Hey! Due to the recent Naruto events (post-614), my old love for NejiTen has resurfaced!

Now, this is somewhat similar to Adventures of Obito, in that it's a series of short stories centered around...you know it, Neji and Tenten :'D

But then again, the rest of Team Gai has to be in there as well.

Note: Contains Naruto SD-like randomness (at times). Perhaps a random Orochimaru thrown in, you never know.

Note 2: Yes, NejiTen! I love them to bits, even though there is absolutely no hints of this in the series! Yes. I know. Why, then? Why do I ship NejiTen and not NejiHina or LeeTen?! WHY?!


Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, or Naruto SD, because Neji is dead. And also, it was Lee who picked up Neji and cried "NEJIIII". If Naruto was mine, Romeo and Juliet would have nothing on Nejio and Tennette. Or something. =3=

Err...I hope it's interesting!

Ch. 1: In which Lee and Gai have their suspicions!

Chapter 1: Super Creepers - Captain Obvious Brows

If anything was to go wrong, it would definitely involve Lee and his youthfully overboard antics. In fact, it was almost a given on every mission nowadays. Either the green-clad boy would trip and fall face-first into the ground in front of the enemy, or he would have a revelation and declare it loudly to the world – announcing their current position to the enemies as well.

"Gai-sensei!" Lee cried, tears streaming from his eyes.

"Lee!" returned the frighteningly similar older version of Lee. The two portrayed their love of youth towards a manmade, cardboard sunrise prop-up set, poorly colored with crayons and markers (which don't go too well together). If anything, the two were only more animated by the inadequate backdrop.

"Lee, behold this beautiful sunrise that represents the glorious waxing of our youth!" proclaimed Gai in an utterly serious, dramatic voice. His already low tones dropped into a baritone hum as he began the start of a song that Neji and Tenten did not want to hear whatsoever. As soon as the first words of "Youth!" sprang from their sensei's lips, the two sane members of the group – as sane as one could be on Team Gai – discreetly covered their ears.

"YES GAI-SENSEI!" Lee was practically sobbing now, so touched was he by his teacher's momentous moment of song and poetry.

"Will you two just shut up?!" demanded Tenten angrily, glaring at both of them. A quick glance to the side revealed a very irritated Neji, an expression demonstrated on his face by the slight tic of his brow. The Hyuuga were known for their stoic, impassive faces, and Neji was no exception. His poker face was one that surpassed Hinata's by a long shot, and he certainly didn't turn the cherry shade of red she did when embarrassed. At least, not that Tenten knew of.

"Aww, Tenten, join us in our choir of youth!" chimed Lee, tugging her arm. He wrapped her in a bear hug and swung her in a circle, despite her loud protests. "SEE HOW YOUTHFUL WE ARE!"

Tenten inwardly groaned. On their own, Lee was still pretty boisterous and usually obnoxious, but he could also be rather sensible. Actually, he was pretty snarky. It wasn't rare to hear a smart remark slip from his mouth, accompanied by a smug smirk. And then he would casually slip back into his energetic demeanor, returning to a "youthful" form of teasing and cajoling.

However, when Gai-sensei graced them with his presence, Lee's springtime of youth was boosted to unimaginable, quite unbearable levels.

"TO THE VILLAGE GATES!" declared Gai, marching off in the wrong direction.

"TO THE VILLAGE GATES!" echoed Lee triumphantly.

"Tenten, we're going." Neji turned on his heel, adjusted the pack on his back, and went towards the village center. Call it common sense, but in Gai's team, common sense ran very low. Tenten feared that one day, she would wake up in a green jumpsuit and orange legwarmers, her eyebrows thickened to impossible proportions, without a single drop of sanity left. And it wouldn't be a dream.

Neji was not in a rush, but he had a long, purposeful stride, so Tenten had to jog to catch up with him. The Hyuuga's evident irritation at the two green beasts had subsided considerably now that they were out of sight and hearing.

"Hey, Neji, are they going to be okay?"

Neji gave her an exasperated look – a small, curt huff and a typical "hn" – before folding his arms. He didn't protest when Tenten wove her hand under his elbow to hold onto him lightly, but he cast a suspicious glance behind him.

"They went that way on purpose," he finally answered. "Just to see what we'd do."

Tenten unhooked her hand from his arms, her fingers brushing slightly against the hand tucked under his upper arm. Neji glared at the small series of shops behind them, and then at the picturesque copse of trees where the road split into two. Nothing was strange, and he sensed no presence, so they continued on their way. Tenten, however, was now warily eyeing their surroundings, sure that Lee and Gai were dressed up as shopkeepers trying to catch the secret couple. Then again, their disguises were usually so horrendous, one could tell it was them from a mile away.

"Young lady, you dropped something." A frail, grandmotherly woman shuffled up to Tenten, producing one of her scrolls from out of nowhere.

"Oh. Thank you, I hadn't realized that I dropped it," Tenten replied. She took the scroll gently, smiling at the old woman, before tucking it into her pack. They continued on their way, nothing special occurring, when Neji abruptly told her to pull out the scroll again.


"Just do it."

Tenten obeyed, showing the scroll to her partner.

"It's just the one that summons – wait, what are you doing?!"

Neji snatched the scroll from her and activated his Byakugan, a displeased frown on his face. Frowning probably counted as the only real expression that was not a stoic arch of his eyebrows in the Hyuuga book of facial expressions.

"What?" demanded Tenten, trying to grab the scroll back.

"Look." Neji slipped his thumb under the seal and slid the paper open. Instead of summoning tattoos –ones that he knew Tenten meticulously designed herself – through which she pulled out a myriad of weapons, in their place was a ridiculous picture made of crayons and markers, and an ominous message:

"I see you!"

The message itself was creepy, but the fact that it was created using the same crumbly crayons and dry markers as Lee and Gai's sunrise backdrop defeated its goal.

"It was that old lady!" hissed Tenten, grabbing her scroll. It had her name and her signature on its outer, thicker wrapping, but inside was nothing she had ever drawn. Certainly Lee and Gai had snuck into her room, somehow, and stolen one of her blank scrolls. The nerve! "They never make good disguises! What the heck was that?!"

"Calm down, Tenten. It's not a big deal." Neji plucked the scroll from her fingers and tossed it in the garbage.

"My scroll!"

Neji sighed. Why was it that he could never deal with her, yet he stuck around anyway?

"I'll get you new ones," he mended.

"No," she argued, "you won't."

He raised a skeptical eyebrow – there were quite a few things Tenten found hard to resist, among those things were gummy bears, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate (and other sweets), shiny things, weapons, anything to do with dragons or dragon designs, and certainly, new scrolls.

"I won't?" he parroted, a smirk lifting his face into a condescending snigger.

"No, because," Tenten continued. She paused, contemplated. "You're going to buy me food."


"After the mission," sighed Neji, crossing his arms again.



"Lee, I see you."

One green beast dressed in an old lady apron, followed by another green beast for some reason stuffed in a raccoon suit, crept out from behind the garbage can. The raccoon one, the bigger green beast, sneakily reached a paw into the garbage bag to retrieve his beautiful piece of artwork. It had sunflowers and daisies and Neji and Tenten scribbled onto it, so he definitely wanted to keep it.

"What?" asked Lee innocently, slyly pulling the grandma wig off his head.

"Hakke Rokujyuu Yonshou!"


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