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Over the years Hinata and Naruto had gotten close after the war. They spared with each other and often ate together. No need to say where, just know it sells ramen.

It's an understanding to how Naruto was feeling now. A turmoil of regret washed over him.

He sat watching MIkE and Hinata dance closely to each other.

But this blond Hokage had enough watching this. He stood up and made his way to the happily dancing couple and started dancing closely to make his appearance blend in.

He saw how Hinata smiled at what Mike whispered in her ear.

'That does it.'Naruto though angrily. He was going in.

He danced his way closer to Hinata and was soon behind her.

Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist causing her to flinch at the unexpected contact.

Hinata looked over her right shoulder and smiled.



Great timing really, at that time a few girls got in between Mike and Hinata.

Naruto and Hinata started dancing to the beat of the music . Naruto kept her close in his arms. This was the first time in years they have been this close to one another.

The music got louder and bodys started getting closer and closer. Not that neither minded. I mean, maybe the people could go away and it would just be them two.


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Naruto pulled her Hinata closer to him and started whispering in her ear. " Don't tell me you forgot about me, about us." Hinatas eyes widen. " Remember when I became Hokage, we had a lot of fun, didn't we?"


The rookie 9 was surrounding Naruto as they congratulated the new Hokage.

"Thanks guys this is the BEST PARTY EVER!" Yelled the loud knucklehead. Raising his bottle of beer in the air.

The Hokage ceremony was done earlier throughout the day. The villagers and shinobis were all present cheering for the new Hokage. All hatred of the past now gone, most of them anyway.

In Narutos point view it was hella boriiing, but hey he was pretty damn happy he was finally Hokage now. All those years of hard work and hardship finally paid off.

But now here he was having a blast with his closest friends that stood by him all along even Sasuke was there (the rookie 9 had to drag him there but shhh Naruto didn't have to know that).

They decided to do an after party at Narutos favorite place. The ramen (ex)stand, which was now a restaurant. It was a fairly large place the walls were a Smokey beige color with some orange splattered around to make the place more lively.

Sakura and Ino had decorated the tables for the special occasion. Orange table cloth and a red fox for the center piece.

Nej i( hes alive because I love him) and Lee put up the congratulation signs around the place and moved the tables around. Kiba put out the light to make the place dark and replaced it with colorful lights illuminating the place in a wild frenzy. "That's what am talking 'bout." He hollered at his work.

Shino and Sasuke worked on the stereo system making sure it was working right and ready to get cranked up. Shikmaru was …..well sleeping. What a drag.

Hinata and Tenten were setting up the main table with freshly made desert and some drinks. Hinata made a moist devils food cake with a simple congrats on it. Some coconut tartlets, cinnamon buns, cheesecake, brownies, and tiramisu.

The music was on max and everybody was dancing, if not then eating.

Naruto looked around for a certain blunett with the dazzling eyes. He spotted her with Kiba dancing rather close. (Yes, because one arm away is close to Naruto). Jealousy started boiling within him as he looked at them. He realized his feelings for her were even stronger then when he was in love with Sakura.

The new Hokage was clenching his fist and took a swing at his now empty beer bottle. Making his way up to them he handed the bottle to an oncoming waiter. " Hey guys, so are you two dating? You guys are pretty close." he managed to ask over the loud music.

Both gave him a confused look. They were standing a feet apart "umm… Naruto-kun are you ok?" Hinata asked worriedly seeing as he was swinging from side to side a bit if you looked closely.

" Ohh so you guys are huh? Well that's not ok, okay?" he asked in his drunken voice.

"Naruto-kun you're drunk, come on lets get some fresh air." She went to grab his arm to lead him outside. " No Hinata no, just-just be with your boyfriend am sure you'll like that beeeetter." He emphasized the boyfriend part.

"Hes not my-"

" Nope don't say it I don't want to hear how in lovvvee you guys are or how-how you guys betrayed me." He spoke grabbing a beer from Sasukes hand and into his mouth.

" Whoah now Naruto take it easy you're drunk." Kiba said.

"No am not you're, just mad because Hinata is mine all mine and-and you cant have her!" by now the whole place was staring at them.

" Naruto were not-"

"Come on hime lets go." Naruto grabbed at Hinatas hand and pulled her away from the crowed. "Naruto where are we going?" Hinata asked as she was being pulled in to the street and then to the forest.

" Ohhh so now your mad because I took you away from your dog?"

"NARUTO, stop Kiba and I are just friends, you know this. Why are you acting like this?" the young beauty asked the drunk Naruto as he kept pulling at her. He came to a sudden stop making her crash into his back.

Hinata looked around They were at a clearing with a lake surrounded by fireflies making the place more beautiful than in the day. The trees were swaying by the light night air, and the flowers were scattered around the place.

"Naruto, please whats going on your acting different."

" Hinata –" he turned around to face her and grabbed he shoulders making her look at him with those beautiful eyes of hers.

"- do you love me still?" He asked her with all the seriousness he could come up with in his drunken state.

Hinata looked at him with wide eyes. She didn't know what to say. Yes, she still loves him. But, he was in love with Sakura, wasn't he?

"Naruto, I-" She was cut of by a pair of lips on her own. He was kissing her. Naruto Uzumaki was kissing her. THE HOKAGE WAS KISSING HER.

Slowly she closed he eyes and gave into the kiss. It was slow and steady until Naruto pulled away.

" I love you so much, that I just cant give you to another man" he looked into her surprised eyes and kissed her again. This time passionately and full of aggression and want. He snaked an arm around her waist and the other to her back. Hinata put her arms around his neck pulling him down to her.

Hinatas back hit against a tree not breaking the possessive kiss. Naruto moved his hands to pull Hinata up to him and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Naruto left her lips down to her neck and back again. He couldn't get enough of her. He wanted her.

No, he needed her. He wanted her all for himself and not another man. Just thinking about it made him angry and start kissing her even rougher. Hinata was softly moaning his name while Naruto enjoied the sounds she makes. And did you see that it was HIM making her moan not Kiba not some other guy, but Him Naruto Uzumaki.


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