Chapter 38

"Are you guys about dressed yet?" Allen called out.

Yuki walked out and pulled her purple rubber boots on. "I'm ready!"

Allen smiled and helped her baby girl fix the buttons on her jacket.


Allen looked up at Yuki; she looked so much like her father.

"Mommy, are you going to cry again today?" Yuki asked.

"No dear. I promise that I won't cry." Allen got a blanket and walked with her kids to the mess hall. Allen asked Jerry to make them a picnic basket.

"What are we doing?" Alex asked.

Allen ruffled her son's hair. "We are going to picnic with Daddy, like we use to."

Jerry handed her the basket and they walked out.

Allen walked to a tree; beneath it was a gray tombstone. Allen spread the blanket down and everyone sat down on it. She fixed the flowers that she had left Kanda yesterday and smiled softly. Allen unpacked the basket and passed out sandwiches.

Allen ate half of her sandwich and put the other half to the side. She didn't eat much nowadays.

After lunch the kids played freeze tag as Allen watched.

Allen gently touched the locket Kanda had given her. "I miss you. I wish you were here so much. Can you believe it's almost been a whole year since you passed on?" Allen looked at her lover's grave. "I can't believe it either. Yuki, Nolan, and Alex are good. Nolan has been a bit mischievous, but other than that, everything is fine. I'm doing well too. I finally got the courage to pack of the last of your things and donated them to charity. I kept a few things though. Mugen is still fine and I have the hourglass case. I kept your exorcist jacket too; remember when I use to tell you that you looked so sexy in it?" Tears came to Allen's eyes. "I always had a feeling, but I wasn't certain that you would die wearing it." Allen wiped her tears away. "I'm sorry that I always cry. I don't mean to. I know you use to hate to see me cry. But it is so hard trying to be strong. I'm weak Kanda, you've always known that. My heart can't handle heartbreak. I'm scared to. I feel like one move and I just mess everything up. I am strong for the kids, the Order, the World, but when you get down to it, I go to bed every night, crying." Allen sighed. "I am just a whiny pathetic girl." Allen was quit for a second. "I love you. I'm sorry for any fight we ever had, for any name calling, for any fists or hands, for any muttering under my breath, for anything. I loved you and I wished I could have showed you how much so throughout your life." Allen gently touched the smooth granite. Allen looked up and noticed her kids were gone. She stood up quickly and ran off to find them.

Two Crows were escorting a boy and her kids were looking at him. The boy had short black hair with dark eyes; he had dark cobalt eyes, and wore an extremely odd outfit.

Allen's eyes jumped back and forth from him to Yuki.

He couldn't be…

Allen followed the Crows and the little boy to Komui's office. She walked inside and Komui looked up.

"Oh! Allen, I was about to call for you. Please come in, sit down.

"What's going on Komui? Why does this kid look like my late husband?"

Komui dismissed the Crows and asked them to take the boy outside to be with Allen's kids. Once they were gone he cleared his throat. "That is because, he is your husband."


"Or more specifically, he has the same mindset as your husband. His body is new and he has only fragments of his old memories, but he is still Kanda."

In her final fight, Allen had learned of Kanda's past that he had been artificially created.

"This is unethical."

"We know. We cut off the program years ago. But to official cut the program off, we would've had to kill what we made. We figured that we owed them enough just to either sleep forever or use them if they wake up. When Kanda died, this body activated, like a radio signal being sent. Allen, that boy is Kanda, which brings us to our next issue." Komui cleared his throat again. "As a representative of the Order I, Komui Lee, ask you, Allen walker, to take care of and watch over Yu Kanda Walker as your own child. Do you accept?"

Allen was at a loss of words. "Of course. I would do anything to have him."

"No need for that. If you want him, he is yours. Just know, he probably won't know you at Allen, but he might see you in visions and dreams. One day, he might even figure it out. But please don't rush him."

Allen nodded. "Thank you." With that, she walked out. Allen smiled and ran out to her kids, seeing them talking to Kanda.

"Want to play tag?" Nolan asked.

"What's tag?" Kanda asked.

"It's a game. You've never played tag before?" Alex asked.

"No, I don't play games." Kanda crossed his arms in defiance. He looked around Alex's age.

"Are you 'too cool' for games?" Alex asked and rolled his eyes.

"Shut up! I don't play stupid kid games!"

"Oooooh! You said both of the S words." Yuki said.

Allen walked over and broke off the fight. "Enough guys. Let's go home." Allen took Yuki's hand and walked with her kids. She turned and noticed Kanda staying behind. "Are you coming?"

Kanda shook his head. "I have to wait for my mission."

Allen smiled and offered her other hand to him. "Your mission is to be a kid. Komui wants you to live with us. Is that okay with you?"

Kanda glared at Alex, who stuck his tongue out at Kanda.

Allen saw Alex and sighed. "Will you complete this mission, for me?" Allen asked.

Kanda looked at Allen's hand. "I can't fail my mission." He walked over and took Allen's hand in his.

Allen smiled. It might not be fully complete, but her family was almost completely back together.

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