Two weeks after the events of Part 1...

Red handed the binoculars to Gold, who was sitting next to him. The younger boy took them without a word, then watched the road below for a long time.

"Well, the convoy is there," he said. "Just like they said it would."

"You sound hesitant," Red remarked. "Think it's a trap?"

"I trust Blue and Silver, but... The rest of Team Rocket? Not too sure."

"We're both against the Association at this point. No reason for them to betray us."

"Right. We help them, they share info. Got it."

He handed the binoculars back to Red. They sat there in silence, while Red kept watching the convoy on the road below.

"Alright," Gold said. "Team Rocket are down below, see? We should move in."

"Yeah, just let me... Wait. Is that-"

"Green!" the convoy commander yelled. "Keep yer head down!"

"Why?" the younger trainer asked. "The air in the vehicle is horrible, and we haven't been attacked yet. You act like you're expecting an attack at any moment."

"Can never be too careful."

"Whatever," Green sighed, looking down into the vehicle. "You okay down there?"

"Yeah," Emerald replied. Green frowned. The kid had been even more silent than usual lately. Perhaps the death of Ruby had affected the young boy more than he thought. Just one more reason to get him back home to the calm of Viridian City. He could not wait to get back himself, having been forced into security detail by the Association to prove his loyalty. He still steamed with anger when thinking about how they had simply called him and told him to expect a cab to pick him up within the hour. Suddenly, an alarm sounded.

"Enemy presence!" someone yelled. "Team Rocket attackers!"

Swearing, Green looked around to find where the attackers were coming from. The trucks they were protecting were filled with dangerous materials that could absolutely not be allowed into Team Rocket hands.

"Commander!" he yelled. "Where are the enemy coming from?"

"Below!" the older man shouted back. Green frowned, then looked at the ground below. It was cracking right in front of him. Of course, he thought to himself. Giovanni is a ground-type master, I should have seen this coming!

"It is good to be in the field again," Giovanni said as his Pokemon tunneled up through the cliff road, disabling vehicles and knocking out guards as they surfaced. When most of the Association guards were out, he climbed over the edge of the cliff, followed by Surge, Silver, Blue and several dozen elite soldiers.

"Surrender and you'll be spared!" Surge yelled at the remaining enemies. The road here was as wide as three vehicles, and they spread out between the cliff and the convoy. Blue felt her eyes widen in shock as she saw Green sitting on the roof of one vehicle, but avoided his eyes as if to shield herself from his judgment.

"I am the commander here," one of the Association troops said, pointing at his rank insignia. "You are violating the law, and I am hereby placing you under arrest."

"You may not have noticed, commander, but you're heavily outnumbered," Surge laughed.

"Are we?" the commander replied, thumping one of the cargo trucks with his fist. Dozens of soldiers emerged, dressed in full battle suits and with belts filled with powerful Pokemon. Giovanni, who had been far more observant than Surge, grabbed his second-in-command by the collar and started pulling him along even as the Team Rocket forces took up defensive position between their leaders and the unexpected enemy reinforcements.

"Silver, Blue, follow me," Giovanni told them, indicating for Surge to do the same. "We need to get to higher ground."

While the soldiers had come out of the trucks further down on the steep road, only two guards were above them. Giovanni and Surge made quick work of the duo, while Blue and Silver hurried on ahead to make sure no enemy had hidden further up the road.

"Clear!" Silver yelled. His father and Surge rushed up behind them, along with three of the most elite Team Rocket soldiers. Most of the force they had initiated the assault with followed them in a controlled retreat.

"Surge, tell the rest of our troops to move in and attack from behind," Giovanni ordered. "Once surrounded by our men, the Association will stand no chance."

"Dad, Green and Emerald are approaching!" Silver said, gritting his teeth. The two dexholders had somehow gotten past the Team Rocket force and were charging up the mountain road to catch up with the small group.

"Sir," Surge said, removing two grenades from his belt. "Shall I-"

"You promised not to kill them!" Silver snarled at his father. Giovanni hesitated, then turned to Surge.

"Give diplomacy a chance, first," he said. Surge looked angry, but did not protest.

"Guys!" Blue yelled to her two friends below. "Please, just surrender and-"

She did not get further than that before the closest convoy vehicle exploded in a sea of fire, shredding much of the closest Team Rocket force and turning the world into one of dust and falling rocks.

Red's mouth fell open as much of the mountain below them collapsed down on the road and mountainside below, cutting Giovanni, Surge, Green, Blue, Silver, Emerald and a couple of Team Rocket members off from the main battle.

He had been unsure if they should enter such chaos, but now he motioned Yellow and Crystal forward as Gold got to his feet beside him.

"We have to get down there," Gold urged him.

"I know, I know!" Red replied. He was not sure what the four of them could do in that particular situation, though. Not for the first time that day, he was beginning to wonder if leaving the Sinnoh holders out of this one had really been a good idea.

"Everyone ready?" he asked. The three others nodded. As an afterthought, he gave Yellow a quick but passionate kiss before they all used their flying Pokemon to plunge towards their group of friends below.