Author's Notes: This is a gust of wind of a new direction. Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions to actually do both Anime and Disney worlds. I won't start traveling to different worlds until Chapter 4 but some insight on where to go for Ash, Goofy, Donald and Pikachu would be greatly appreciated. Also, I will include characters from Final Fantasy VI through IX. No way am I including Tidus into this. Okay, enough rambling...let's continue.

Chapter 2: Feeling Goofy, Don-ald in Darkness

All Ash and Pikachu had to do was ride the ferry to the Hoenn Region. That's it! That should have been so easy, they could literally sleep their way through the ocean to reach the new adventure...but no! A swarm of black ants terrorized the ferry they rode on and Ash acquired a key he swung around like a baseball bat...with surprising results. Now instead of starting their new quest in their designated region, they're at the docks of a town with no sunlight...and it's 9:00 AM. The emergency boat softly crashed in to the wooden docks, stirring the two occupants. Shaking the cobwebs, a moaning Ash sat up and spun his head to the black town. Something didn't feel right to him. "We're here?" he murmured. He tried to stand but fell back down due to how unbalanced the smaller boat was. That's when he saw the darkness the town showed. "Okay, this is not the Hoenn Region. And it's also night."

("Yeah, didn't we just wake up?") Pikachu asked. Regardless about what happened to have them thrown off the ferry, Ash hopped off the boat and onto land.

"I think our new league will have to be put on hold. Too much weird stuff going on." The two entered, unaware of two villainous factions inside. In the town only brightened by streetlights, a young brunette man in a black leather coat and black pants sensed something. He peered out the window where he stood next to.

"He's here?" he muttered. "Already?" The alert caught the attention of a young ponytail brunette woman in a pink gown over an open red coat.

"What's wrong, Squall?" she asked. Squall turned to the woman with a groan painting his face.

"It's Leon, not Squall." Squall- Sorry, Leon peered back out the window. "The new keyblade user has arrived in Traverse Town. No doubt gonna help us find Sora." Was that the weapon Ash used on the ants?

"Are you sure? I mean, the Heartless are becoming more vicious everywhere Sora journeyed to. Not to mention that Locke and Zidane sensed Maleficent lurking in town." They apparently weren't aware of some others looking to make chaos.

"If he's the one, he should meet up with Donald and Goofy soon." Leon wasn't satisfied for some reason. There's help and there's harm crawling around the town. The woman thought of something else.

"Leon, Tifa did step out. She didn't want to be cooped up waiting for the new keyblade master to find us or Donald and Goofy." The news didn't alter his facial mood.

"Funny, Aerith... In all her impatience, I believed she wanted to stow away to the Olympus Coliseum to find Cloud. I would've wanted Yuffie to go find him." And you're not going to do anything about it? Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu entered the town with only the clothes and fur on their backs...and the key in Ash's hand.

"So, why was I given a weapon out of midair?" he asked. "I mean...we come from a land where violence is left to the Pokémon." Man, aren't you being harsh.

("Are you saying I'm violent?") Pikachu asked for clarification. Ash didn't answer. Instead, they were met with more ants and midget-like creatures wearing metal helmets fitted with spike on top. On the midsection was a heart similar to what Ash saw in the dream.

"Hold on... that mark... I saw it in my dream!" No time to reminisce. The things charged at Ash and Pikachu. Pikachu fired his Thunderbolt, nailing and extinguishing the smaller attackers. Ash swung his key at those a little larger, knocking more hearts out of them. A minute later, all were gone. This allowed Ash and Pikachu to move ahead. "As if it wasn't enough back on the ferry...I think this town's a little cursed." A little while after the two beat that group of dark beings, a voice rang in Ash's head.

"Welcome to Traverse Town, young man," the sound of an old man, not the same voice from before, spoke. Ash didn't recognize the new voice talking to him. Heck, he didn't recognize the earlier voice helping him fight the ants before. Ash looked around but saw nothing.

"Who's there?" Pikachu looked over to Ash, wondering who he was talking to.

("Ash, what are you doing?") he squeaked.

"Someone's talking to my head." The voice realized that Ash wasn't alone.

"You have company, huh?" the voice noticed. "Have him in contact so I can talk to him, too." Ash motioned his arm, allowing Pikachu to crawl up to his shoulder. "Now can the other one hear me?" Pikachu became shocked. He was now hearing the voice along Ash.

("Who are you?") he asked. The voice hesitated to reply. A new language?

"Hm...this language is not one I recognize. When I meet you at my workshop, I'll find out about your language to aid communication. However, there are troubles hanging around you and it's not just the Heartless." The name given to Ash started to make him think about what he face.

" mean those black things that attacked me and Pikachu on the ferry?" he referred back to the start.

"Those were minor Heartless. They come in different sizes and shapes. But they're not the only ones to keep out of sight from. I sense a group of troublemakers who came from the same world you emerged from." Pikachu figured who it was from the warning.

("How far will Team Rocket go to take me in?") he groaned. Hearing that Team Rocket had joined Ash and Pikachu, he shook his head.

"So now, we have the Heartless and the thoughtless," he joked. "If Team Rocket knows a way back, I'm sure they could lend us a ride." That would be, if they were nice and not a warning from the voice in your head. Ash returned his attention to said voice. "So, where's your workshop and what else can you tell me about these Heartless?" Someone sounded anxious.

"With the Heartless guided by Maleficent and those others after you, revealing my place will prove disastrous," he advised. The new name, perhaps the ringleader, presented Ash a challenge. He needed to be careful. "I have sent Tifa to find you so you and your friend will have a safe place to gather the information needed to save everything from the Heartless." So, Tifa didn't act out of impatience? Going by the words of the disembodied voice, Ash pressed on ahead, unaware of who else wanted to drop in and it wasn't any of Team Rocket. A dark brunette young woman in black gazed at Ash.

"Wow, he is younger than Sora," she studied. "Can't really believe he's the one with the keyblade now." There's a good chance that's Tifa. She suddenly noticed some others sneaking up behind Ash. It was the trio after Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket. The dark brunette smirked, a mischievous ploy ready to unfold. "They won't be a factor for long. Merlin employed me to keep an eye on him." She leaped back in hiding as the three spied around corners on their target.

"The twerp and Pikachu are out in the open," the redhead sneered. "All we need to do is pounce before someone else gets involved, grab Pikachu and travel back to headquarters." The blue-haired and the cat heard the plan, glaring flaws popping up.

"Jessie, if we do get the twerp's Pikachu, how do you know we can safely return to Kanto?" he pointed out. "Besides, that strange fog that we subbed our way though isn't there." Jessie wasn't worried about something minor as a way out of Traverse Town, if she knew the town's name.

"Easy, James! If there's a way in, there's a way out!" Jessie proceeded forward with James and the cat not far behind...for a second. A hand reached out and pulled the cat behind the corner. POW! A thwack knocked the cat to sleep...and the dark brunette woman peered around the same corner at the other two.

"Yuffie's not the only ninja around here," she sneered as she paced on after Jessie and James. James got distracted with the many neon signs and lights strewn all over the town. If his head was anymore on a swivel, he would have whiplash. Then again, that could have also spotted the female who snagged him in a headlock, dragged him behind a wall and put him to sleep, cutting off circulation to his head. The woman laid him down. "Two down, one more to go." She chased Jessie who was completely clueless to her lack of teammate support. She was just behind Ash, also clueless of where to go. That voice either has a bad time guiding him or it was quiet.

"It's time for you to surrender your Pikachu, twerp!" Jessie kept her laugh quiet. When she turned to her teammates...the woman was there in their place. Jessie thought it was someone who wanted to know what she was doing watching a kid and mouse, no thought that this woman neutralized her partners. "Move it, sister. This is Team Rocket business." As if she didn't care that she exposed herself to her executioner, Jessie told her to shove off without a second to realize the issue. The brown eyes darted back the way they came, Jessie finally getting the picture she did something to her crew. The woman even cracked her knuckles while offering an evil grin.

"Say goodnight!" Pikachu heard the voice of the new protector before...PING! POW! BAM! Ash heard the bone-crunching impacts and twisted in time to see Jessie seeing stars as she slammed the ground. Ash and Pikachu were taken back by Jessie's appearance. It was a shock that Team Rocket would even follow Ash and Pikachu.

"Jessie?!" Ash gulped. Seeing the knocked out woman, Ash made the key disappear to thin air and waved his hand over her face. No reaction.

"She won't be getting up for a while." From the bruises and welts on her face...yeah, she got her good. "Same with that cat and the blue-haired doofus." A group of nothing good utterly defeated by one woman...just humiliating.

("James and Meowth were beaten too, huh?") Pikachu cheered. ("I love this girl!") He leaped into her arms with hearts in his eyes.

"Wow, you're awfully friendly for a mouse!" Ash smacked his face in dismay. Why, Pikachu might have been thankful she came by and stopped Team Rocket from taking him.

"Pikachu, I don't need another Brock in my life," he complained. The woman laughed at Ash's fluster.

"It's okay, kid. Aerith is better with animals than I am. Tifa Lockheart, at your service." She offered a hand for a shake, one Ash didn't mind.

"Ash Ketchum." After the shake, Ash had a question for Tifa. "Anyway, I was wondering if you knew where a workshop was in this town." Tifa snapped the same fingers she shook hands just a second ago.

"Oh, you must mean Merlin's workshop. He told me to look for you and get you to a safe place from the Heartless...and them." Jessie came around, mad after getting knocked out by Tifa.

"Excuse me!" she hollered. "But you should know that assaulting a Pokémon trainer is a federal offense that won't be tolerated by the league. I don't care whether or not you're a trainer, you will be arrested for your attack on me!" She reached in her midriff and pulled out a handbook with the title "Laws of the Pokémon World." Wonder what else she keeps in that part of her clothing? Flipping through the book, she stopped in the middle and offered it to Tifa as Pikachu climbed to her shoulder. "Here! Page 123, Section One, Paragraph Four: Physical Conduct on Pokémon Trainers!" Tifa quietly read the part Jessie pointed out. Ash was just as stunned. Ironic that they have a booklet of laws about the world they came from, even though their intention was to take Pikachu.

"Huh! Go figure!" Tifa handed the book to Ash who read it. However, he flipped through the pages and stopped at a different part of the booklet.

"Then perhaps you should practice what you preach," he retorted. "Page 26, Section Two, Paragraph Two: Possession of Pokémon and Trainer." Instead of reading the section, Jessie angrily snatched the booklet from Ash and placed it back by her breasts. "Then again, you should also realize that we're not exactly in the Pokémon World at the moment." Jessie was ready to make a comeback but had a realization. If they're not in their home world, the rules don't necessarily apply now.

"Now what were you saying about assaulting a trainer in Traverse Town?" If Jessie knew what's good for her, she'd peddle her legs out of this town and forget about Pikachu. Actually, she stopped thinking altogether and stood like a statue. Tifa bashed her from the face to the stomach and all Ash did was tip his cap to shame Jessie and her idiocy. Finally, one throw sent Jessie packing. Let's hope James and Meowth get out of there before more Heartless come to take them. "I knew Zell's teachings could help me." Now with her out-of-the-way, Tifa was ready to get Ash to her friends. "Alright, let's move. Leon's probably wondering where we've been." The invite would be put on hold. Out of nowhere, the Heartless popped up. Most of them were bigger sized ants. "Shadows and Gigas Shadows!" Ash summoned his key and Tifa readied her fists.

"Pikachu and I had our sights set on a new adventure, new Pokémon, new friends. Totally not what I had in mind at all." The group was about to get help. A rain of lightning tagged and snuffed the Heartless until there was none left. Ash and Tifa couldn't believe their luck. Pikachu stood in shock. Those weren't his lightning bolts.

"Looks like I saved our new keyblade master!" someone squawked with a somewhat raspy voice. Ash, Pikachu and Tifa turned to see a grown white duck in a blue robe, cape and wizard's pointy hat. He held a wooden staff upright with his wing. Tifa felt glad that help arrived in the nick of time.

"Thanks, Donald," she praised. That was one of the names from Ash's dream. He never imagined Donald being...a duck? Seriously? Tifa noticed something missing. "Say, where's Goofy?" Donald turned to the side, waiting on someone as well.

"Hey, slow poke! Tifa's with our new partner!"

"Tifa?" another male voice rang out. "Gawrsh! I was wondering who tossed that woman sky-high!" From behind a building, a dog appeared and he stood like a man. He wore a yellow hat, green shirt under a gray vest, slacks and carried a round shield that featured an emblem of a mouse, not Pikachu. Ash looked dumbfounded. "So, you're replacing Sora as the new keyblade master?" There's a name Ash hasn't heard of.

"Sora?" he repeated. Donald wanted to get the dog on the tracks.

"Goofy, he just got here a little while ago," he quacked. "Introduce yourself to him." Ash and Pikachu stepped up.

"So, you're called Goofy, huh?" he repeated Donald as he stuck his hand for a shake.

"Hyuk! That's me," Goofy confirmed and shook Ash's hand. "Sora was the original keyblade wielder until he was defeated by the Heartless." The story began to sink in for Ash as the key came back to him.

"So...this is a keyblade? I knew something was odd about it." Ash stepped to a clearing where he swung a few times. He faced the rest with an urge for information. "Since I'm here to help you out, I want to know everything about why I have a keyblade and what I need to do before I return to my world and continue to become a Pokémon Master." None of the others wanted to argue with Ash. Full cooperation sounded key. Soon, Ash will see Leon, Aerith and whoever else was there. Could their detail help Ash in stopping the Heartless?