A/N: Under popular request, I finally gave in and decided to write an epilogue on how 'A New Life' would end. I hope you all enjoy the final part and please review when you are done.


12 years later…

Allen (32) just finished putting the crust on the pie for Thanksgiving dinner when the phone rang. She wiped her hands on her apron and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Mom."

"Hi Alex (19). How is college?" She smiled.

"It's good mom, actually, I called to tell you. I can't make it home for Thanksgiving."

Allen was a little hurt, but she knew why. "Alright, then tell Katie's parents that I said hello."

"Yes ma'am."

"We will be thinking about you. I love you."

"I love you too mom. I will see you at Christmas." Alex promised.

"Alright. Have a good Thanksgiving."

"You too."

Allen hung up the phone and sighed.

"Who was that?" Yuki (17) asked as she walked in and sat at the counter.

Allen smiled softly. "That was Alex. He is having Thanksgiving at his girlfriend's. It looks like it will be just you, me, and your brother."

"Awwwwww. I miss him. I was looking forward to seeing him."

"You will just have to wait until Christmas."

Yuki sighed. "Is Kanda coming home, at least?"

"I don't know. He never calls or answers his phone." Allen said as she stuck the pie in the oven. "Did you finish your homework?"

"Not completely, but I have all break to finish it." She smiled.

Allen walked over and hugged her daughter. She felt so old watching her babies grow up. "You look so much like your father."

Yuki smiled softly. "Will you be okay mom?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Can you set the table? Dinner is almost ready."

Yuki set to work setting the table and even got her twin.

Nolan washed up and walked in. He kissed his mom's cheek.

Allen looked up at her baby boy, he was as tall as his father.

"Smells great mom."

"Thank you dear. Can you cut up some turkey?"

"Sure. Where's Alex?"

"He's not coming." Yuki said.

"Too bad for him, more food for us though."

Allen laughed softly. Her son could definitely eat.

They sat down to eat, about half way through the meal, someone rang the doorbell.

Allen got up and answered the door. She smiled. "Kanda, I wasn't expecting you. Come in."

Kanda (21) walked in and hung up his coat. "Sorry. I shouldn't have just come. I should've called first."

"Nonsense. Come on in and go makes a plate, you made it just in time."

"Thanks. It smells good."

Allen smiled. Kanda looked just like he used to.

Nolan jumped up when he saw Kanda. "You're home!" He hugged Kanda. "Come and eat. Mom made a great dinner."

"Thank you Nolan." Allen smiled and passed Kanda a plate.

Kanda made a plate and sat beside Allen to eat.


As Nolan, Yuki, and Kanda played a video game in Nolan's room, Allen walked into the guest bedroom and made up a bed for Kanda.

The room that use to be Alex's and Kanda's shared room, it made her laugh at how the two would argue so much over the stupidest things.

As Allen made the bed, she felt something wrap around her waist. She turned, startled, when her lips crashed into someone else's

Allen looked at Kanda confused.

"I'm sorry."

"What?" Allen asked. "What's wrong Kanda?"

"For a few months, I've had these horrible headaches."


"Yes, and I would see things… I would see you." He said softly. He wrapped his arms around Allen. "I remember everything.


"Allen Walker, I met you when I was 18. We were men, yet I was so in love with you. The night I asked you to marry me, you told me how you were changed into a woman just a few nights before. You thought I would leave you. But I loved you with all my heart. We got married and you had Alex. He wasn't my biological son, but I loved him like he was. You then had Nolan and Yuki, they were our children. We lived a happy life until you defeated the Earl." He stopped. "I remembered getting a few minor injuries and as they healed, my heart stopped. I then remember my new life."

Tears were in Allen's eyes.

"I know I am just a kid in your eyes. But please take me back. I love you, you've been the only thing on my mind and always have been. Please, I want to start again."

Tears fell down Allen's face as she hugged Kanda.

"Will you start a new life with me?"

"Of course." She cried tears of joy into his shirt.

"Allen, I love you."