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"Thank you for bringing me home." Hinata weakly smiled at her newfound neighbor. " Hey it's no problem, you looked a little down." Hinata lightly smiled again. After saying their goodbyes she opened the door to her apartment , stepping in. Letting her purse fall to the ground she walked to her couch and carelessly laid herself down as a tear fall down her face.

Tonight wasn't supposed to end like this.

He wasn't supposed to act like that.

Getting up to the bathroom she changed and went to bed.

She had been peacefully sleeping in her bed. When a certain blond decided it was an appropriate time to bang at her door. Like seriously hadn't she already had a hard time with him tonight.

'Get up or ignore him?' The banging only got worse.

Making her way to the door she looked at him in the eye and saw relief in them. For whatever reason that was.

" Its 3 in the morning… something better be terribly wrong." She was after all still asleep.

"Good morning Hinata-chan."

Naruto side stepped her and when t straight to the couch and sat down. "What are you doing here?"

The hokage just smiled at her patting the spot next to him in her leather couch. Hinata slowly made her way next to him sitting as far away as she could from him. Naruto, not being happy with the distance, moved closer to her.

Both stayed quiet for a while looking out of the luxurious glass wall. The village really was beautiful.

"What did you mean when you said I lied. I never lied to you, I really do love you, Hinata." He said looking at said girl. She kept on looking out the glass wall. He did lie. She saw him with her, the apple of his eyes.

"I saw you…. With her I mean." She calmly said "I was there, I saw it.'' Shock was written in Naruto's face. That wasn't something he expected. Was she talking about… no it couldn't be. Shion was the one that came up to him. And he rejected her.

"Hinata listen-" Hinata quickly interrupted, " It doesn't matter Naruto, its over, I'm over it. It doesn't matter now. You do what you wish for it is your life."

"Your not listening to me Hinata, she was the one who came to me and kissed me, I pushed her off me." He explained.

"Is that why she was talking about you saying you would help her build a family?" tears were streaming out her eyes as she looked at him with hurt in her eyes.

"I did say that, but that was such a long time ago. I was too oblivious to know what that mean." Naruto cupped her head with his massive hands looking her in the eye. "Please, believe me, it is the truth."

Hinata looked at him and saw the truthiness behind him. "You mean it?" " Of course I do, you are the only girl in this world I want to spend my life with. Even though I didn't see you at first, I see you know. I know what you mean to me. You mean the world to me and seeing you with that guy tonight made me realize just how much you mean to me. And nothing can change that."

"Naruto….." the tears were dried now as she looked at him. He really did love her. She smiled sweetly at him "Really, Naruto?" He smiled at her while nodding. He lowered his head to hers and captured her lips with his. The kiss was sweet and slow and picked up the pace as time went on.


Hinata could be found at the altar with a certain blond Hokage as her groom.


"Awww look what a cute little baby we have." Hinata smiled at her husband as he held their baby boy. He had blond hair just like his dad with pale skin like his mom and the Hyuuga eyes.

They had gotten married, moved to their mansion and had a baby, with more to come. They had a mansion to fill! She was expecting again. She rubbed her still flat 2 month old pregnant belly.

"Hinata look he said daddy." Naruto happily exclaimed. Hinata smiled down at the giggling baby.

" Hey! Hes supposed to say mama first. Come on baby ma-ma, mama." Hinata said to the baby. "mmmama"


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