Rated: T
Summary: Bart can't keep his hands off Tim. Tim proposes playing a game to fix that.
A/N: Hey guys. I wasn't really satisfied with how this oneshot was written so I rewrote it. I also want to ask a question...I've had a few ideas for more oneshots and they center around Bart and Tim playing 'games' like this. So, what would you guys think of me turning this into a series of oneshots? If you would like that, please review and tell me. Thanks guys! ^^
Credit: I posted this fic after reading a post from imagineyourotp. (tumblr)

"Imagine your OTP playing a game in which they kiss without touching each other, who ever touches the other first and the other person gets to do whatever they want with them."

Bart's body buzzed, soft vibrations running through him. His fingers tapped impatiently to a rhythm on his knees. Tim nipped gently at his lips, making Bart keen in excitement. His fingers had begun clawing at his costume while his knees dug into the mattress, but he had to resist. He couldn't touch Tim, or he would lose.

Bart wrapped his arms around Tim, burying his face in the crook of his boyfriend's neck. He gently kissed his way up the other boy's neck. He could hear the faint sound of Tim's fingers-which had been tapping away at his keyboard- slowing.



Tap-tap. Tappity-tap. Tap-tap-tap.

With his hands sliding south-ward, Bart dragged his teeth gently across the junction where Tim's neck and shoulder met.

Tap-tap. Tap. Tap. Tap...

He bit down just as Tim let out a heavy sigh.

"Bart..could you keep to yourself for a while? I need to finish inputting these files into the computer," Tim said as he picked up another folder and flipped through the pages.

"But Tim!" Bart whined into his ear. "Sorry," he mumbled when the other boy flinched at the volume of his voice.

"Its alright," Tim replied, fingers tapping on the edge of his laptop. "How about...we play a game?"

Bart let his chin rest on his shoulder as he replied. "What kind of game?"

"Um...a betting game. Here's the rules, we can kiss- as much as you want- but if you touch me, you lose. If you lose, you have to leave me alone to finish my work, but if you win...we can do whatever you want. Deal?"

Bart thought it over, weighing the pros and cons in his head. "Deal."

-end flashback-

Bart let out a low groan as Tim nipped softly at his lip. He could feel him smirk into their kiss, that evil bat.

"Tim..." Tim swirled his tongue around Bart's. "Tim...Timtimtimtim.." He finally couldn't take it anymore. Bart took Tim's wrists in his hand and pinned them above his head as he gently pushed him down onto the bed. He locked their lips again, muffling the sound of Tim laughing.

"Bart-..." Kiss. "Bart, I.." Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Tim turned his head, breaking their kiss with a smile. "Bart, I won remember?" Bart pouted and backed off of him, which only made Tim laugh again. "Okay, okay. C'mere," he heard Tim say. Glancing up, he noticed Tim was motioning for him to move forward. He felt his boyfriend's arms loop around his neck and pull him down until he was lying on top of Tim, who was lying flat on the bed.



"What about work?"

"It can wait," Tim replied as he locked their lips again for another long, sweet kiss.