Chapter 30

Allen found out very quickly that I was absolutely clueless when it came to babies.

Allen was discharged from the infirmary and she carried Alexander with her to our room. As she sat on our bed and rocked the sleeping child, I attempted to assemble the baby crib. After many failed attempts, Allen handed me Alex and she put the crib together.

Even throughout the day, I admit, she was incredible. She knew how to make the thing stop crying!

In the evening it started crying again while she was in the shower. I tried to stop it myself. "Hey little man, what's wrong?" I asked as it wailed. I checked its diaper, making it cry louder. I heard the shower turn off and the door opened.

Allen stepped out in a robe, drying her hair off. She walked over and took Alex from me. "Is his diaper clean?"


"Are you hungry Alex?" She asked, sitting down with him in her arms.

"Do I need to go get milk?"

Allen laughed. "Kanda, I'm a woman. I can feed my own child." She said and opened her robe. She pulled the baby close to her chest and he stopped crying. Alex latched onto one of her nipples and began suckling.

I watched, fascinated.

When it finished drinking, she grabbed a washcloth and placed it on her shoulder and pat his back. He burped and she laughed and kissed his forehead. "Feel better with a full tummy?"

Alex hiccupped a laugh.

She placed him in his crib.

"I feel useless."

She laughed and crawled into my lap. "You're not useless." She smiled and kissed me.

"How are you that good?" I asked, holding her.

"I guess it is just a mother's instinct." She said and messed with the button of my jacket.

I smiled. "Are you trying to be sexy?" I asked.

"Maybe…" She said innocently.

I slowly pushed her down onto the bed, untying her robe.

"Are you sure that we should do it now?" I asked.

"Why not?" She asked as she unbuttoned my coat. "I'm not pregnant anymore. We can do it now." She said softly.

I stopped her from removing my muscle shirt and unbuttoning my pants. "No sex tonight."

She pouted. "Please? I'm waited nine months."

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I kissed her neck. "I think I can pleasure your body without penetrating you."

"Please Yu." She whispered in my ear.

I kissed her neck and showered her collar bone in kisses and left nice little dark marks. I moved down and kissed her chest. I gently licked her breasts and nibbled on her tits, a milky substance dripped out of one like a tear. I latched onto the tit and sucked. Warm milk splashed into my mouth. I heard her moan and I gently reached down and stroked her thighs.

She moaned and squirmed under my body.

I drank a small amount of her milk and kissed her. "Even after a baby, your body is still sexy."

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She sighed. "Don't remind me. I still need to get rid of all the baby fat."

"I will be more than ready to have some sparring matches with you." I said and held her.

Alex started to cry and I sighed.

Allen got up and I laid down, life was going to be difficult for a while.