Laying on his bed Naruto thought of the previous nights even. He had been dancing happily with Hinata. God he had even told her he loved her. He angrily stood up and when to his window overlooking the sleeping village.

The past few months were confusing as hell for the new Hokage. Hinata and him have gotten farther and farther away from each other since the night he became Hokage .

After they went to the forest he told her of his feeling and she even said ' I love you' back. He even thought they were official. But after tonight he knew something was not right.

============= flash back================

Naruto and Hinata started dancing to the beat of the music . Naruto kept her close in his arms. This was the first time in years they have been this close to one another.

The music got louder and bodys started getting closer and closer. Not that neither minded. I mean, maybe the people could go away and it would just be them two.


Naruto pulled her Hinata closer to him and started whispering in her ear. " Don't tell me you forgot about me, about us." Hinatas eyes widen. " Remember when I became Hokage, we had a lot of fun, didn't we?"

Hinatas eyes widen and she pushed her self out of Narutos arms. Quickly, he grabbed her before she left his side.

" Let me go Naruto." Hinata yelled over the loud music. Naruto of course having the kyuubi heard her.

"No, why would I?" Naruto started leading a struggling Hyuuga outside of the club. "Let go of me RIGHT NOW NARUTO!"

"I don't think sooo. Not before we talk." Hinata looked up at him.

"Fine, talk." She crossed her arms infront of her chest looking up to him. He was freaking tall.

"Why have you been ignoring me since I became Hokage." He looked with sadness into her white pearly eyes that haunt him every night. " I haven't." Was her simple reply.

"Stop lying ever since I became Hokage you have been ignoring me at all cost. God, do you think I don't notice, do you think am that stupid? I see you one second and then when I look again your not there. When I approach you, you tell me you have to go that your busy and am sick of it." Naruto angrily shouted at her.

" I told you I loved you, I thought we were together after that night just for you to start pushing me aside like I was nothing. Like we didn't exist."

"There was never a we Naruto, there was only a you and your selfish self. " Tears started rolling down Hinatas beautiful face. "I really though you loved me." Her voice cracked as she spoke.

" I really do love you Hinata –" "LIER." Hinata pushed Naruto to get out of his hold and then walked ran away.

Naruto stood there shocked. How can she think he was lying. Ever since the Pain attack he had done nothing but think about her confession. He worked on getting to know her better, he worked on getting his real feeling of Sakura right. He loved her like a sister nothing else.

But with Hinata they were different. They weren't a little kid crush. His heart warmed up at the mere thought of her, his animal instincts kicked up wanting to imprint her as his. (twilight anyone?)

"Hinata" Naruto whispered sadly. Kami did he just want to run after her and tell her it wasent a lie.

And he did just that "Hinata wait!" he yelled after her but suddenly stopped.

There in front of his was none other than Mike Lynn hugging a certain dark haired Hyuuga. Naruto clenched his teeth as he watched them walk away. He wanted to just rip Mikes away from Hinata and watch him burn alive. He was beyond pissed. How dare he touch his Hinata. She was his and nobody else's.

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"Something is defiantly not right." Naruto spoke to the night. "I know she loves me. She said it herself."

Suddenly the image of Hinata and Mike appeared in his head making him angrier. Were they together. No. Naruto would make sure of that. Did they kiss? Or did they… sleep together? No. No NO no no.

He had to make sure they didn't. As in now. Right now.

He griped the balconies metal bars leaving a dent in them. Poor metal bars, being the victim of a jealous Naruto Uzumaki over his girl. Because remember she was his and his alone.

He made his way back to the room and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a random shirt laying around. He walked down the stairs of his new mansion (Complimentary of being the new Hokage) and towards the street.

The Hokage jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he got in front of a certain apartment building. Walking in he was greeted by the receptionist. Giving a small smile and a nod he made his way to the elevator. Walking in he pressed the 7th floor button.

'She wouldn't have slept with him.' He thought . the doors opened once again and he made his way to the door knocking 3 times he waited. And waited. And waited getting impatient he knocked again.

Naruto heard some shuffling around and knew she was going to open the door. 'Damn I should have gotten her a flower or something.'

Hinata opened the door and saw a very awake Naruto. " Its 3 in the morning …. Something better be terribly wrong."

Naruto just stood there and smiled. " Good morning Hinata-chan."


The Hokage side stepped her and got inside her apartment. " what are you doing here?" she asked half asleep.

Naruto smiled and sat down on her couch. He smelt her and could tell nothing happened between Mike and her.

He was beyond relieved.