'Why did I say that.

I know very well that I'll just get hurt.

I guess time will tell, don't get your hopes up Hinata remember, even if he doesn't love you we… can still be friends.' Hinata though as she brushed her long raven hair.

"But ehh that was years ago, why am I thinking of this now?"

'That's right I'll see him tonight.' She though with a bit of sadness.

After Hinatas confession Naruto said he still loves Sakura and that he didn't feel like that towards her.

After the war ended he became hokage.

She stood up and made her was to her room. She had gotten her own suit this year ever scene the village was rebuilt.

She picked up her dress from the king sized bed. The dress was red strapless skin-tight that reached mid-thight with straps in a bow below the chest.

She put the dress on and chose a pair of black high heels. Hinata looked at the mirror in her walk-in closet.

" Hm not bad.'' She smiled at her reflection.

"A little bit of makeup, perfume, earring and am done."

Half an hour later she grabbed her leather jacket and purse and walked out.

As she locked her door the neighbor also came out. They both walked towards the elevator and went to press the down button at the same time.

They looked at one another and gave out a small smile and a giggle from Hinata. She had to admit he was quite handsome.

They waited in silence until the elevator opened and they went in.

" First floor?" he asked as he pressed the first floor button.

"Yes, thank you." Hinata smiled at him.

" Ah I've never introduced myself yet, my name is Mike Lynn." He stretched out his hand.

Hinata took his hand " I'am Hinata Hyuuga, nice meet you."

The elevator door opened and they let go of each others hand.

"So Mike are you from here?"

"Nah haha I guess my name says it all am from the Snow village. Are you from here?" he asked

"Yeah, kinda gets boring. I went to the Snow Village its very beautiful, cold but beautiful haha."

"True, am from there sometimes the cold gets a little harsh. But I don't necessarily stay there all the time. I travel a lot so I haven't gotten completely used to the cold or hot."

As they reached the door Mike opened the door for Hinata.

"Thank you." Hinata smiled at him.

"Well am going this way. And you?"


"oh. Really that's good. Where are you going if you don't mind telling me." Mike asked as he brough his hand behind his head.

"Am going to the nightclub Spark."

"Really? Me too."

Hinata and mike made their way to the club talking about this and that.

"And were here." Hinata said smiling.

She truly had an awesome time getting to know Mike he was a very pleasant person to be around.

The place was hot to say the least. There were lights of all colors and smokers not to mention the loud music and screaming crowd.

Hinata looked around trying to look for her friend. They were upstairs in the center booth.

'As loud as always.' She though

"Well am going upstairs and you?"

"Hmm….. upstairs too all the way to the corner. My friend are just the mysterious types I guess."

"Just opposite my friend haha there just open and loud." They chatted as they made their way upstairs.

The whole rookie 9 was there, even Sasuke and Neji which barely came to places like this.

"Hey guys its Hinata." Kiba practically yelled over the loud music.

Everybody turned to look at her.

"Whoahh Hinata-chan super sexy."

"Thanks Kiba-kun."

"Hey.'' Mike help Hinats hand to grab her attention "Am going over there, if you need anything just come ok?"

"Alright." They smiled at each other and let go of eachothers hand.

Little did anybody notice the sapphire eyes watching intensely.