Naruto sat in his chair occupied with paperwork. His hair has grown a little past his sholders (kind of like his father)

Man … was this his dream.

After the war he finally became Hokage. A dream come true.

He looked out the big windows in his office. The village looked beautiful, the sun the setting and the villagers were packing their things to go home.

''Hey Naruto , you coming?'' Kiba barged in with Shino, Lee, Choji, and Neji.

" Hehe lets go." Naruto said "Where are the rest?"

"Oh there ether getting ready or already there." Choji responded.

Loudly making their way down the tower/mansion they headed to the Uchiha residence to pick Sasuke up.

At night time all were sited in the club drinking their beverages.

"Hey guys where's Hinata?" Naruto asked.

"Hmm shes coming don't worry." Tenten said.

"Hey guys its Hinata." Kiba practically yelled over the loud music.

Everybody turned to look at her.

'Waoh' Naruto had to admit she looked quite "… breathtaking."

"Whoahh Hinata-chan super sexy."

"Thanks Kiba-kun."

"Hey.'' Mike help Hinats hand to grab her attention "Am going over there, if you need anything just come ok?"

'Who is he?'

"Alright." They smiled at each other and let go of eachothers hand.

'Why do they seem so close?'

Little did anybody notice the sapphire eyes watching intensely.

Hinata made her way to the available sit next to Naruto.

They locked eyes for a second.

'Who is he Hinata-chan? why do you guys seem so close.. have you forgotten me already?' Naruto though as he silently watched Hinata.