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January 2, 2026; 05:20:00; Top of Half-Blood Hill:

Clarisse La Rue narrowed her eyes and peered closer at a spot on the hill, certain she had seen something moving in the dark. Spying it again, she hefted her spear, preparing to thrust it at the intruder, when suddenly a pale face with familiar sea green eyes and unruly black hair loomed in front of her. Giving a shout, her body moved in its trained response to surprise. Only a quick dodge by the man, along with a Stygian iron sword knocking her spear aside, prevented her from gutting the intruder. Not that she minded; if her spear had landed she knew she wouldn't have lived to see the morning's sunrise.

"Percy?" She demanded. Shifting her gaze to where the sword had come from, her eyes bulged further out of her head. "Nico?"

"Hello, Clarisse," the son of Hades sighed. "Are you going to continue your still unfinished dueling match with Percy, or are you going to let us pass? Chiron's expecting us, you know."

Spluttering - something she would vehemently deny every happened later - the Ares' Cabin Counselor nodded. "Follow me."

January 2, 2026; 05:25;49; The Big House:

Chiron, Dionysus, Haley, Annabeth, and the rest of the counselors - minus Clarisse - sat around the ping pong table waiting anxiously. The daughter of Hades, hands clenched white around each other on the table top, kept her head down and eyes on her hands. All other eyes darted constantly around the room, landing most often on Haley, Chiron, and the door - until someone knocked twice, the sharp noise echoing and drawing all attention to the door as it opened.

The missing cabin counselor entered first, her muscled frame and wild hair blocking the view of those behind her. Gripping her spear tightly, she glanced once at Annabeth, then faced Chiron and Dionysus head on. "Lord Poseidon and Lady Artemis," she announced, the two gods stepping out from behind her to hold back smirks at the shocked looks going around the room.

"And, uh…" to everyone's further surprise, Clarisse hesitated. "Percy Jackson and Nico Di Angelo."

All hell broke loose.

January 2, 2026; 31:13; The Big House:

It took a little bit, but eventually everyone was settled and seated again. Poseidon and Artemis sat on either side of Percy and Nico, who took the head of the table closest to the door. Thalia next to her Lady, Haley on her other side, with Dylan beside his father. James, Kathryne, and Amy elected to stand behind their adopted family. At the other head sat Chiron. Dionysus, on the centaur's right, for the second time that morning, stared stonily ahead at his half-sister and uncle. On Chiron's left, however, was the most terrifying visage of all - Annabeth, silent and still as the grave, with a ghostly chill emanating from her skin and a storm raging in her eyes. Clarisse, on the daughter of Athena's other side, shifted uncomfortably and wished the night had never happened. As happy as she was to see Percy and Nico alive - not that she would ever admit it, least of all to them - everything else had only caused her grief, fear, and doubt.

"So. You're alive," Annabeth finally broke the silence. Percy leaned forward, then back, made a small movement she knew meant he crossed his legs, and leaned forward again. She felt a small flare of vindictive happiness that she could still make him uncomfortable, but pushed it away. It didn't matter that he was alive and healthy, perfectly capable of returning to Camp. It didn't matter that Haley knew who and where he was. It didn't matter that Thalia obviously knew the same. It didn't matter that he had built himself a new family, with her noticeably absent. Right now, none of that mattered. What did was creating a battle plan to defend Camp and all those sheltering behind her barrier. "Why did Haley call the two people who haven't been here in years? What can you offer us?"

Those surrounding Percy and Nico all jolted, anger crossing their faces, but the two Annabeth had targeted shook their heads slightly, not even needing to turn to know their reactions. "Haley recognized who attacked Camp the moment one stepped in her cabin," the elder son of Poseidon replied.

"And how did she do that?" Chiron questioned - not attacking her, but genuinely curious.

"Because she was raised by people with the same abilities," the son of Hades sighed.

"And those are?" Clarisse demanded, finally feeling comfortable now that the war council had - somewhat - commenced.

Percy and Nico both shifted, but there was one difference - so did the entire group behind them. "Uh… um… well…" Percy groaned, eventually deciding to just come out with it. "We're vampires. Well, not all of us, but me, Nico, James, Kathryne, Amy, and Dylan," those the campers didn't know raised a hand as he said their names, "We're all vampires."

There was silence. And then hell broke loose for the second time in ten minutes.

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