Note: this is based off the game but is not a story version of the game. This is my own story and I have done some serious changes to some of the characters, Especially Coco. If you don't like the changes I have made then you don't have to read this.

It was dark When the Car pulled up in front of the building. It was pouring down rain when a man stepped out of the car and walked his way to the building. He walked up to the intercom that was right outside the building.

"Name?" a voice over the intercom said.

"Dr. Neo Cortex" The man said. Then the doors opened and Cortex walked in. He walked into a meeting room where there was 10 men waiting for him.

"Sit down Cortex." The head of the group Derrick Henry said as Cortex took a seat. "Now I hope you know what this meeting is about?" Henry said

"Yes" Cortex replied. "You called this meeting about my evolver ray. A brilliant machine capable of turning ordinary animals into the mightiest worriers."

"Yes" Henry said. "That is what you have told us"

"So what do you want to know about it?" Cortex asked.

"Well Dr. Cortex" Henry said. "You have been working on this project for 2 years now. And we have been giving you money to help you make this machine. But we haven't seen any results of your project."

"Yes I know." Cortex said. "I have spent a lot of money own the machine and haven't had a lot to show for it. Things have gone a little rough for me. I was exiled from the N. Sanity Islands about a year ago by the mayor after my first experiment went haywire. But the machine is almost finished I just need another half million dollars and it will be complete."

"Actually Cortex me and the board discussed this and we have unanimously decided to stop giving funds out to your Evolver ray experiment." Henry said. "I'm sorry Cortex."

Meanwhile outside unknown to them was a monster he snuck up on a night guard outside and grabbed him and hoisted him out of sight.

Back inside Cortex was responding to what he just heard. "I thought that was what you guys were going to say." Cortex said manically "Which is why I have a little surprise gift for you guys."

Suddenly the head of the night guard came rolling into the room. The board just stared in shock and fear then suddenly there was a loud crash as the decapitated body of the night guard crashed through the window. Then there was a loud thud as the monster jumped from an airship waiting outside and landed on the roof of the building. The monster was seven feet tall. He was gray in color and resembled an Ogre. He ripped through the roof and grabbed one of the guys in the room.

"What's going on?" Henry said.

"Consider this my goodbye gift. Cortex said.

The monster ripped the guy apart with his bare hands and came crashing through the room he grabbed another guy and picked up a piece of broken glass and stabbed him with it lodging it into his heart and then threw him out the window falling to his death. He grabbed another guy and ripped his arms and legs off. Another guy he ripped right in two. Then the monster looked right at Henry He lunged at him and landed right on top of him the blood of the men he witnessed killed dripping from his claws.

"No" Henry pleaded. "I'll do anything just don't kill me!"

"Anything huh?" Cortex said. "Ok Brio, get off him." Brio crawled off of Henry who was on the floor shivering with fear. Cortex walked up to him and grabbed him by the collar.

"Will you get me the remaining money I need to finish my Evolver ray?" Cortex growled

"Yes" Henry cried. "I will, just don't kill me."

"Good boy." Cortex said releasing him. Have me the check mailed to me by next week or you will share your friend's fate. Come along Brio" He said turning to Brio." Then with that Cortex walked out of the building and flew off in his air ship with Brio. When they got into the air Ship Cortex pulled out a switch and pressed it and it blew up the car he arrived in. "Can't leave any traces that will lead back to me. Can't have the Cops coming after me now can we?" He thought as the air Ship flew off.

One year later

At Cortex's castle Cortex and His assistant Brio who had since turned back to human was having a discussion.

"Our evolver ray is now complete Brio." Cortex said. "We have captured and mutated at least one sample of nearly all species of wild life in Australia, even a few species from other continents. Our army is nearly complete. We just need a leader. A leader who can sense fear. And no other animal senses fear more then a pray animal. WE need a pray animal who can sense fear and know when it is safe to attack and when not. But what type?"

"Well" Brio said. "We have our Kangaroo, Richard Roo. He is very smart and is the sanest of our commando's. I think he will be the perfect fit as leader."

"No Brio." Cortex said. "While I agree that Richard Roo is indeed a good warrior and a heck of a loyal commando. He is not the type specimen I'm looking for. While Kangaroo's are Pray animals they can easily defend themselves with their feet. No the creature I'm looking for needs to be small. About the size of a rodent. And can't defend themselves that easily. I can train him to use his wit to fight and defend himself.

"Well the only other animal I can think of is a bandicoot. But we have already tried bandicoots in the past and failed." Brio said.

"Of course a bandicoot." Cortex said. "Their small, Timid and can sense fear more than most other animals in Australia. And if I can get a couple of specimen I can train them to lead my army Wumpa City, The biggest City in all of N. sanity Island. He can lead them there Conquer it, and then soon we will have the whole N. Sanity islands bowing at our feet.

"But Sir." Brio said. "Don't you remember your first experiment? It was a bandicoot but it got out of Hand. It couldn't control the power you gave him. Nearly destroyed us with half the city. And you also had another Bandicoot. A female one but she escaped and we have never seen her again."

"Yes I remember my little experiment." Cortex said "Gave him the name the destroyer because I gave him powers beyond measures. But I learned that Super Powers and animals don't quit mix and have yet to do that to an experiment yet. And as for the girl bandicoot. The machine was not quite done so she had not developed the sense not to run when they thought they were in danger. Like I said bandicoots are pray animals, they sense danger. But now that the ray is complete we can create them not to run from fear but to face it. A bandicoot will lead our army Brio."

"Fine Dr. If you insist." Brio said

"Good" Cortex said. "Get the airship ready, we leave in an hour."

Then they loaded up the air ship then they left an hour later. They went to a wooded area in Australia and parked the Ship.

"This looks like the perfect place to find some bandicoots." Cortex said. Then he took out a couple sticks of dynamite.

"Bandicoots lives in borrows in the ground." Cortex told Brio. It is important that we scare them out of them so we can take a couple for our samples."

Then he lit the dynamite and ran behind some rocks. They heard a loud boom and a big group of bandicoots ran out.

"Get the traps." Cortex shouted to his henchmen. "Chase some into the traps."

Brio and some henchmen got some traps and in the bandicoot's mass confusion from the explosion, a couple ran into one of the traps.

"Perfect." Brio said as the traps slammed shut. "You two will be perfect for Cortex's experiment."

The rest of the bandicoots ran off as Brio took the cage holding the two bandicoots to Cortex. "We got some Cortex. A male and a female. Just what you wanted."

"Excellent." Cortex said. "Put them in the air ship and we will evolve them into the mightiest warriors imaginable." Then he took the cage and looked at the Bandicoots who he could tale was scared not knowing what would happen to them. "You two are going to be the start of something great." Then he took them and put them in the air ship and flew back to the Castle.

They arrived at the castle and unloaded the two bandicoots. "Finally" Cortex said. "My army is just about complete. I thought this day would never come. Just as soon as I mutate these two Bandicoots my army will be complete. Bring out the evolver Ray." He told Brio. Brio brought out the evolver Ray and Cortex set the caged bandicoots down on the floor. Then he opened the cage and took out the male bandicoot that was squirming in fear trying to get free.

"Don't be afraid my little friend." Cortex said. "You are about to be a part of something spectacular. He placed him on the table and strapped him down.

"Dr. Cortex" Brio said I still think you are not taking into consideration our past failures with bandicoots. What if this fails and we are left without a leader for our army?

"You fool!" Cortex said. "This Bandicoot will be the leader for our commando army. He will lead my army to the N. Sanity islands and he will conquer Wumpa City."

Then he put his goggles on, Brio did the same. Then they pulled the lever and the evolver ray went off and struck the bandicoot. They watched as the Bandicoot grew in size and strength and took a more human form. They turned the Evolver Ray off when the transformation was complete. Cortex then went over to look at his new commando. He was 5 feet 9 inch tall. Was orange in color and looked everything that Cortex thought a leader should look like. Cortex looked pleased, everything was going according to the way he planned he thought. Then Cortex Spoke to the Bandicoot.

"Speak." He said "Rise, my precious."

The Bandicoot opened his eyes and looked around the room at his surroundings.

"What is your name?" Cortex asked.

"Crash" The bandicoot muttered out.

"Well Crash." Cortex said. "Welcome to the Cortex Commandos"

"The what?" Crash said.

"Oh excuse me." Cortex said. "This must be a little confusing with you just now being created and all. I am Dr. Cortex and you have been chosen to be the leader of an army I like to call the Cortex Commandos. You will accomplish great things my lad."

"I will"? Crash said in surprise

"Yes" Cortex responded. "But that will come later. For now I want you to get comfortable in this new environment because you will be spending a lot of time in this place. Also I have had my men create you a partner."

"A partner?" Crash asked

"Yes" Cortex said. "Show him Brio.

Then Brio took out the female bandicoot and put her on the table and pressed the button starting the evolver ray and the female bandicoot grew into a 5 foot 3 lady bandicoot with blonde hair.

"Wow" Crash said.

"Impressive isn't it" Cortex said. Then he noticed something and quickly called to his men. "Uh you might want to put some clothes on her. The evolving process worked a little too well." Cortex said.

"I don't know I kind of like her like that." Crash said his eyes all wide looking at her with a smile. Cortex just covered Crash's eyes. The men quickly put some clothes on her.

"Now then." Cortex said looking at the female bandicoot may I ask you your name.

"Tawna." The female bandicoot said.

"Well Tawna." Cortex said. "Welcome to the Cortex commandos. You are going to be part of something great. I want you to meet Crash. He will be your partner in our commando squad."

"Partner huh?" Tawna said shaking hands with Crash.

"Yes and maybe with luck maybe a little something extra." Cortex said. "But I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now I want you two to meet the rest of the team. They are in the Rec Room in the other room. Go have fun." Then he turned to Crash.

"Especially you Crash. Since you are going to be our leader it is really important that you get along with these guys. Otherwise they won't respect you or obey you. Get along with them. Your training starts within a few days.

"I will try my best." Crash said.

"That's my boy." Cortex said. Then Crash and Tawna went to the Rec Room.

"This is going better than planned." Cortex said. At this rate we will be able to attack the Sanity islands within a couple months."

"Are you sure that this bandicoot is the one though?" Brio asked

"Oh yes." Cortex said with an evil grin. "He's the one."