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Summary: A mysterious fog, a swarm of Heartless and Ash carrying a keyblade sends him and Pikachu to Traverse Town. Asking if I should do a series of animes or stick with Disney.

Kingdom Hearts: Light Foolish Darkness

Chapter 1: Key Beginnings

Black. Nothing but black. Left, right, up, down...everywhere you would turn, there was black. A raven-haired boy wearing a black t-shirt having a yellow stripe across the chest and jeans frantically looking for something. No matter where he looked, nothing...not a fragment to see. "You!" a voice echoed. The boy searched for the voice...still, nothing. "You must be the one to save all the worlds!" Yeesh, the first paragraph and already the quest had been determined.

"Me?" the boy asked.

"Yes! You are now our last hope in finding King Mickey from the darkness. Riku and I have been defeated and our hearts consumed. The only one who can help us is you." Names mentioned, the boy had no idea what to do, less know who they were.

"Wait! Who are you and why are you giving me this?!"

"Because I am a prisoner of the darkness. In my last act, Goofy and Donald were spared. Once found, they can help you find all of us and protect her." That's one way to leave a suspenseful start.

"Her? Who?!" The boy never got a response. Instead, a crash from behind. A black door with red outlines appeared. The door was in the shape of a heart with red lines in the form of an "X" and thorns protruding out. The door opened, blasting the boy with a blinding light. He shielded his head with his arms as the light consumed him. He let out a scream. Finally...he woke and sat up in a snap. Sweat from his head flew off, clearing the blanket he slept in. His breathing labored for a while. After a few breaths, he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

("You okay, Ash?") squeaked someone...or something. That was a yellow mouse with a tail in the shape of a lightning bolt. The boy, Ash, palmed his face in anguish and confusion.

"That was one heck of a dream." The mouse leaped on to the bed to make sure Ash was okay.

("What was the dream?") Ash couldn't really make out the dream.

"It was black, Pikachu. Just black. Then a voice..." Pikachu wondered about the voice and what it said.

("There was a voice? What did it talk about?") Ash thought back to what he heard.

"Something about saving all the worlds, a King Mickey, darkness..." It was all jumbled. The clasp of his head told Ash's frustration. So much information to discuss but no starting point.

("I knew it was a bad idea to start our trip to Hoenn after Johto! Other than Misty and Brock, I'm the one in charge but you don't listen to me, even though we're friends.") Ash wondered about the last thing the voice brought up.

"Who was that guy trying to say about her?" Pikachu listened, now intent on this last piece.

("Who? What do you mean?") Ash hopped out of bed and stepped out, the sun slowly rising from the ocean as wakes spread beneath the moving surface that was a ferry ride. Not easy to wake up at the crack of dawn. Ash took a deep breath.

"We'll be there tomorrow. Can't wait to start our new journey." He strolled to the front of the ferry and stared out starboard. The start of a new day would be welcomed to Ash but that dream held his thoughts back. 'King Mickey...Goofy...Donald...Riku...but, who's her? And why do I have to get involved in it?' Lingering questions. A blue muscled human-like creature with tiny head-fins and a pair of black shorts palmed Ash on the shoulder. Ash turned to see the muscled giant.

("Seasick?") it asked. Ash smiled up to the giant.

"I'm okay, Machoke." The creature backed off before a man in a white sailor uniform approached.

"Huh!" he huffed. "Someone was anxious to see the sunrise. Can't wait until landfall?" The sailor softly chuckled but Ash didn't crack a smile. He was more annoyed by the dream than he was feeling ready for the new adventure.

"I don't know now. I mean the dream I had..." The sailor and Machoke glared at each other for a second before turning back to Ash.

"Something tells me this was more of a nightmare." You could tell that the sailor didn't want to push the detail out of him. "Tell you what, I'll brew up some tea for you to relax." A little tea wouldn't hurt.

"Sure." On that note, the sailor made his way back inside.

"Okay. Come on, Machoke!" Machoke followed his owner wince it came. Pikachu joined up with Ash, fearing what Machoke did to him.

"Don't worry, Pikachu. They were just checking up on me." Pikachu let out a heavy sigh. Ash's mind still focused itself on that dream. He'll need to focus on what came by. Pikachu sensed something coming from port and dashed to it. Ash followed suit and spotted a black cloud skimming the ocean surface...and heading right for the ferry. The two stood, awed at such a fast-moving cloud about to strike. "We gotta warn the captain!"

("Right!") Pikachu agreed. They raced to get inside the ferry and out of danger, but the cloud moved too fast and coated the door. The cloud consumed the deck as well as Ash and Pikachu. They covered themselves trying to keep the clouds from entering their lungs. It turned out unnecessary. The cloud wasn't toxic.

"We're okay?" A thick patch floated past. Ash combed it, the cloud broken on touch. Panic over nothing...only too soon to assume.

("Company!") Ash looked toward Pikachu's direction. A patch of the cloud grounded itself into a pool of black. The pool began to morph itself into black ants. These ants had eerie glowing yellow eyes. A curious Ash had a hunch.

"What kind of Pokémon are they?" Pikachu had doubts and fear that they weren't creatures they familiarized to know.

("I don't think they're Pokémon!") The ants pounced. An attack.

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Pikachu squeezed its red cheeks and emitted an enormous amount of electricity, snuffing out a great portion of the attackers. "All right!" Too soon to celebrate. More ants formed from the pool. "Uh oh!"

("There's more!") These ants scuttled the deck for an attack at the knees.

"Again!" Pikachu launched another stream of electricity, blowing out the ants like birthday candles. The stream hit the pool but didn't do a thing. This wasn't good at all. Even worse, more ants enveloped.

("Thunderbolt's not doing a thing!") Ash began to wonder what he needed to do. If Thunderbolt wasn't working, what then?

"Talk about a bad time to leave my Pokémon with Prof. Oak." More made the charge. Ash had to think and fast. "Run!" No more facing these creatures. They ran to the emergency boats, trying to find leverage. Ash and Pikachu couldn't catch a break. An entire swarm surrounded Ash and Pikachu. They looked at doom. Ash used his arms to shield himself from the onslaught. Finally, a voice...

"Attack and free the hearts," the voice from the dream ordered. Attack? That's what he's been doing with Pikachu and it wasn't working.

"How? They keep coming!" The ants were inches away.

"SWING!" Ash closed his eyes and swung his arms out. In a blinding flash, ants were carved in half and jeweled hearts knocked out of them which rose above the cloud. Pikachu saw Ash fling his arm out but shocked himself with how Ash was able to destroy them when his Thunderbolt attack did nothing. Ash opened his eyes and viewed the swarm standing petrified. That's when Ash felt some weight on his arm. Screening his head, he saw a giant key-like baton with a gold hilt. Wait...keys don't have hilts, right? How did this key emerge? And why did he have something like this? He waved the key over the swarm, the ants stepping back. This befuddled Ash.

"These things are afraid of a key?" Something didn't fit right for Ash. That much he's sure about. Still, this was a perfect opportunity to stop these ants. "Ready, Pikachu?" New found confidence told Pikachu that Ash wasn't holding back. Now the tables were turned as Ash led the charge and swiped at the ants, all sliced up and hearts flying above. Ash needed to concentrate on the pool. An idea. "Pikachu, Thunderbolt on the key!" Pikachu gawked at the idea. Ash was risking injury by having Pikachu strike him with electricity. It was a pretty big risk but if Ash was willing to take this chance, no point in arguing. Pikachu fired another Thunderbolt as the said key became a lightning rod, absorbing the electricity. Crazy enough, Ash wasn't affected. Now the key's charged up, Ash charged in and leaped over the ants who pursued. He struck down everything, reaching the pool off of one's head. Acting as if the pool was one big keyhole, Ash shoved the electrified key in the center. The result was an explosive one as the pool blew up, taking the ants, Ash and Pikachu within it. The black cloud dispersed from the explosion...but everything in it vanished. Even an emergency boat disappeared. The sailor and Machoke reemerged, finding nothing, not even damage to the deck.

"Wait...where's Ash?" he asked. "Even that black cloud's evaporated!" Nothing made sense to him or his muscled creature. It would make less sense when Ash and Pikachu would wake up in the boat they accidentally absconded. Their boat floated their unconscious bodies to a dock in the night. The dock bordered a town with black walls. It would not be the adventure they wanted to experience but one they were forced to enter.

"Hm, a new keyblade master?" an older woman spoke. The woman, on the roof of buildings within the town, had eerie green skin under a black cloak. Her headgear had long, twisted horns and she carried a staff with a violet jewel embedded. "Interesting. And with that mouse on hand, this could be a wild challenge." With a wave of her cape, she disappeared. She didn't seem like someone who would support him. Then again, a giant goldfish-shaped submarine surfaced. The hatch on the top opened, revealing two adult humans and a whitish cat with a gold oval coin protruding out.

"This isn't the way to the Hoenn Region, twerp!" snarled the redhead. Oh, he's to blame? The woman had wavy blood-red hair. She wore a white mid-drift shirt with a red 'R' on it, white skirt and black thigh-high boots.

"You think that black cloud may have disoriented him?" mewed the cat. "I mean, who knows what was in it to begin with." An intrigued blue-haired man had a feeling the cat was on to something. He had dampened blue hair. He donned a white uniform with that same red 'R' on it.

"Yeah, I think we lucked out from whatever that cloud contained, Meowth," he agreed. The redhead smirked.

"Well, now..." she grinned. "This is the perfect opportunity to capture Pikachu and leave the twerp in the dust." The two "men" agreed before submerging back underwater. They did close the hatch so no water in the sub. Ash and Pikachu have more problems than simply not going to the Hoenn Region. So many questions to ask. What are they and how many will be answered next time?

TO BE CONTINUED... (Okay, I did hint on Disney characters a bit but will that be the theme or do you want Ash and Pikachu doing anime worlds? Like to hear your opinions.)