Crash ran back to Papu's Hut where he found Coco and Aku Aku there also.

"We got to get to the N. Sanity islands now!" He said.

"How come?" Aku Aku asked

"Because that's where the pollution is heading."

"Um Crash I don't want to sound like a complainer but are you nuts?" Coco said. "The people on N. Sanity Island hate us worse than anybody. They will kill us on the spot if they see us, Thanks to Cortex using us for his own evil uses."

"Well we will just have to warn them without us being spotted." Crash said. "I won't let innocent people die because of Cortex. I made a promise to Papu to stop the pollution and I will. But I got to warn N. Sanity Island of it also. It's headed right toward them."

"Why do you want to help those people?" Coco asked. "They will kill you the moment they see you. Why are you willing to risk your life to save a bunch of people that want you dead?"

"Because I don't want anybody else to die in the hands of Cortex. And it's the right thing to do."

Coco sighed knowing his mind was made up. "I just don't want to see you die. I care for you and I want you safe."

"I know Coco. And I promise I will come back safe. But it's the right thing to do. You don't have to come if you don't want to."

"I'm coming." Coco said.

"Me too." Aku Aku said.

"You trust me now" Aku.

"Yes, plus you need all the help you can get."

"One question though." Coco said. "What about Tawna, What about your friend?"

Crash sighed and said. "She's going to have to wait." Then turning to Papu he said. "Do you have a boat we can borrow?"

"Oh yes we got big boat. The best there is. We get it for you." Papu said then summoned his men to fetch the boat for them. They brought them the boat and Crash and Coco packed up their stuff and pulled the boat out to see.

"Good luck orange ones." Papu said waving bye to them. Crash waved bye back then looked out to the other side of the sea and said to him. "I will find you Tawna. Just not yet." Then he looked down at the pollution and asked Coco.

"Can you get a sample of this and run it through your laptop? Maybe we can figure out what type of stuff us dealing with."

"I can collect you a sample." Coco said "but my laptop is dead I will have to wait till we find a place to charge it before I figure out what type of Chemicals we are dealing with."

"That will work." Crash said Then Coco got a plastic water bottle and scooped up some of the pollution from the water and put it in her backpack.

"Next stop N Sanity islands." Crash said.

That night when everybody at Cortex's Castle was asleep Tawna snuck out of her room. She crept over to Richard and Rita's room and tapped on their door. They got out and sneaked over to the main closet door where Cortex keeps the key for the main entrance. Ever since Coco escaped Cortex doesn't keep the main entrance key out in the open but Tawna still figured out where the key was. She opened the closet door and saw it hanging around the hook.

"Well this is going to be simple enough." Tawna said as she reached for the key. But the moment she took it off the hook an alarm went off and a security Camera looked right at them.

"Oh Crap!" Tawna said.

The alarm woke up Cortex and he looked at his security screen and Saw that Tawna, Richard and Rita was trying to escape.

"Crap!" Cortex said then he jumped out of bed and went to the intercom and said over the loudspeakers.

"Breakout attempt, Breakout attempt! All Henchmen and guards to the hallways pronto! Don't let them escape!" Then Cortex ran out into the hall to chase after them still wearing his teddy bear Pajamas.

Tawna and the gang ran down a hallway to the main hallway but they saw 20 armed guards there waiting for them.

"What do we do now?" Rita asked.

"Try to find another way around I think there is a secret tunnel we can take." Tawna said but when they turned around 20 more guards showed up.

"You girls run I will try to fight them off!" Richard said.

"Are you sure?" Tawna asked.

"Yes now go! I'll catch up with you later if I can!" And with that Rita and Tawna both ran for their lives. Richard kept on fighting when suddenly the guards got the upper hand and hit him with the back of their gun knocking him out cold.

They ran down another hallway where they saw some Henchmen waiting for them.

"How many of these guys does Cortex have?" Rita said.

"You guys aren't going anywhere." One of the henchmen said.

"Want to bet?" Tawna said. And they attacked the henchmen the fought hard trying to get rid of them. Suddenly more henchmen came to try to stop them.

"There's too many of them. We both can't possibly escape them." Tawna said.

"GO!" Rita said.

"What?" Tawna asked.

"Go! I'll fight them off. You need to get out of here more than me. You go!

"Are you sure?!"

"Yes now Run!"

Tawna grabbed the gun from one of the henchmen and shot him and ran as fast as she could. It wasn't long till Rita was overpowered knocked out cold bye on of the guards.

"Tawna continued running till she got to the secret tunnel. If she made it past here she was free. But to her terror she saw no other one but Cortex waiting for her still in his pajamas.

"Teddy Bear pajamas? Really" Tawna asked surprised at what Cortex slept in

"Well I didn't have time to change thanks to you." Cortex said. "Anyway. I expected you would take the secret tunnel so I just stood here and waited for you to come." Cortex said with an evil grin on his face.

"You want make me lead those monsters to the Island. You won't make me kill innocent people."

"Hey they aren't monsters they got feelings." Cortex said his evil smile not leaving his face. "And I'm afraid you don't have a choice."

Suddenly Brio snuck up behind Tawna gun in hand. Tawna noticed it and immediately attacked Brio forcing him into a choke hold and held his own gun to Brio's temple.

"Let me go Cortex. Or I will put a bullet through you second in command's skull."

"You wouldn't dare!" Cortex growled. Tawna just fired a shot at Cortex barely missing him then pointed the gun back at Brio.

"You want to test me!" Tawna yelled. "Now Release me or I will blow his brains out."

Cortex not wanting to lose his second in command just growled as he moved aside for Tawna to pass.

"You're going to regret this Tawna." Cortex said. Tawna made it to the end of the tunnel then released Brio.

"Remember this as the day your plan for world domination failed because I will have cops here by morning to take you to jail." Tawna said but before she knew it she felt a stabbing pain shoot her in the back. She felt behind her back and pulled a tranquilizer dart from her back.

"Oh no." She thought as she started to feel dizzy and fall to the floor.

"Nice job Pinstripe Waiting behind the tunnel in case we needed you." Cortex said.

"My pleaser Master." Pinstripe said walking up to Tawna to revile his tranquilizer gun to her.

"Pinstripe" Tawna growled as she was starting to black out. Cortex walked over to Tawna right before she faded out completely and said.

"Never underestimate me!" Tawna then blacked out to the sound of Cortex laughing.

Crash, Coco, and Aku arrived at the N. sanity Islands late that night.

"Now what do we do?" Coco asked

"We got to get somewhere that's got Power so we can charge Coco's Laptop up to find out what Chemicals we are dealing with." Crash said.

"There is a hotel not too far from here." Aku said.

"Yeah one question Aku." Coco said. "How are two mutated bandicoots and a floating mask possibly going to get into a hotel unnoticed?"

Next we see Crash and Coco in dark black hoodies with the hoods up to cover as much of their face as possible. They had Aku Aku in a brief case to keep him hidden. They had they walked up to the front desk and asked for a room.

"Names?" the women at the front desk asked.

"Uh Chase and Carrie Carlton." Crash said. The Women handed them a card key to one of the rooms and they went to the room.

"It worked." Crash said pulling off his hoodie. "Now let's see what Chemicals we are dealing with."

She put a sample of the chemical in a disk and out it in her laptop While Crash released Aku From the briefcase. It scanned for a few minutes then the results showed up.

"Oh my God!" Coco said.

"What is it? What are we dealing with?" Crash asked.

"According to my computer we are dealing with a rare chemical known as Anthroginisin. A chemical that will turn any into half human half animal Mutant. (Authors note: Anthroginisin does not exist I is just made up for this story so don't go looking this up on Google thanks)

"Wait, Cortex used that chemical own me when I was created." Crash said. "It is the reason why I am so human like in shape. Why is he releasing that into river? Why does he want to turn the City into Mutants?"

"Let's not jump to conclusion now Crash. There's a chance that the chemicals won't work on humans. All it did to the tribesman is just make them sick and kill them. Let's not suspect immediately that he is trying to turn them into mutants.

"I'm not going to wait and find out." Crash said putting on his hoodie.

"What are you doing?" Coco asked.

"I got to head to the police department and warn them about the pollution."

"One question though Crash" Coco said. "How are we going to warn the police without getting caught?"

"I got a plan now let's move"

They ran over to the police station as fast as they could but found out that the police station was locked.

"Great now what?" Coco asked.

Crash thought about it for a minute then asked. "Coco do you have a hairpin on you by any chance?"

"Yes why?"

"Try to see if you can pick the lock."

"Yeah, breaking and entering into a police station. Great Idea Crash." Coco said sarcastically

"Just does it ok?" Crash said

"Fine, Geez" Then Coco picked the lock and they went inside.

Meanwhile inside there was a police officer working late. LT. Luke Timmons didn't like working late. As a matter of fact he hated it. While all the other cops were at home Drinking Beer and watching the late night football game, He was working on unsolved crime reports. He didn't notice the front door being unlocked as Crash and Coco snuck in.

"Ok now what?" Coco asked.

"Go find the cable box and shut off the power. It is the only way I can talk to the cop without being spotted." Within 4 minutes they found the cable box.

"Perfect." Crash said. Then he gave Coco the single and Coco shut off all the power within the police station including the Computer Lt. Timmons was working on.

"What? No!" Timmons said as he was pushing the start button on his computer. "Crap!" suddenly he felt something press against the back of his head. He didn't know if it was a gun or not but he just froze and didn't say a word then he heard a deep voice that sounded like a growl.

"You're a good cop. You care about your people don't you?" It was Crash. He Snuck up behind the cop and disguised his voice and put a Taser to his head so he wouldn't turn around and see him. He knew this didn't look good but it was the only way to get his attention without being spotted.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Timmons asked.

"It doesn't matter who I am, just what I'm trying to do. And what I'm trying to do is help save your city."

"What are you talking about? Save us from what?"

"The river that stores your water supply has been polluted with Anthroginisin by Cortex. An extremely deadly pollution. IT will reach the city within 24 hours if nothing is done. I need you to shut off the water supply till I stop the pollution."

"There are over 2 million people in this city. You can't expect me to turn off water for the entire city."

"You will if you care for your people. If it reaches land then people will get sit and you will be sitting ducks for when cortex attacks."

"Wait." Timmons said. "How do you know about an attack plan by Cortex? We weren't informed about one." Then Crash suddenly ran toward the office window as Timmons turned around. Crash jumped through the window accidently getting his hoodie caught on a pole. The hoodie came off exposing Crash. Timmons looked outside and saw Crash turning around and looking right at him.

"A mutant." Timmons said in horror.

Crash called Coco. "Coco get out of here now our cover is blown I repeat our cover is blown.

"Roger that Crash." Then Coco ran out of there as fast as she could.

"Timmons reached for the office phone but realizing that the power was still off reached for the cell phone instead and called the Commissioner.

"Yeah Commissioner. You are not going to believe this."

Meanwhile back at Cortex's castle. Tawna woke up in a cell with Rita and Ripper.

"They got you two?" Tawna said noticing Richard and Rita in the cell too.

"I'm afraid so." Rita said.

"What do you think they are going to do to us?" Tawna asked.

"I don't know." Richard said.

"Guys." Tawna said tears starting to roll down her cheeks. "I'm so sorry this is my entire fault."

"Don't cry." Richard said drying her tears away. "It will be all right. We will all make it out of this. I promise."

Meanwhile Cortex was in his office with Brio trying to figure out what to do about the situation.

"What am I going to do Brio?" Cortex said in frustration. "I torture them, threaten them and they still disobey me. This time they tried to escape. What am I going to do to get through to them?"

"I don't know cortex." Brio said.

"I'll tell you what to do." Pinstripe said walking into the room.

"What are you doing here?" Cortex asked.

"Oh just overheard you guys talking and thought I could offer my opinion." He said grabbing a glass of water off the table. "You want to get through to the female bandicoot right? You want to make sure she doesn't try to disobey you again right? Well there is only one thing you can do. Kill the female kangaroo.

"What are you talking about?" Cortex asked.

"You can hurt her body as many times as you want. But as long as she has the people she cares about still around with her she want give up on trying to escape." He said rubbing his figure against the top of his glass. "But take away just one thing she cares about the most and her heart will be shattered." Then he shattered the glass with his bare hands. "Then you will have control over her, and then she will listen. You want Tawna to listen. Kill the female Kangaroo!"

"Yes!" Cortex thought. "It's the ultimate punishment. Killing one to get through to the others."

"Exactly Cortex." Pinstripe said.

"Henchmen." Cortex said turning to his workers. "Go get the female roo and take her to the execution room. Then kill her."

"Yes sir." One of the henchmen said then they went off to fetch Rita