E: Super speed: Ichigo roots himself and swings his sword around him for 3/3.54/4;5/5 seconds, becoming untargetable by single target abilities and ranged auto attacks, dealing 50 (+0.4 AD) physical damage per second.

(Old): E: Super speed: Ichigo roots himself in one position, becoming immune to CC and reducing all damage taken by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds. During that time, he will do 25 (+0.125AD) physical damage every 4th of a second to targets whithin 280 units of him.

Range: 200/220/240/260/280 units.

Cost: 100 mana

Cooldown: 10 seconds after end.

New stats:

Strenght: 70 IIIIIII

Defense: 70 IIIIIII

Ability power: 30 III

Description: Always on Bankai state now. Uses his hollow mask on ultimate now, which is skull-like with red details and turns his eyes into black with yellow irises.

Innate: Protector: Ichigo shines with a blue light of resolve and takes 10/12/15% (at levels 1, 6 and 14) reduced damage whenever an ally has less than 40% HP within 1000 units from him.

Q: Getsuga Tenshõ: Ichigo throws a black and red projectile from his Tensa Zangetsu, Which travels forward until it hits a target, dealing 30/50/70/90/110 (+0.5 Bonus AD) true damage when it hits. Upon reaching a target or is max range the projectile will explode, dealing 100/130/160/190/220 (+0.4 AP) magical damage in a 450 units radius.

Skill type: Linear colliding skillshot (75 units width, 600 units range, 500 units/second travel rate) + AoE damaging skill.

Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana.

Cooldown: 12 seconds.

W: Getsuga Swing: Ichigo empowers his Zangetsu with spirit energy and then strikes, dealing 30/50/70/90/110 (+0.3 bonus AD) bonus true damage on his next autoattack within 5 seconds and applying a 50% movement speed slow for 3 seconds.

Skill type: Autoattack reseter.

Cost: 50 mana.

Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds.

Note: Does not apply to towers.

E: Extreme speed:

Innate: increase Ichigo's movement and attack speed by 10/15/20/25/30%.

Active: Ichigo blinks to a target place within 600 units range of himself, gaining a 10% bonus on damage whenever an enemy champion is within melee range of his landing spot and a 20% movement speed increase whenever there is an ally champion within the same range.

Cost: 100 mana.

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

R: Ultimate: Hollow mask: Ichigo equips his Hollow mask, gaining an extra 20/25/30 armor and magic resist, 10/12/15% tenacity and halving the cooldown of all skills cast while active. This ultimate is a toggle skill with a .5 seconds toggle cooldown and maximum 11 seconds of use. Ichigo begins with 5 seconds available and gains another second of use every 9/8/7 seconds (affected by cooldown).

Cost: 0 mana.

0 cast time.

Note: In order to activate his ultimate Ichigo must have at least 3 seconds available.

Description: Ichigo's kit was my first ever attempt of designing a league champion, so of course it was overloaded and quite honestly as mangled as old Sion. Now that I have some experience to back me up I've realized he is the easiest to convert into a champion during the beginning of the Hueco Mundo arc, where he can be summed up as a quick real-damage-based melee fighter with great tanking potential that can be very scary to face against if he times his ultimate just right and damn near unkillable whenever there's a wounded ally around him. This new Ichigo should be built AD bruiser on top lane (AD caster mid?) and has an easy time dealing with squishier top-laners that can't blind him such as Aatrox, Kennen, Quinn and Jayce. He is countered best by HP stackers and blinders such as Olaf, Sion, Quinn and Teemo.

Tips and tricks:

Playing with Ichigo:

- Whenever and enemy laner is going aggressive on you, try to use your getsuga in a place where you can also clear his minion wave to increase aggro on your foe.

- Getsuga Swing is better leveled last as it has little to offer but CC early on but scales very well later on the game.

- Cooldown is an optimal stat to build on Ichigo, as it buffs up his skill synergy quite a bit.

- Building items that slow or buff movement speed is a must if you are focusing on damage to help prevent kiting.

Playing against Ichigo:

- Ichigo's passive effect is an useful way to detect ganks and traps, but it only works if his allies are low.

- Ichigo's Q is his main damaging ability but also his only wave clear; pressuring him into using it on minions is a great way to set a favorable trade.

- Punish Ichigos who don't buy mana or mana pots in lane by building defensive and trading constantly – he should go oom pretty quickly.

- It is important to focus Ichigo first or last in any team fight – Any other option would make it easy for him to capitalize on the passive damage reduction.

Bleach arc

Chapter one: Stronger.

A gigantic creature roamed though the streets of Karakura, Japan at night. To most humans, though, it would be unnoticeable until too late. Its appearance reminded a disfigured joint of cold, dark reiatsu, whose only recognizable trait was its mask: a deadly white protection forever enclosed in a malicious grin. The story of the soul that formed that Hollow and what kept it on earth is irrelevant to it now. All that mattered was satisfying its craving for more souls, for more power. And, without a conscience to hold that beastly hunger, there was nothing to stop it.

Nothing, except for Ichigo Kurosaki. He approached the creature in leaps and bounds, eager to finish it quickly. Otherwise, kon might end up doing something stupid with my body, he thought to himself. From his back, he removed his giant cleaver, Zangetsu, and carried it by his side. Seconds later, the monster appeared between two buildings. It turned to him and shouted a vicious roar, one which paralyzed all civilians in fear within a few dozen meters.

But the Hollow would not intimidate Ichigo so easily. In a swift, deadly cut, he went though the Hollow, splitting its mask in two. The creature quickly vanished, the souls stored within brought safely to the spiritual world, freed of their sins as a hollow. Ichigo guarded his cleaver and returned to his home, all while failing to break the slightest sweat. After the quick, humiliating match with Aizen, all other enemies seemed pitifully weak. I'm not getting any stronger this way. There must be better training.

Once home, he returned to his human body, and Kon to his usual home, a stuffed lion. He opened his sliding cabinet to report to Rukia, only to find it empty. Ultimately, he had been forgetting that she left, as if he tried to wish it into never happening. Not much after he close it, someone knocked heavily at the door.

"Who is it?"

"Who do you think it is, you moron?" Isshin Kurosaki, his father, exclaimed. "You alright there? You've been in there for the longest time!"

"Yeah, I'm just doing homework."

"You've been doing 'homework' alone in your room a lot more often since you met that girl Rukia." His father replied, forcing a suggestive tone. "Is there any... 'relation'... between those two?"

Ichigo had no good answer, so he remained in silence.

"I always knew you were just as a ladies' man as I once was." Isshin said, and his smirk could almost be heard trough his voice. "You should just go head and tell her. It's better for you to just ask it rather than waiting for something to happen."

"I'll think about it." He replied.

Left to his own silence, Ichigo dressed onto his pajamas and began actually finishing the day's exercises, whilst thinking about Rukia. Wait a second, He realized, Shouldn't Rukia have faded away out of dad's memory? Lost in that thought, he remained oblivious to the powerful arcane magic canalizing around him. Only Kon did notice and, in an attempt to help, thew himself at the shinigami to warn him.

Whilst that happened, on a Summoner chamber back in Runeterra, Istvaan channeled the powerful spell. His skin was covered in runes of incredible power, which shone white from his skin. Ancient summoning marks were infused on the ground around him, and leaked a magical power so compressed that it was visible, a sight which would only be described as silver dust rising like steam. Far and in safety, the counselors and some of the champions awaited; between those, there were some of most famous figures of the league, such as Garen, Lux, Katarina, Cassiopeia, Darius, Draven, Shen, Kennen, Akali and many others, side by side, their differences put aside for the magnificence of the event.

Old chants that seemed to be voiced by a thousand souls emanated from Istvaan's throat, reverberating on the chamber. As time passed, the temperature inside rose, and the chants became louder. Light began to increase on the center of the summoning circle, an empty space reserved for the champion to be. It quickly became too much for anyone but Lux, the mage of light, to see anything in front of them. Only she would see the portal to the void opening and bringing the chosen hero to Runeterra.

Of course, after so many promises of Istvaan about the blademaster's might, most people expected something slightly more imposing than a teenager in striped pajamas. Ichigo looked around, displaying his most surprised face. Since he was in a sitting position, it didn't take long untill he fell, holding himself with his arms behind his back. A moment of silence was made, partly from the greatness of that moment, partly from the surprise by both parties. Istvaan planned on welcoming the champion, but he was exhausted by the channeling, and lost his senses quickly after.

"Why... Are... You... In... My... Room?" The substitute shinigami asked, as fast as he could manage. He then got back in standing position, and looked around. "Actually... Why I'm NOT in my room?" Lux, being the only person who watched the summoning and still had her vision, took a glance as Istvaan, then faced the new champion, sporting her most innocent smile and tilting her head:

"Welcome, Itchy-go, the substitute shenanigan, to the fields of justice!"

"Not interested." He answered, dryly. What the hell did she just call me? "I just want to know why I am here, and who did it."

"I think I might like this one." Said Katarina. She placed her hand in an extremely hurt Lux and passed in front of her, facing the shinigami with a hint of interest. "You were brough here by that old man lying near you. You, by your own mertis as a fighter, has been summoned to fight the best and brightest to bring glory to you and..." She looked down for a moment, surprised. "...Why there is a stuffed lion in my chest?"

"Oooh..." Said Kon, completely oblivious to what took place around him.

"That's kon. He is a mod soul, an artificial intelligence." Ichigo Said. "Has a crave for sniffing girl's boobs. Beatings are encouraged.

"So small..." He mumbled. "Yet so soft..." It was only when he glanced up that the mod soul noticed a furious glare.


"...As I was saying..." Katarina said, scraping her boots on Kon and rearranging her top. "Here, you'll have the honour of representing your dimension in these fields, serving as its champion."

"Not interested." He answered. "How long until the old man wakes up and brings me back?" Garen, outraged by the casual refusal, approached Ichigo and pulled him by the side of his pajamas, rising him into the air.

"You obviously haven't understood the meaning of all this." Garen said. "As the chosen of your dimension, it is your duty to protect its honour to the death. If you're half the man Istvaan told us you were, you will show us your power. Unless, of course, it's all a big fluke and you're just a scared kid."

"I don't care about defending 'the honor' of Karakura." Ichigo explained, escaping the might of Demacia's grip."Because the city is in danger, and I must protect it. If I don't go back, the will be no city to represent".

"Worry not, to be champion." Said Istvaan, still laid down. Without the use of his hands, his upper body slowly rose into a seating position, as if pulled by invisible strings. "I can bring you back to the exact time you were with my spells. To others, it would seem you were the same. Except..." His green eyes shone for a second, as he knew the Shinigami would bend to that exact word. "Stronger."

This time, there were no dry, rude answer, but actual meditation upon the offer. Wouldn't be that only word, Ichigo would still be battling them, refusing energetically any other offer. However, that only word changed things dramatically, as it called upon his inner hollow and its thirst for more power. That, in addition, would be beneficial to Ichigo himself, who still held an ever-growing grudge towards Aizen's unstoppable strength, and still felt unprepared to their next meeting.

"I'll join, then." Was his final answer.

"Stand back everyone. This moment will make history..." Said Draven, approaching the shinigami next, and extending his hand. " ...Because I am here to receive you. Welcome, champion, to the League of Draaaaven."

"Draven?" Ichigo asked. Altough he was not particulary fond of a handshake, he obliged. "Is that your name?"

"No, no, no." He said, shaking Ichigo's hand vigorously. "Pay attention now." Releasing right hand, Draven slowly pulled his hair back with it. "Draaaaven."

"Draven." Ichigo replied. If everyone on this place is like this, I'll get mad before I get stronger.

"Close enough." Noxus' executioner then left, with the words: "Draven's making an exit."

"Don't bother with Draven." Said Garen, placing his sword on the ground."You'll get plenty of chances to kill him. For now, you will need a guide to help you understand how the matches work. I will bring you to your guide, the person Istvaan considered as the most similar to you in fighting tactics."

Ichigo put Kon inside his pajama and they left the chamber. Passing through enormous halls and corridors made of strong, solid and well crafted stone, they turned in all directions, as if travelling a maze. Pillars surged from the wall, arching on the ceiling. They interspersed with cedar door two mans tall and three mans large. And in the floor, immense tapestries displayed the runic wars of old, from the time in which there was no League of Legends.

"So, what is your name again?" Ichigo asked, irritated by the silence.

"Garen, the might of Demacia." He answered, taking a glance after him. "I've never seen a name similar to yours, Ichigo Kurosaki."

"It means 'the one that protects', or 'who protects one thing'." The shinigami explained.

"Funny." Garen commented. "Ahri told us your name meant 'strawberry'." Ichigo was about to complain about that denomination, but he was interrupted. "Here we are." The might of Demacia opened the large door with ease, and pushed Ichigo into the room. "This an deactivated arena. When you feel ready, tell your professor and she will inform the summoners."


But he had no answer as the door behind him closed with a he watched around, he was on top of a small plateau, surrounded by stone towers in ever side but forward. In front if him, a large world presented itself, with an immense pine forest, as far as he could see. And right in front of him, a few meters forward, there was an huge blue and grey building with a round base and crystals that seeked the sky. At the center, a particularly large diamond-shaped crystal emitted a light beam larger than Ichigo himself. Momentarily stunned by the nexus, he failed to notice a small yordle with a leather cap that approached him.

"You must be the new champion." The little creature. Said, energetically. "Are you looking for Riven?"

"I'm looking for a girl." Explained the shinigami "Probably one that wields a big sword. Does that Riven fit in?"

"Well, kind of..." Said the shop keeper, tilting his head, unsure of what to answer. "She's behind that building in front of you, the nexus. Go see it for yourself."

Ichigo nodded and advanced. Once he was alone, he noticed he still was wearing his pajamas. He drew Kon out of it; the black marks of Katarina's boots were still spreaded through his body. He removed the pill from the stuffed animal, and swallowed it. His soul then left his body, wearing the usual black kimono and with Zangetsu on his back. Ichigo's body was still moving, though, controlled by Kon.

"Stay here, and behave for one second." Ichigo said. "Try not to break anything, specially my bones."

"That redhead was really strong..." he complained, rubbing his head. "It's still hurting."

Ichigo circumvented the nexus, however all he found was a small white-haired girl sleeping calmly by a broken sword. Is she my trainer? She doesn't even have a sword!

"Hey, you." Ichigo said. "Are you my trainer?"

"So you're the guy that Istvaan brough." She said, examining him through a barely opened eye. "Yes, it's my job to see if you're fit to our league, and maybe teach you a thing or two about matches." With an agile jump, she put herself back into her feet, and grabbed her sword stub. "Let's start with basics. Attack me."

Without hesitating, Ichigo drew his sword from his back and charged, swinging downwards with zangetsu. With a swift move, Riven blocked it, not without some difficulty. From then on, the swords danced, Zangetsu attacking mercilessly, and the broken sword defending most swings. The ones that past, though, failed to hit the girl's swift, agile body and cut through thin air. They kept their rhythm for half a minute, then with a stronger clash both fighters were pushed away, and began circumventing each other.

She does know how to use that stub, Was Ichigo's rather surprised conclusion.

"After this ends," Said riven, advancing for another series of clashes, "You'll be presented with the matches, witch are the main objective of the League of Legends." As the swords connected, the opposing energies, Ichigo's blue and Riven's green, could be seen fighting for dominance. "You will enter a field just like this one with another four champions. The arena is almost mirrored in the other side, and there will be other five champions that oppose you. You must work and grow with your team, amassing enough power to defeat your foes and destroy their main structure, this nexus you see, while protecting you own."

After another short break, Ichigo let loose an Getsuga Tenshõ: Riven dodged it to the side, with few inches to spare.

"During that process, you will get yourself killed, and your enemies too, several times. That is part of the game, and you will be resurrected soon after, but it sets you back and causes the champion that killed you stronger. So, by all means, survive and kill your enemy as often as you can."

While hearing carefully, he attempted a flash step to the right of Riven and attempted an swing. A green ring of energy was expelled from her body, leaving him paralysed for less then a second. He barely blocked a swing coming for his neck, and retreated.

"You will grow by two methods: by experience, when you help kill enemies or neutral monsters die near you, and gold, which you can get by many ways. First, by aiding or killing an enemy champion. Second, by dealing the last hit on the enemy troopers, small creatures that aid each side in their advance. Third, when someone on your team, including you, slays a dragon or a tower. You also get small amounts of gold as time passes. Once you have enough, you can buy powerful items at the shop and channel their power to you, making you stronger. Only then you should approach the enemy towers: They can hurt you badly, even kill you. Destroy them, and the building called inhibitor, and the victory is almost assured.

Frustrated for not having any effect on Riven, Ichigo let out a series of Getsuga Tenshõ's, but she dashed through them, a shield of green runes protecting her from the attacks.

"Now, unleash your full power, and I'll do the same."

Already eager to do it, Ichigo rose his sword to the height of his shoulder. As the energy flew through him, his eyes began glowing blue and he shouted:


A pillar of dark energy rose to skies, and a small explosion of black and red covered him. Before it dissipated, he flew through, too fast for the regular human to see, with his Tensa Zangetsu ready to strike. But he was received with equal power, as Riven's sword was now in full size once more, taking the form of a gigantic sword, its cracks shining with green energy. The swords hit one another, displacing a massive amount of air. Faster than before, they continued the battle, still in a tight match of skills.

"All enemies have a stronger power, which usually takes long to set and can only be used after some experience has been collected. You are no exception to this. Be careful of them, most can easily turn the game in a second. Mostly, that covers the basics. Now on positions. There are four possible paths you can start at, to gain power. Your set of skills should allow you to go in three of them. The easiest to you will be top lane, were you'll fight a bruiser, like me. Your job in that place is to try and kill him, and kill as many enemy troops, also known as creeps or minions, as possible. There will be a pathway to the middle lane, one which you should be wary of, because an enemy or an ally might appear at any second, to score a kill. You have to keep yourself aware at all times and grow into a powerful close fighter, taking as well as dishing out damage. You will probably start most fights." They both stepped back, breathing heavily. Their abilities were reaching their end. "That's enough for your first match. Are you ready?"

"I'll find out in the fight." Was the shinigami's answer.

"Perfect answer." She replied, with the shadow of a smirk. He is, without a doubt, ready for the challenge.

As Tensa Zangetsu began emanating a black stream of energy, the runic sword began glowing even brighter. Both swords arced, launching a projection of energy each, one green, one red and black. The waves collided, slicing through each other and hitting both sides. Ichigo was launched with strong force against a nearby tower, crushing its base. However, he managed to shrug it off with a small burn in his chest. Riven, at the other side, had managed to partially dodge it, sustaining a deep cut on her arm. She did not seem worried, though.

"Until, next time, Ichigo Kurosaki." She said. "If everything goes well, you might be quite an opponent next time we meet." After she left the arena, heading for her quarters, her arm spasmed in pain, forcing her to grab it. That attack is indeed very deadly. That Istvaan might actually have had a good idea.

With Riven's exit, it seemed like Ichigo was left with himself, no destiny to go. However, something felt...wrong. A strange magic seemed to involve him, like rain, falling softly on his skin and sliding to his feet. Gravity seemed to quickly lose strength, and soon he was no longer touching the ground. What the... Was all that he had time to think, before all that he could see was light.

"Ichigo?" Kon asked. "Ichigo, were are you? What should I do?" He asked shouting.

However, his soul was quickly calmed down. A beautiful music, coming from behind the nexus, called for him, as if it promised that everything would be safe. Kon slowly circumvented the building, and found Sona playing her ethwahl at the other side. What his ears couldn't convince him to do, his eyes did, and he let himself go at Sona's lap, his eyes gleaming intensively and himself completely oblivious to everything else. Sona smiled softly. Looks like he took a shine on me.

"I'm in heaven..." He said in profound ecstasy.

Not far from there, Ichigo felt gravity's power once more, arriving at a place very similar to the plateau he was before, but with his face first. After he managed to regain his senses, he noticed that Riven had instructed him correctly: Four other champions were around him. There was a small yellow-eyed creature wearing purple clothes and a magician's hat, carrying a fit staff in his overly sized metal hands; A giant golden steel creature, with steam escaping from his back constantly; A blonde man in brown and gold clothes, with several belts on his waist and aviator goggles on his head; and a purple insect-like creature with long and twisted arms sporting inverted blades and sickly green eyes.

"Hey, it's that new guy!" Said Ezreal, extending his hand with a slight smirk. "This must be your first match, am I right?" Although still offset by shaking hands, Ichigo gave up and shook his hand once more.

"Yes. Riven told me I'd better go in the top lane."

"So this is the new champion?" Asked the small creature, in a high pitched voice. "Consider yourself lucky you won't face my evil... this time!" With that, he left to the middle lane.

"Don't care about Veigar, he just hates tall people." Explained Ezreal.

"Stay smart, prey." Said Kha'zix, briefly before disappearing between the lanes, in the pine forest. "I'll be there to ambush your enemy, but the other team will attempt the same."

"Blitz pull, you kill. Later." Said the steel creature.

One by one, the champions left to their lanes. Soon enough, Ichigo was left alone with the shop keeper in the plateau.

"30 seconds until minions spawn!" A feminine voice came from above, reaching the entire forest.

"So, what are you waiting?" Asked the shop keeper. He seemed the same person he met before, but it couldn't be possible.

"Riven told me to buy items, but I'm not sure what.

"That's been taken care of, kid." Replied the yordle. "Your summoner does that for you."

"My what?" Ichgio asked. No answer came.

With only one thing to do, Ichigo took a deep breath and took the top lane, running through a large path of dirt. Every few meters, a large tower of his team stood watch, an imposing presence. And, to his right, the dark forest awaited, as if it carried dozens of enemy monsters ready to attack. But he wouldn't fall back, it was too late to do so. When he reached the third and last tower of his lane, the feminine voice announced once more:

"Minions have spawned!"

In front of him, there was a small grassy field with a slightly different tower on its other side. To the left of that, two strains of tall grass blocked his view of what lurked behind it and to the right there was an river and another bush, darkness blocking his view of the middle lane. Beyond all of that there was the enemy tower, the crystal in its top shining in power. For the moments to come, everything seeming unnaturally quiet, as if the enemy had not managed to reach the location. But soon enough he could hear, both in front of him and behind, the minions marching fearlessly to meet certain death.

Soon, they appeared: Small hooded creatures, some armed with shields and swords, others a magic staff that launched small projectiles. An equally matched fight took place before him, as the shields clashed and projectiles flew from one side to the other. There was not, though, any champion in sight. Still on guard, Ichigo charged an injured troop, swinging his Zangetsu downwards to finish him.

As soon as his sword hit the target, a spear came from inside the tall grass, and he glanced at the culprit: It was a man in a spartan armor set, wielding an aegis and another spear. The spear came fast as lighting towards him, scraping his chest. He fell back, adrenaline rushing, and watched his opponent kill all minions in his way. A chance appeared when there was nothing between the two champions, so Ichigo swung his zanpakutõ and a wave of energy was launched towards his foe.

"Getsuga Tenshõ!" Screamed Ichigo.

Pantheon tried to escape, but he wasn't fast enough: The energy wave hit him, forcing a quick withdraw. Taking the chance, Ichigo slashed at the enemy minions as best as he could, killing about half of the ones he hit. The enemy champion also approached and they stood a few meters from each other, decimating all troops to get in their range and exploring each other's tactics. They kept this standoff until a near enemy troop died, causing Ichigo to feel a small surge in his strength. Deciding to engage, he used flash step at his foe and swung his Zangetsu. However, his sword only connected with the enemies' shield, not seeming to have done any damage at all.

"Do not provoke me." Said Pantheon.

As a response, he jumped upon the Shinigami with his Aegis, blacking him out for a second. He also hit him with his spear and, as Ichigo tried to withdraw, was hit by another tossed spear. Sustaining heavy wounds, he remained a safe distance behind, doing his very best to think of a way to fight back. I need to find a way to pierce his shield, but I can't get too close to him. I'll have to use my Getsuga Tenshõ, but for how long can I keep up? When everything seemed at its bleakest he felt another power surge. It's as if his wounds were slowly, yet steadily, closing. Not only that, he saw something of interest, one which changed it all.

"I am going to cut you, no matter what!" Screamed Ichigo, charging toward his enemy. A trace of energy was left behind him, killing the minions on his way.

Pantheon raised his shield once more, blocking the attack, but he was met with a point blank getsuga tenshõ and a flash step strike at his back. They began a fierce fight, as spear crossed with sword. However, Pantheon still had more life than Ichigo, and it seemed like he had the complete advantage. He didn't expect, though, the enemy's team Kha'Zix leaping at him furiously. Without difficulty the duo defeated the enemy Pantheon.

"First blood!" Screamed the narrator woman, almost in ecstasy.

"Not bad." Said Kha'zix, retreating to the bush. "Return to recover and stay sharp. The enemy jungler is none less than... Rengar." He said as if he was ingesting poison.

Reluctantly taking Kha'zix's advice, Ichigo began retreating. However, when he reached his tower, the same magic that brought him to the arena reappeared, impeding any movement. Instead of taking him to another place, though, it took him to the plateau he wanted to reach, faster than he would by simply running towards it. And it was, indeed, rewarding to go there: All his wounds closed in mere seconds, and he felt like an outward source channeled more power through him. Ready to go in another fight, he ran even quicker than before towards his lane. After having traveled half the distance, he heard the woman once more:

"An ally has been slain. Enemy double kill!"

Knowing the situation was bleak, the rush of combat took him whole, and it felt like nothing could stop him. He hit the lanes again and with another power surge began violently pushing his advance, slaughtering enemy troops without regard. The enemy Pantheon sit and watched, seeming helpless against the shinigami's force. Falling easily into the trap he pushed his assault force all the way to the enemy's tower.

It was then that a devastating roar invaded the lane. As if called by the shout, he came.

Coming from an unsuspecting bush in the river, a huge white lion carrying an oversized hunting knife fell over him. His blade tore through his defences, blacking the shinigami's vision in pain. Not one of fear, though, he clenched his sword and began fighting back, as both blades seemed to ignore each other to seek its foe's flesh. After a violent struggle, the enemy jungler fell back, wounded. Even further injured and exhausted, Ichigo thought it was the end. But when he glanced at the enemy tower, all he saw was Pantheon's spear flying right at him.

"You have been slain!" Was the last thing he heard.

As cold metal pierced his chest, everything began pitch black. He could not be sure of how much time he spent dead, but it felt like less than an instant. He was once more on the plateau, and although he had the same power as before it was certain that his enemy was going to be considerably stronger.

"An enemy is on a killing spree!" The woman announced.

Frustrated with his defeat, he rushed as fast as he could to the battlefield, his eyes shining with intense blue. I need my bankai. However, it seemed like there was not enough power yet to trigger it. Just a little more...

Finding Pantheon damaging his tower, Ichigo ran at him and began fiercely attacking him, pressuring him back into the middle between the two towers. From the ground, in the bush near the river a totem rose from the ground, giving him extended view into the dark path. I won't fall for it twice. As the units came and died in the battlefront, Ichigo's strength only grew, as well as his opponent's. Still, there wasn't much difference between their powers, and it seemed like it would remain like that.

However, with one last minion kill Ichigo felt that he was ready. After a quick check of the river path he ran into pantheon and delivered the full force of all his attacks. He was meet with a stronger force than his own, and it seemed like a suicidal approach. But he was ready for that: In response of the challenge, his Zangetsu began glowing white with massive spirit energy. With a quick step forward, he positioned himself between pantheon and his tower, raised his sword to his shoulders' height, and screamed:


A burst of energy came from Zangetsu, killing all troops around him and hurting Pantheon. From the remains of the explosion, Ichigo held Tensa Zangetsu. With a deadly swing he launched his Dark Getsuga Tenhsõ directly into his foe. He ferociously followed into the first hit delivered a series of attacks so fast that turned his sword into a dark blur. It was too much for the enemy, who fell back: He was instantly teleported into his tower, out of reach for him. But Pantheon had one last trick on his sleeve: He crouched, and as power took over him, leaped into the sky, disappearing from sight. For a moment, silence took over. It was broken, though, by the narrator:

"Enemy Double kill!" She exclaimed. "Killing spree!"

Still not understanding what was happening, Ichigo fell back just in time to avoid Rengar's engage, and after expelling him out of his lane fell back to base. He took a short rest, adapted to the new power that was being channeled to him and was about to leave, when the small creature from before appeared at the base.

"Keep that Pantheon under control!" He shouted, angered. "He killed me and Kha'zix. Kill him or we'll lose!"

"I won't let him escape twice." Ichigo said, and left.

For the next few minutes, the fight was kept the same, as he made quick skirmishes with Pantheon, managing to keep up. Even with his Bankai, all fights were close calls and usually ended with both heavily injured. However, with each strike Ichigo felt his wounds closing. His enemy did the same, and they kept the rhythm, waiting for an certain opening. None of the junglers came anymore, too occupied with other, more critical lanes and in countering themselves.

"An enemy has been slain." Exclaimed the announcer.

But then, came the chance: The enemy, having lost his shield to an earlier attack, Pantheon moved forward to kill a troop. Ichigo's health was slightly higher, and that was all that he needed. he activated once more his Bankei and engaged in an intense close quarters fight, managing to deal enough damage to force his enemy to retreat to the tower. That tower protects him so well... is it really that strong?

Fearless, Ichigo advanced, attacking his opponent mercilessly. The tower projectile was extremely powerful, but he was able to slay Pantheon and escape with a minimal amount of life by going forward and then turning into the forest, heading to the river with a small path between the pines.

"You have slain an enemy."

Midway towards the middle of the arena, however, he felt it before it was too late: The enemy jungler, Rengar, was coming for him. Attempting to outsmart him, he turned left instead, going for the enemy's middle lane, and hopefully trough the middle towers unscathed.

When he approached the entrance, he felt lighter than air for a moment, and in the next moment had blinked through a few meters, escaping the tower's projectile. Just like pantheon. As his Bankai faded, he went into the other side of the jungle and turned right. Anxious, he searched left and right, and found his enemies: A woman in black armor and long white hair approached from his right; From the left, came a purple female Satyr with a curved horn in her forehead and a small, furry creature in a boy scout suit.

When the end seemed certain, reinforcements came.

His entire team came at his direction, an unstopabble force. Both teams clashed, their powers flying from one direction of the other. Ezreal shot bolts of energy towards Soraka, which was injured and forced to leave the fight. Veigar stunned the enemy's Diana and Rengar and shot dark spheres into them. Blitzcrank punched enemies up and hit the enemy team with lightning, and Kha'zix engaged Rengar in a toe-to-toe fight.

The enemy team, however, had their payback. The enemy Diana pulled Kha'zix and Veigar into range, and they faced the fury of her blade and Rengar's in a violent exchange. The enemy Teemo approached, ready to unbalance the odds. It seemed unlikely at best for Ichigo to be of any help without getting killed, but Blitzcrank launched his right hand through allied and friendly lines, pulling the enemies' Teemo towards him. The shinigami still remembered his words: Blitz pull, you kill. Without hesitation, he attacked his foe striking with Zangetsu. The champion counter attacked, hitting him with one dart that didn't seem to do much damage, and the robot with several hits, which injured him greatly. He seemed to fall too quickly to kill anyone, though.

With a loud shout, Ezreal used his ultimate, shooting a large arc of arcane magic than severely injured the enemy team. Victory was certain as Kha'zix dented through their defenses, killing Diana, but Soraka dived in once more and managed to heal Rengar twice. That costed greatly to her, as she was quickly killed by the Void Reaver.

"An ally is on killing spree!" The announcer screamed, in ecstasy. "Double kill!"

However, their team was severely harmed, and fighting a healed Rengar. With no mercy, he leaped on Veigar, then onto Kha'zix and Blitzcrank, killing them in a few seconds. But, with the help of Ezreal's bolts, Ichigo managed to keep him back, and forced him to retreat.

"Double kill! Enemy triple kill! An enemy's champion is on rampage! Screamed the announcer..

"Not bad." Said Ezreal. "We managed to win this team fight, somehow. Keep it up."

Ichigo tried to nod, but noticed something had just showed up in his path. Before he could do anything an invisible mushroom blew up from below, killing him slowly. Who put that there? It hurts so much... The shinigami's vision blacked out. When he came back once more, his team awaited for him.

"Come on!" Said Ezreal. "You'll come with us now. This time, you've gotta start it all. Run for the target you killed before, and we'll go in right after you."

"Oh, and try not to die this time." Said Veigar, sarcastically imitating Ezreal's voice.

Ichigo nodded, and they charged together in the middle lane, exterminating all minions on the way, and taking down the first tower. Strangely, there was no response from the enemy team. Taking that advantage, they began attacking the second tower as fast they could. But it was then that the entire enemy team engaged them, coming from behind. A larger battle took place, but this time they were surrounded. Lost in the confusion, Ichigo could not find the little creature that shot poisonous darts, so he advanced at his foe, Pantheon. Their weapons clashed, and they mercilessly attacked each other. It seemed like it would end in a tie.

Far away, he heard Ezreal and Veigar's dying screams. Their team, suddenly much weaker, was forced to make a quick escape, with a frenetic pursuit of their rivals. He, Kha'zix and Blitzcrank barely escaped, running into the jungle and returning to their bases. As they lost important seconds recovering, tough, two of their towers fell by the enemy charge, which approached the last tower.

Running as fast as he could, he busted in their lanes and engaged. Even with his bankai, it was a hard fight, and he came close to dying, but in the end they were forced to retreat. Exhausted by the constant fights, Ichigo buried Zangetsu into the ground, fell to one of his knees and leaned on it, breathing heavily.

"Don't worry, you're doing well." Said Ezreal, approaching the damaged tower, trying to cheer him up with a tap into his shoulder. "Go back, take a deep breath, and let's try one more time."

"Don't go at their melee!" Fumed Veigar. "You should kill their weak targets first."

"Which ones?" The shinigami asked.

"The two girls and the yordle." Explained Kha'zix. "They are the ones that fall faster."

From then on, the teams began a complex dance, pushing and retreating as they attempted to whittle each other's lives and find an opportunity to initiate. They took turns, and as each member of the team was hurt, he retreated and strengthened himself, preparing for the decisive fight. Some of Ichigo's team members attempted to push other lanes, but the enemy Rengar made quick work of them, becoming stronger with each kill. When the shinigami felt his power near its limit, Kha'zix suddenly grew wings from his back, and stopped moving for a moment.

"Engage now, Ichigo." He advised, in a dark tone. "If I kill Rengar, the battle is over. The hunt is on!"

With the permission from all the team, Ichigo went with full force against his foes, with nothing in his mind but Teemo. As he charged, a path of energy slowed and damaged all the enemies between him and his target, allowing his team to engage. This time, he did not see anything around him, only focusing on that particular enemy. Halfway through his attacks, he activated his bankai. Although his foe's attacks damaged him greatly, but he felt stronger for protecting his team, and managed to kill him while still able to fight. However, it seemed far too late.

Amidst the battlefield, Kha'zix's head could be seen, only removed from his body. Rengar's hand held him, and with a mighty roar, he quickly turned the tide of every battle, killing all allies but Ichigo.

"Enemy quadra kill!" announced the woman. "An enemy is legendary!"

Running as best as he could and teleporting once more, Ichigo used the speed of what was left of his Bankai to return to the relative safety of the last tower in the lane. Quickly, four enemies approached, a force too strong for him to detain alone. Everything seemed to have snowballed out of control, growing into an irreversible state like an avalanche. Only one thing could work now.

"Hey, you!" He shouted, pointing at Rengar. "You're Rengar, right? I want revenge for killing me that time. Let's settle this before this match ends: You and me."

The push halted, every single champion stunned by the challenge.

"No one ever asked for something like you did just now, fresh meat." Said Rengar, approaching the tower's range limit as his team mates retreated. "Since this battle is won, I'll accept this challenge. Should you be a worthy opponent, your head will adorn my wall."

Without waiting another second, Ichigo charged and the two champions exchanged hits. He dodged left and right, jumped and used flash step to escape his attacks, but his enemy threw a bola at him, forcing him to stand and take his attacks. The shinigami resorted to his getsuga tenshõ, but the enemy's roar seemed to weaken his attack. That left them only with their regular blows. Both striked with great ferocity, but Ichigo was already wounded from the fight with Teemo. No matter how hard he attempted to strike, it was clear who would win. He did not withdraw, though, and fought to the very end. With one seemingly final attack, Ichigo fell, barely alive.

Fallen, but not defeated, Ichigo used every ounce of his willpower to place his palms in the ground and, shaking but steadily, bring him up. In a few, excruciating moments, he took himself to a crouched position, his right knee bearing all his weight. Rengar, however, was nowhere to be seen. The shinigami only understood what was happening when he felt his foe's hot breath, not further then an inch from him. The hunter hesitated, unsettled with the complete lack of fear in his prey's face, who faced certain death.

"Well?" Ichigo asked. "What are you waiting?"

Insulted, Rengar prepared his final blow, only to get hit by Ezreal's ultimate, coming from behing the shinigami. It wounded him severely, and he tried to limp away. However, he was no longer invisible. Using all the energy he had left, Ichigo stepped up and swinged with full force at Rengar, unleashing his last getsuga tenshõ. It hit the target in his back and he fell, dead. There wasn't enough time to celebrate, tough, as Diana launched a magic arc of moonlight at him. It was too much ant it took his life.

Again, death turned precious seconds into a single moment.

As soon as Ichigo came to his senses, his first view was his Nexus exploding, leaving all his team dead in its ashes. I failed. This is the end, it seems. From behind the explosion came the enemy team minus Rengar. At first, it seemed he was going to be killed once more, but he was the only one who had not realized the match was over.

"So this is your first match?" Asked Teemo, closing by. "I'm Teemo, by the way. Nice to meet you. You did a nice job over there."

"You're not angry I killed you?" Asked Ichigo.

"Of course not. It happens in the matches."

"I've never seen a champion asking a solo fight like that." Said Pantheon. "Especially with that fed Rengar. You are a worthy opponent, I'll give that to you."

"I did what seemed more reasonable." He replied, slowly understanding the inner workings of the league. "But.. What now?"

"Now we wait." Said Diana. "We will be summoned again soon, to fight other matches, against other foes. Next time, tough, you'll know how the matches work."

"I see." Was Ichigo's response. "Well, then, until the next match." He bid farewell.

"Until then."

Ichigo and his old foes, now mere acquaintances, shook hands and left trough the Nexus' hole.

In the council chamber, Istvaan, the counselors and Riven watched closely Rengar's duel with Ichigo.

"What did I say?" Asked Istvaan, raising his hands. "This Ichigo has lots of potential."

"I do want to face him one of these days." Commented Riven.

"We'll take this kid as an example, then." Said one of the elders. "This shall be a new era in the League. Now, great Istvaan, you are officially a league recruiter. Do you have any other additions in mind?"

"Oh, I have so many more." Answered the mage. "But this is not the last you will see of Kurosaki's dimension. There are many other champions in that universe, some of which I intend to bring. But next, I have another... Hero... In mind."

"Couldn't you simply spare us from the mystery and tell us already?" Asked an especially anxious member of the council.

"As you wish." Said Istvaan, raising his shoulder. "His name is Harry Potter."

To the reader:

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